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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

That’s right; you can get our 2013 Platinum Package for free!


All you need to do is create an account with our promotional partner FanDuel and deposit $25. You’ll then receive a 2013 Mastersball Platinum Package, a $34.95 value, at no additional cost!

The Mastersball Platinum Package was trusted by four of the top five finishers in the 2012 National Fantasy Baseball Championship, including the $100,000 grand prize winner, Dave Potts, and the NFBC’s all-time money-winning leader, Steve Jupinka.

In addition, FanDuel will deposit an additional $7.50 bonus into your account, so you will receive $67.45 worth of value for your $25!

To gain access to the 2013 Mastersball Platinum Package, please register at FanDuel using the same e-mail used to register at Mastersball. We will then give you full access to our Platinum Package, good through November 30, 2013.

Current subscribers to the 2013 Mastersball Platinum Package will instead receive the 2014 Platinum Package at no charge, starting on December 1, 2013.

FanDuel is the industry leader in Daily Fantasy Leagues and Mastersball is proud to be a promotional partner. Simply assemble the best roster on a given day and win! In 2012, FanDuel paid out over $50 million in prizes, averaging $2 million a week. They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and YAHOO! Sports.

Click on the logo below to register at FanDuel and set up your account. Please remember to use the same information you used on your Mastersball account.


Now that the the MLB regular season is coming to an end, that means NFL is right around the corner! To make things a little more interesting, our buddies at DraftStreet are giving us a FREE, fantasy football league for $300 in cash prizes. You draft a team for one week and get paid out when the Monday Night Football game ends.

This free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, and 1 Defense. Each NFL player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance. For example, for week 1 Tom Brady costs $20,124 where as Mark Sanchez only costs $10,997.

You can adjust your roster up until the contest starts on Sunday September 9th at 1:00 ET, at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

CLICK HERE to sign up for free and join the Mastersball $300 NFL Freeroll on DraftStreet.com.

If you missed it last time, there's a new way to play fantasy baseball that turns the season long grind into quick one night leagues. And the best part is that you can win cash every single day. You draft a team for one night and get paid out as soon as the games end that night. DraftStreet.com is at the forefront of this new trend in the fantasy world and is giving us a great promotion: a FREE one-day fantasy league with $350 in prizes exclusively for (site name) fans.

This free contest will be Pick 'em style drafting. The way Pick 'Em leagues work is we create 8 tiers of players and each tier will have anywhere from 3 to 10 players in them. All you have to do is select 1 player from each tier.

You can adjust your roster up until the contest starts on Friday July 27th at 7:05 ET at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

CLICK HERE to sign up for free and register for the Mastersball $350 Freeroll on DraftStreet.com

If you ever thought you had the goods to take on the Fantasy “Experts”, now is the time to prove it.  This Friday, we’re running a promotion with DraftStreet where you compete against Matthew Berry in a league that has $500 in prizes PLUS an additional $5 to anyone who can beat Matthew Berry.  That’s right.  Even if you finish out of the money, all you have to do is beat Matthew Berry to win $5.

The league only costs $5 to enter and is limited to 100 entries, so don’t wait too long to join!

It will be Salary Cap draft style, which means you start with a budget of $100,000.  You must build a team of 14 players(C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 2 U, 3 OF, 2 SP, 1 RP, 1 P), while staying under the salary cap.  Rosters lock at 7:05 EST on Friday and the winners get paid right after all of the games end.

CLICK HERE to sign up for DraftStreet and join the league

This Kid Turned $60 Into $60,000 Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

hixvillehunk image

As you may have noticed, we've been running promotions every few weeks for DraftStreet.com. DraftStreet offers Daily and Weekly fantasy sports leagues for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Golf. The site is relatively new, but growing at an incredible rate and if you take fantasy sports seriously, there is A LOT of money to be made.

A college kid from New Jersey (pictured in the post) who plays at DraftStreet (handle: “hixvillehunk” – you can’t make this stuff up), started playing at about this time last year. He made a modest deposit of $60 to get going and over the course of last baseball season turned that $60 into $60,000. He's kept the momentum going into this season and is making a living playing fantasy baseball!

Just saying it makes me angry, and makes me question the decisions I’ve made in my life. You probably feel similarly. All it took was one $60 deposit from this kid an he's now living the dream. With the site growth over the last year, he's just one of many doing so. In June alone, 10 players won over $20k each, including $173k won by the top player of the month!

Our buddies at DraftStreet are so confident you'll love the site that they're offering a $25 deposit bonus on top of whatever you put in to get you started. Just sign up by clicking here and enter code 25bonus when you make your deposit.

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