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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017


Alright folks, I had a bit of a busy week last week, but I will get back to providing you with more regular NBA coverage this week. So let's put together some solid lineups to help you win some money and make the holiday season more affordable.

Tonight in the NBA, we have a full slate with 12 games on tap and some nice matchups to watch and some matchups that just wreak of fantasy booms.

Can't Miss

Russell Westbrook ($9900): Is there a better player on the planet in terms of fantasy value right now? In a word, no, nobody is even really that close with Stephen Curry ($9900) two full fantasy points behind Russ' season average of 52.8 FPTS a game. Portland is 19th in the league in opponents ppg and the Thunder have been on a tear recently. Lean on Westbrook tonight.

Kawhi Leonard ($8500): Despite the recent return to top level form of LaMarcus Aldridge ($7200), Leonard is still clearly the go to guy on the Spurs. In big games this season, it has been Kawhi that has shown up and raked. So in a game against the up and down Washington Wizards, who seem to play up to their opponents, I see Leonard as the man with the biggest fantasy impact tonight.

Blake Griffin ($9200): The Milwaukee Bucks have not been the same strong defensive team as they were last season, nor are they very tough inside. In fact, the Bucks are right in front of Portland in opponents ppg and 28th in the league in opponents rebound percentage. All this spells a big night for the big boy on the Clippers. Blake has been incredible so far this season, and if not for the ehh performances put in by the Clips would be getting a lot more attention. Start the former Sooner tonight.

High Risk

Ian Mahinmi ($3200): Despite a bad performance against Toronto on Sunday, Ian had himself quite the fantasy week last week with two games over 20 fantasy points and one over 40. With a matchup against the Mavericks' so-so defense and soft frontcourt, look for Mahinmi to shine tonight.

Ersan Ilyasova ($2200): Ilyasova's last five games in fantasy points: 35.25, 27.75, 36, 31.75, 13.25. Sure, there was an off game at the end of that run but the Piston has got his shot working and is an absolute steal at $2200.

Alec Burks ($3400): With a delightful matchup against the Pelicans' soft defense (28th in the league in opponents ppg), Burks will have every opportunity to replicate the performance he put up against OKC when the guard went off for 21 points. At $3400, Burks is hard to pass up.


Monta Ellis ($5200): You know what you get with Ellis, a guy who can score in bunches and that's basically it. Last year, Monta was very good for the Mavs, and now he gets to face them. I look for a solid performance with the possibility of something extra going up against the Pacer guard's former team.

Jared Sullinger ($5400): Sullinger has really picked up his game recently. The Celtics get a chance to go into Detroit and push around an up and down team. Despite the presence of Andre Drummond ($9200), there will be plenty of rebounds there for Sullinger.

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This week doesn't feature many games that are assuredly entertaining, but it does feature some solid gold fantasy wise. So sit back and let me help you win some leagues.

Can't Miss

Thomas Rawls ($7500): Rawls has been on a tear as of late and with a cushy matchup which has blowout written all over it, the Seahawks running back should get plenty of touches. Rawls is certainly my start of the week for running backs.

 Odell Beckham Jr. ($8700): OBJ might be the best pass catcher I have ever seen and this week faces off against the lackluster Dolphins corners. With the tear Beckham has been on lately, this isn't the week to stop relying on the second year wideout.

High Risk

Alex Smith ($6200): With a cushy matchup against the Chargers and a fully healthy Jeremy Maclin ($6900), Smith will have ample opportunity to score big.  I'm avoiding most big name QBs this week and Smith is one of my go to guys.

Vincent Jackson ($4500): I like anyone against the Saints and with the form Jameis Winston ($7500) has been in recently, Jackson could have an absolute field day.


Scott Chandler ($5000): For a second week running, I like the New England Tight End. With Gronk either out or limited and a bevy of other injuries, Chandler can give you great value this week.

Shaun Draughn ($4300): The San Fran back has been impressive as of late and a matchup with the woeful Browns defense should allow that run to continue.  Slot Draughn in for pennies on the dollar and spend elsewhere.

Again, remember you can play against us at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge and you can follow me @dfinch21.

That's all folks. Best of luck this week!




After a very exciting ending to the Thursday night game, not only seeing the Packers win but also capping one of the better tight end performances of the year, we head into the Sunday slate of games with some pretty tasty matchups. There is the hometown rivalry in NY, the matchup featuring two previous Super Bowl QBs with Indy facing Pittsburgh, and the two teams with their wheels falling off, Philly (standings-wise) and New England (injuries). So without further ado, let us delve into my picks for the week.

Can't Miss:

Ben Roethlisberger ($8400) and Antonio Brown ($8800): The Colts have played better on defense recently, but the Steelers offense looks like it did last season.  With Big Ben back and healthy, look for Pittsburgh to really spread its wings. Pair these two up and watch the points pile up for you.

Brandon Marshall ($7700): Have you seen how bad the Giants defense is? No, seriously, have you seen how bad they are? Well, Marshall has had a remarkably impressive season so far and going up against the Giants in a rivalry game should only enhance his numbers.

Greg Olsen ($7500): Repeat the question from above but insert Saints. Seriously, this team has been bad all year on the defensive side of the ball and I don't see that changing this week. Olsen is Cam Newton's ($8700) favorite target and that should lead to a touchdown and some big yardage numbers.

High Risk:

Ryan Tannehill ($6800): The Ravens haven't been the world beaters on the defensive side of the ball that we have come to know and love in recent years.  Tannehill has regressed massively this season, but there have been a couple of occassions when he has been a useful fantasy asset. I believe that this week is one of those weeks. At a cheap price, if you need a lesser valued QB, ride this Dolphin.

Shane Vereen ($4300): The Giants are not a solid running team, and the Jets are solid up the middle, so I look for Vereen to revert back to his Patriots ways and catch the ball a lot out of the backfield. With the Giants' O line beaten up and the Jets' D line their strong point, Eli Manning ($7900) will be looking for a lot of short passes, which could greatly benefit the former Pat.

Tyler Lockett and Jermaine Kearse (both $2000): The Seahawks have become a more pass happy team in the past few weeks, and that has paid off for fantasy owners willing to put faith in them. After Doug Baldwin's ($4100) performance last week, he will garner a lot of attention from the Vikings secondary. That will leave room open for the likes of Lockett and Kearse to catch the ball a lot and put up some bigger numbers.


Jonathan Stewart ($5900): Stewart has been nothing but solid for a minimal cost all season long. This week, he faces one of his easiest challenges yet in the Saints. Once again, look for solid if not spectacular numbers, leaving you with plenty left over to spend big elsewhere.

Scott Chandler ($4900): The Eagles defense isn't particularly decent at anything, and Chandler is one of Tom Brady's top two targets left. I think that says it all.

Again, remember you can play against us at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge and you can follow me @dfinch21.

That's all folks. Best of luck this week!

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of my DFS picks for the NBA. I really hope that I can be as entertaining as the Golden State game from last night!

Can't Miss

Damian Lillard ($8500): Going up against the Knicks, a team with major backcourt defensive deficiencies, Lillard should dominate. This season has been a proving ground so far and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon.

John Wall ($8200): Wall has been on fire of late, posting some serious numbers. Despite being on a back to back and without Bradley Beal, the former Kentucky star should thrive against a Mavericks defense that is subpar at best. Look for another big performance from Wall tonight.

Paul George ($9500) and Andre Drummond ($9000): These two superstars face off this evening and really should put on a great show. With both teams struggling to stop anyone from scoring, this should be a real barnburner. With Drummond and George being the go to guys for their respective teams, look for them to really showcase their talents tonight.

High Risk

Clint Capela ($3400): Capela has formed a nice starting duo with Dwight Howard so far this season, and with a trip to Los Angeles to face the Lakers, I don't see a drop in production coming Clint's way. Look for a solid overall performance that checks boxes in multiple categories for very little dollar value.

Cody Zeller ($3300): Zeller gets to face the Celtics and his brother just one night after their double overtime loss to the Warriors. This game will allow Zeller to dominate the glass and pick up a ton of rebounds against the beleaguered Celtics big men.


Deron Williams ($6000): Williams is one of those players I have ridden all season long. Until the former Net's salary changes, I will continue to ride him. With a matchup against a Washington team that is on a back to back, I will definitely give D-Will a shot.

Khris Middleton ($5000): Middleton can be streaky, but having the opportunity to go up against the tired Warriors only increases his appeal. With tired legs slower on the close out, Middleton will have plenty of time to line up and knock down threes.

Best of luck in all your games today!


Unfortunately for my articles, my schedule has left me writing during the days with a much smaller slate of games. That, however, does not mean that there is less of a chance of winning money. However, it should make it a bit easier and hopefully I can give you a few pointers.

Can't Miss

James Harden ($9800): This is one of the easier picks to make. In the All-Texas showdown, Harden should easily take advantage of the Mavericks' lack of defense and drop a bunch of points. Also, Harden has dominated time on the ball for the Rockets this season, meaning he has taken over many of the PG duties which will lead to more assists as well.

Greg Monroe ($7400): Nothing better than a player looking to go up against a team they feel has scorned them. Monroe performed admirably the last time these two teams met and will look for a repeat performance. The Pistons frontcourt players are not known for their defensive acumen, which will lead to a big game all around for the former Detroit player.

John Wall ($8200): Wall has been out of this world over his past two performances despite not shooting very well. Against a Suns team that does not defend well at all, Wall will flourish.

High Risk

O.J. Mayo ($3300): Since returning to the starting lineup, Mayo hasn't been his best version but has most certainly done enough to warrant drafting at this price.  Once again, the Bucks have a very favorable matchup and Mayo will get the opportunity to exploit this and go off at a very reasonable price.

Ersan Ilyasova ($4500): It is difficult to bank on shooters to come through game after game. However, coming off a hot shooting night, Ilyasova should be primed to go up against his former employers.

Ryan Anderson ($5400): Anderson has been either a big hit or a bit of a miss all season so far. Matched up against a very similar player in Kevin Love ($7900), the Pelicans' big man will look to knock down some threes and grab a few boards. I would definitely save a roster spot for that price.


Julius Randle ($4500): Until they change his price.

Deron Williams ($6000): Not the top tier of PGs for tonight's game but D-Will has looked good this season. No reason not to spend six grand on the former Net going up against the less than sturdy Rockets defense.

Roy Hibbert ($4600): Hibbert may get tired too quickly in this game having to chase around the more athletic big men on the Hawks, but before he does, look for the former Pacers big man to pull down a bunch of rebounds. If Big Roy can add even 10 points, it will be a very solid evening.

Don't forget you can match up against me and the other Mastersballers at FantasyScore


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