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Thursday 27th Jul 2017

Zach Steinhorn might have taken Week 17 with a robust 169.4 points--and this would mark the fourth time Zach led the pack--but Howard Bender took the top spot overall, going fifth for the final week of the regular season with 150.9 points, while posting 2436.13 seasonal points. That was roughly 30 better than second placer Brian Walton (2406.7) with Zach holding third with 2384.08.

The @Rotobuzzguy did average a whopping 143.30 per week over the season, followed by Walton who averaged 141.57, but Rick Wolf, who finished 11th overall, averaged a terrific third-best 140.52 points in registering his 1967.32 total. Rick missed the cut three times, hence his total was divided by 14, and not 17, explaining why the Wolfman had such a fine average while his total score suffered a tad. 

It was fitting indeed that Jeff Boggis and I duke it out in several DFS leagues tweeting back and forth, for in the end, he finished eighth in Fout Wars with 2107 points while I finished ninth with a somewhat anemic 2077.98.

For the final standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings. Surely we will be back next year for football, and of course all baseball season.

Note: I will post DFS picks towards the end of the week, under RealTime and DraftKings.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

As Fout Wars pushes off from its penultimate contest, Fantasy Alarm's Glenn Colton rocked the Fout World, blasting through to first for the week with 175.10 points, far outdistancing second place for the week. Howard Bender, who sits at first overall, clocked in second with 148.76 points.

Colton charged to the top on the strength of Blake Bortles (29.7), LeSean McCoy (28.5), Allen Robinson (26.7) and Mike Evans (22.7) en route to his romp. In finishing second, the @Rotobuzzguy's squad was led by Cameron Meredith (31.5) along with Robinson, while Colton's partner in FA crime, the Wolfman (Rick Wolf), finished third with 142.66 fueled by Doug Baldwin and his 39.7 points.

What is amazing too is that Colton missed submitting a roster during Week 2, and still sits in seventh place overall, while Wolf missed Weeks 2, 3, and 6 and is still in 11th place out of the 18 Touts who have submitted teams during the season. 

Jeff Boggis finished fourth with 141.46 while I finished a dismal and distant 12th with just 87.06 points, worst of the week.

For the season-long standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings

Week 17 DFS Plays

Joe Flacco ($5500): Pretty much a must win for Flacco, the other game on the line being the Colts. I will take Flacco facing the lesser defense.

Zach Zenner ($3200): The flavor of the week, but hard to ignore after Monday's performance and the price. Certainly, successful or not, Detroit will be giving the touches to Zenner this final week of the season to get him primed and ready for the post-season.

DeAndre Washington ($3700)/Jalen Richard ($3800): I would exploit one of these moderately priced Raiders RBs. Aside from the fact the Oakland running game ran roughshod over Denver last game, with Derek Carr gone, the running game will become more important. And, both of these rookies have suddenly established themselves as potential breakaway guys who can catch.

Steelers ($3600): A bit of a pricey defensive investment, but the Steelers are priming for the playoffs while playing a terrible offense at home. I think they will play very aggressively on D. 

Kyle Rudolph ($4600): I liked playing Jason Witten here initially, but again, I suspect the front row troops will get mostly a break this week, hence the money saved on moving from Roethlisberger to Flacco gets reinvested in a good Tight End who probably will play the whole game against a rival. It is a pride thing.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

Mastersballer Zach Steinhorn proved his acumen in Week 14 of Fout Wars, taking home first place honors for the third time (Zach also came in first Weeks 2 and 9) with 173.32 points, largely fueled by the amazing performance of LeVeon Bell, who bagged nearly one-third of Zach's points with a 54.8 day.

Zach also rostered T.Y. Hilton (29.5), Lamar Miller (22.2), and Jordy Nelson (22.1) to push the finish ahead of second-placer Jake Ciely, who also was able to exploit Bell's big day with 160.22, meaning Bell really did collect a third of the totals. Davante Adams (23.4) was able to contribute to Ciely's finish, while The Jeff Boggis finished third behind Jeremy Hill (26.2) and Tyler Eifert (21.8) to grab the bronze.

My squad finished a pathetic 11th, largely thanks to the ineffective Arizona offense.

For the season-long standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings

Week 15 DFS Plays

Tyrod Taylor ($5700): Last week, I went on the cheap thinking Colin Kaepernick would come up big against the Jets. So much for logic. But this week, Taylor against the poor Browns at home is a pretty safe bet at this juncture, Rex Ryan or no Rex Ryan.

Bilal Powell ($5600): Powell's workload has indeed been increasing, and the Jets did kind of get it together second-half against the Niners Sunday. Powell will probably figure big against the division rival Dolphins at home. Of course, delivering is the key, but I will bet he can.

Malcolm Mitchell ($4700): Scores four straight weeks and the confidence of Tom Brady suggests this guy is worth exploiting until either the price goes through the roof, or he fails. I suspect the former before the latter.

Redskins ($2600): The Skins get to take on the erratic Panthers and their 26th ranked defense at home. I suspect it will be cold, and I suspect the Skins will control the tempo at their house.

Ladarius Green ($3700): Big Ben and his passing game should do ok taking on the Bengals and I suspect the Steelers, who are playing very good ball the last month, will dominate.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

On the heels of his third first-place finish over the past month, @Rotobuzzguy Howard Bender shot into first place in Fout Wars, where he now has a "comfortable" 1.68 point lead over the ever-consistent Mr. Walton.

Howard got his main juice from LeSean McCoy and his 34.9 points, augmenting with a roster full of solid performances all around, like 19.3 from Odell Beckham and Kyle Rudolph's 17.7.

@Rotolady Andrea Lamont again made her presence felt with a second-place finish with her third top-three team in a row, scoring 144.2 points, also behind McCoy and Rudolph, along with Jordy Nelson and his 22.4 points. Zach Steinhorn held his third-place spot overall with a third-place finish--his second week in a row in the top three--of 142.54, using Nelson, but also the Patriots defense (17) and LeVeon Bell's (18.4) contributions.

I managed a seventh-place finish with 120.42, and poor Jeff Boggis goes into the Christmas holiday having copped the 12th spot this time, so a big Christmas weekend of points should be on both our lists to Santa.

For the season-long standings of the Touts, bashing it out at DFS football, check out the Fout Wars Google Docs Standings

Week 16 DFS Plays

Philip Rivers ($6900): A little pricey on the QB side, but sigh, against the Browns, a guy who is a passer just cannot be passed by.

Jonathan Stewart ($5200): Rival Atlanta does give up a lot of points, and for sure, playoffs or not, Stewart was running with dedication and authority against the Skins on Monday night. I don't think he will take a knee this week, either.

Malcolm Mitchell ($5200): I admit it: Suggesting Mitchell last week against the tough Broncos defense was a mistake. But, this week, at home against the Jets? Let the scoring begin.

Raiders ($2800): Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are dangerous, but I think the Raiders will be getting more and more focused as they head to the post-season. This is a good crew, who do make the mistakes of youth on the field, but that will soon be something of the past, and this is just the type of game to allow Oakland to flex a little.

Hunter Henry ($3500): Henry moves into the big shoes of Antonio Gates, and the Tight End now has seven TDs, three of which were scored over the past three weeks. He seems like a logical recipient for targets at home.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels.

It was a nailbiter going into the final minutes of the Sunday afternoon games, but in the end, for the second straight week, @rotobuzzguy Howard Bender took Fout Wars, besting me 181.44 to 163.4. Though the final score may not look so close, a late Philip Rivers pick coupled with some late heroics by Jordan Howard and Odell Beckham, Jr. pushed Bender into first for good.

In addition to Beckham and Howard, Bender also got a boost from Albert Wilson (20.3) and his 55-yard fake punt run to take the top honors.

Bender and I both played David Johnson (38.5), and Zach Ertz (22.9) and Julian Edelman (21.1) were big contributors to my week. Andrea Lamont, led by LeSean McCoy (29.1) as well as Ertz took third place with 151.3 points in the DFS football competition among the Touts.

My mate Jeff Boggis came in down the ladder with 132.74 points, enough to mention that that is exactly where he finished.

In the overall standings, Bender moved closer to leader Brian Walton for the overall lead, which you can check out right here: Fout Wars Google Docs Standings

Week 14 DFS Plays

Colin Kaepernick ($5800): Based upon the difficult time Andrew Luck had with the Jets defense the first five minutes of the Monday Night game, I feel pretty comfy picking Kaepernick at home against the team that has now proved itself to be worse than either the Niners or the Browns (I think the Browns might actually get their win this week, in fact).

Darren Sproles ($4400): Looks like a tight game, and I am thinking that Sproles, who is a prime target for Philly, will light it up.

DeMarco Murray ($7000): Been pretty solid, and Murray can exploit the Broncos line.

Niners ($2600): Yes, the Niners suck, but so do the Jets. Playing at home, against a terrible team, the Niners will rise to the occasion and shut down whatever offense the Jets may attempt.

Dennis Pitta ($3600): New England does have a decent pass defense, so I am guessing the short shots will be the path to scores and Pitta was the pivotal point of scoring last week.

Don't forget you can get me @lawrmichaels

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