You Look FAABulous

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You Look FAABulous
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Friday, 16 November 2012 04:59

While there are always kickers or D/ST added in the last bye week – or because another team dropped one who is better than what you currently have – the high-ticket players in Week 11 FAAB bidding were two wide receivers who have recently emerged.

Or re-emerged in the case of Laurent Robinson in Jacksonville, who last year was a very productive WR for the Cowboys and many assumed would have value as the #1 WR for the Jaguars. Unfortunately, Robinson doesn’t have as good a quarterback looking for him this year and was hampered by injuries early in the season. But in the last two weeks Robinson has had nine targets and fifteen targets – that is more passes thrown to him than to Brandon Marshall or Reggie Wayne or ANY receiver in the NFL. As long as Blaine Gabbert continues to support his potential production, Robinson might earn the $111, $1, $37, or $52 it took to roster him this week.

Even more dollars were spent to roster Donario Alexander, the new Charger wideout who has had only eleven target in the last three weeks combined. But since one of his five receptions in Week 10 was an 80-yard touchdown catch and he had 134 yards receiving last week, he was a possible brass ring for teams needing help and was rostered for $394, $325, and $147 as teams tried to bolster their roster.

Another group of players – those formerly rostered and starting but dropped in Week 10 (for whatever reasons) – got large bids this week, each being available in only one of the four leagues I use for comparison. Felix Jones is still the starting RB for Dallas, so when he was dropped in Week 10, it took $400 to pick him up this week. It cost less to get Bengals’ wideout Andrew Hawkins after being dropped in Week 10 - $230 of Week 11 FAAB dollars.
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Ebony or Ivory? PDF Print E-mail
You Look FAABulous
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Friday, 09 November 2012 06:35

The truth is that later in the season, free agent targets are not just black or white – the targets are highly dependent on where teams are in the standings and on the health – or lack thereof of their current roster.

So in this tenth week of the 2012 season, the hot free agent pickups amongst position players were for the most part because a player like Chris Ivory or Taiwan Jones became more playable because of an injury to a player on their team. For fantasy football players, that injured player may be on their roster or on their opponent's, so “buying” them this week might be bolstering their options this week or making sure their opponents couldn’t get them.

Ivory, the hard running Saints’ running back who had been stuck behind Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, and Mark Ingram, finally got activated last week with Sproles out with an injury and performed well enough to be a RB2/Flex play. In the four leagues I look at each week, he went for $123, $123, $4, and $54. Another factor that impacts the bid amounts in Week 10 is how much FAAB a team has left AND when their chances to use it end.

Replacing your DST or K is largely a function of bye weeks unless you are playing weekly roulette with available free agents, which by this time of year will leave you with pretty poor choices. But occasionally a defense might suddenly look more viable – especially if playing the Kansas City Chiefs, so the Steelers DST was available in three leagues this week and went for $69, $48, and $69. Other pricey adds were the Patriots for $50 and the Ravens for $44.

Another group of players that may generate large bids are those dropped by another team, which is why Vick Ballard was available in only one league and went for $485. Ben Tate went in another league for $174 and Ryan Tannehill was added in two leagues for $174 and $4.

Finally, late in the season, especially in Week 10 with Larry Fitzgerald and all of the Green Bay receivers on vacation, wideouts who didn’t look as playable earlier seemed attractive this week, thus $216 for T.Y. Hilton, $191 for Golden Tate and $81 for Donario Alexander.

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Fool me Twice, Shame on Me PDF Print E-mail
You Look FAABulous
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Friday, 02 November 2012 08:22

A handful of players who were originally drafted but dropped later in the season highlighted the free agent pickups in Week 9.

Two running backs were among that group – Daniel Thomas of the Miami Dolphins who went for $85 and $115; and Ronnie Brown of the San Diego Chargers who went for $122 and $15 in bidding this week. Brown who was rostered at most drafts with the Chargers’ Ryan Mathews to be out for the first few week was dropped when Mathews returned, but has emerged as the team’s pass catching specialist in the last few weeks making him a desirable commodity in PPR leagues to cover the last few bye week holes.


Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills was also on a lot of teams on draft day and in fact got off to a very hot start for those brave enough to play him. But the Bills hit a bad stretch and were off last week for their bye so he had been dropped in several leagues but was picked back up twice this week – both times for $50. And at least some fantasy players think Michael Vick’s days under center for the Eagles are numbered as rookie Nick Foles was added for $53.

Jermaine Gresham, the Cincinnati Bengal tight end who was thought to be a good breakout candidate at that position was also almost universally rostered back in September, but became a burden for one owner in my league who dropped him. I bid twenty two free agent dollars for him but that was well short of the $50 another owner was willing to spend to roster him this week.

Slim Pickings to Help Bye Week Blues PDF Print E-mail
You Look FAABulous
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Friday, 26 October 2012 05:04

At this point of the season, fantasy football owners are either grasping for hopeful plays or adjusting rosters for the remaining bye weeks. Of course each succeeding week, if there is any running back with hope, the needy teams are more desperate.


Which is why in the one league where Rashad Jennings was available, it took a $553 bid to roster him. Those who couldn’t bid or didn’t win Jennings might have looked at Shane Vereen, who drew $123 bids in two of the four leagues that use a $1000 FAAB.

In the receiver column, Nate Burleson’s season-ending injury put focus on Titus Young – available in only one league for $202 – and rookie Ryan Broyles who went for $10, $67, and $25. Of course if Matthew Stafford doesn’t remember how to throw, it won’t help either of them.

Dustin Keller’s re-emergence as a relevant receiver for the Jets drew a $133 bid in the only league where he was available.

If there is any further bad news about Calvin Johnson’s sore knee, there might be players in more leagues looking for Young and Broyles, but I expect Johnson to play on Sunday.

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How High Is Too High? PDF Print E-mail
You Look FAABulous
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:05


Well, in fantasy football both beauty and desperation are in the eye of the beholder errr bidder.

So what was the winning bid in your league for Felix Jones?

This will vary quite a bit because the winning bidder may or may not be the DeMarco Murray owner. Or they may just be very desperate for a starting running back. Still further they may just be sitting on a pile of FAAB dollars and having missed several of the previous high ticket players don’t want to take a chance on missing out on whatever they can get from Jones or take a chance there will be something valuable in future weeks.

I understand all of those reasons why an owner might bid a lot for Jones. In fact, Greg Morgan and I could certainly use him for our FFPC Super Satellite team where we are good at every position except RB. Having spent half our FAAB already, we were somewhat limited. but more importantly the question is whether you are buying Jones for a week or two versus the rest of the season. In fact, Greg asked me – what would you bid if you “knew” that Murray was out for six weeks or more, maybe the rest of the season? I said if that were the case I thought the winning bid should be $443 (of course we only had $503).

The winning bid was in fact $725, which makes Jones either a very expensive rental for a week or two or a very good investment or even very good Murray insurance, all depending on Murray’s health.

And this winning bidder did not have Murray rostered but was very desperate this week, not only having Michael Turner and Willis McGahee on bye this week but being 3-3 and in the middle of the pack and needing to break out or go home, so I understand his logic. I just didn’t have enough FAAB to outbid him.

In two other leagues (I am looking at four 12-team leagues with a $1000 starting FAAB), Jones went for $901 and $420 and was already rostered in the fourth.

Running backs were clearly the flavor of the week, largely because of six teams being on vacation this week, compounded by injuries.

So Montario Hardesty, who might get significant touches against a soft Colts run defense if TRich is still in pain this week, went for $33, $69, $132, and $53. Certainly good insurance for the Richardson owners and not a bad bet even if he is able to go for a one-week play.

Cedric Peerman, with Bernard Scott now on IR, was also interesting to bidders who think that Peerman may get enough receptions out of the backfield to be a decent RB2 sub or possible flex play in PPR leagues. Peerman went for $113, $65, $56, and $115.

Finally for those who missed Felix, I thought Phillip Tanner made a good cheap underbid, and indeed so did the bidders as his winning prices were $62, $23, $5, and $1. After all, the Cowboys are playing Carolina this week and Jones can’t be in on every play.

Hopefully you don’t have to dig as deep this week.


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