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Platinum 2015 Platinum offering is now available!

Two of the three last National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) top overall finishers used Mastersball Platinum as an integral part of their preparation, including defending champion and Mastersball columist Greg Morgan who shares the championship and $125,000 with his father Dale.

Mastersball subscriber Dave Potts took $100,000 home as the top overall finisher in the 2012 National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC).

"I would not have won the NFBC without Mastersball,” Potts explained.  


“I had Mastersball projections and player profiles in my hand at the draft table of my $100K team. The CVRC is the best tool I have come across for customized player rankings and values.


“They provide the industry's best projection model and great strategy and game theory articles throughout the year.  If you are serious about winning at fantasy baseball, Mastersball is a must-have," said the 2012 champ.

In addition, Todd Zola, the primary content provider for Mastersball Platinum won the 2014 NFBC Ultimate Auction title, partnering with site subscriber Sam Botnick to share the $40,000 first place price. Todd has also won three NFBC National League only titles.

Founded in 1997, Mastersball remains an industry leader in providing in-depth strategy, analysis, research, and applications to the advanced fantasy baseball player. The site principals are long-time industry writers and winning players who developed all of our content and directly support our customers.

We’re pleased to announce our new Platinum offering, expanded in capability but once again with no price increase for 2014.  Your subscription will be active through November, 2014.

For just $34.95, you will receive:

* Our regularly-updated projections, dollar values, positional and overall rankings, available for early-bird drafters on November 14
* Standings and Rosters Tracker loaded with our projections, available by December 1
* Customizable Projections Tool, available by December 1
* Our MastersDraft 5x5 league software - plug in our projections or yours, available on December 1
* Profiles for hundreds of players, delivered by December 31 
* Minor league player rankings and Lawr Michaels’ annual Top 250 Prospect List
* Exclusive strategy and research papers
* Access to our premium forum

We continue to offer plenty of insightful free content, too. Make sure you head to each day as we continue to publish articles and blog entries in preparation for the 2015 season. Always fresh “Hot off the Wire” player news feed from our partners at KFFL is always available and more as we strive to be the central destination for the successful fantasy baseball player.

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Eight reasons to select Mastersball


1) We offer some of the earliest and yet also most thorough projections in the industry.

Our player projections and player notes are being made available on November 14 and will be updated at least twice monthly through February and bi-weekly or more often as warranted from March until the conclusion of the 2015 season.

To read about Masterball's Projection Process, click here.



To download our final 2012 Hitting Projections, click here

To download our final 2012 Pitching Projections, click here

To download our final 2012 Hitting Profiles, click here

To download our final 2012 Pitching Profiles, click here


2) We provide a detailed explanation of all our methods.

Trusting your season to anyone’s projections is a big decision. Factors we use include the player’s position, spot in the batting order, historical number of team at-bats, pinch-hitting data and much more.  We provide a detailed explanation of our projection system in terms of skills and playing time along with a review of our valuation system.

Our player profiles provide statistics at a glance along with our thoughts on each player as an aid for you in selecting players.

Tiering is a strategic process we use to recommend draft strategies - drafting positions where depth is weak and trying to wait as long as possible at deep positions. We revolutionized this concept for fantasy baseball and have spent more time producing strategy content tailored to our projections in contrast to other sites that focus on player analysis and generic strategy articles.


3) We offer playing time notes which are updated weekly.

Whenever news occurs, we update our materials and make them available to you.


4) Receive strategy and analysis from a staff that plays in every major industry league.


Our site writers have a total of three championships in Tout Wars experts’ leagues as well as a number of National Fantasy Baseball league Championships with accumulated experience measured in decades.



5) Secure advice directly from the site management team, not a staff member.

The Mastersball team features the hands-on contributions of veteran industry participants Todd Zola, Lawr Michaels, Rob Leibowitz, Brian Walton, Perry Van Hook, Pasko Varnica, Chris Kreush, Zach Steinhorn, Marc Meltzer, Ryan Carey, Don Drooker and more.  They develop everything you read on the site and use and directly support their customers through dedicated forums and other vehicles, too.


6) Gain an advantage with our one of a kind Customizable Projections Tool.

We have the ultimate “what if” tool. For free agents, you can see how their projections change by different prospective teams and home ballparks.  If we do not project a player on our official list, this tool can be used to establish projections. Best of all, you can make the projection your own by adjusting playing time to your liking.  All players who appeared in the minors in Double-A and above and the majors since 2009 are included.



7) Our draft software which integrates our projections and methods is included.

Improved for 2015 is our Draft Software, included in our Platinum offering and built to seamlessly deploy our projections. As you would expect, it provides a list of available players and their projected statistics in conjunction with a visual picture of the progress of the ten ROTO categories as the draft takes place, not only for your team, but for the entire league.

One major benefit of our software is that the projections are not hard-wired in. If you want to modify our projections or use your own, the software will support them (if presented in the proper spreadsheet format).

Our initial implementation covers just the standard 5x5 format for straight and auction drafts on the Windows platform (XP, Vista and 7), but we hope to expand it in the future.

For those in multiple slow drafts concurrently, our software supports up to six active drafts at once. Just save and close one draft and re-open another. It is that easy!

Click here for the MastersDraft FAQ

Attached is a link to last year’s User’s Guide so you may familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

To download our 2012 Draft Software User's Guide, click here

8) Top prospects are identified from multiple perspectives, giving you early headlights on the next waves of up and comers.

Sold in the past as a standalone offering for $5.95, Lawr Michaels’ annual Top 250 Prospect List is again included with all Mastersball subscriptions for 2014. What has always made this list different is Lawr’s proven approach at identifying emerging names – players others have yet to notice. It is perfect for dynasty and sim leagues but has advantages to all.

We will also provide a more traditional compilation of minor league player rankings for American, National and mixed league formats.

(If the payment link below is not active, please sign in at the upper right of this page.) 2011 Platinum offering is now available!


Founded in 1997, Mastersball is a leader in providing in-depth strategy, analysis, research, and applications to the advanced fantasy baseball player.


We’re pleased to announce our new Platinum offering, expanded in capability but with no price increase for 2011.


For just $34.95, you receive:


  • Our regularly-updated projections, first available on January 1

  • Profiles for hundreds of players, ready on February 1

  • Our new 5x5 league draft software - plug in our projections or yours

  • Minor league player rankings and Lawr Michaels’ annual Top 250 Prospect List

  • Exclusive strategy articles

  • Access to our premium forum



Years  Platinum Plan 2015 - Nov 14, 2014 to Nov 15, 2015


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