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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

After eight weeks, I find myself still searching for the winning formula in DFS. I seem to have a knack of missing guys by a week. What do you do when you believe you are on the right guys in the right match-ups and it still does not work?

You study some more and try to hone your analysis. Start to look closer at the players that keep posting the points. Get over the fact that Cam Newton has no wide receivers. Somehow they produce enough. Add in his rushing ability and Cam is a fully viable DFS option.

I have gone through, player by player, option by option, and feel like the players on my list have been producing. Maybe this week is the week?

Lesson learned for the week – be open-minded about the guys that score the points.

Tom Brady NE 8500 Very expensive, but Pats are likely to pile up points
Drew Brees NO 7200 Last week was a perfect storm, follows with a weak Tenn team
Eli Manning NYG 6900 Similar to Brees last week with a soft follow-up
Philip Rivers SD 6900 Will keep throwing with or without Keenan Allen
Cam Newton Car 6900 Putting up high level points with no receivers
Ben Roethlisberger Pit 6600 Last week was to get the rust off. This week is for points
Derek Carr Oak 5500 Turning into an elite NFL quarterback
Tyrod Taylor Buf 5300 Don’t forget how productive he was before the injury
Jameis Winston TB 5200 High-risk, high-reward, low-price. Playing a team that plays no defense
Devonta Freeman Atl 8000 Another strong week, but without the touchdown
Todd Gurley StL 6900 Still a bargain up $600. Playing at a level worth $8000
Mark Ingram NO 6500 TD vulture is gone
Dion Lewis NE 6400 Still a main cog in Patriots offense
DeAngelo Williams Pit 5500 Was solid early-season surprise. Owns the job again
Lamar Miller Mia 5000 Dolphins will keep him heavily invoived
Danny Woodhead SD 4800 Chargers hurting for healthy bodies. Woodhead going to see more touches
LeGarrette Blount NE 4800 There seems to be enough footballs to go around in New England
Ronnie Hillman Den 4600 Broncos showed a strong running game lead by Hillman last week
Darren McFadden Dal 4300 Very cheap for guy with clear job and high volume (until he gets hurt)
Jonathan Stewart Car 4300 Getting no respect at this low price off three strong games
Jeremy Langford Chi 4000 Should see volume on Monday thrust into starting role
Chris Thompson Was 3300 Shortage of usable backs this week with all the byes and injuries
Julio Jones Atl 9300 Hard to pony up that much, but he posts elite numbers
Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 8800 Ability to post big numbers every week
Antonio Brown Pit 8100 Consider last week a pre-season game. Ready for a return to elite status
Brandon Marshall NYJ 7600 Continues to produce at top level
Mike Evans TB 6800 Confused over the poor production last week. He is the only game in town
Alshon Jeffery Chi 6700 Still under-priced and facing a porous defense
Amari Cooper Oak 6700 Looks like AFC Rookie of the Year so far
Allen Robinson Jax 6400 Strong combo with Hurns. There is no third option in Jax
Brandin Cooks NO 5800 Not seeing the expected targets but starting to post better numbers
Eric Decker NYJ 5300 Stays cheap and continues consistent production
Allen Hurns Jax 5300 Not earning a price that is commensurate with his production
Stefon Diggs Min 5300 There are still doubters. Certainly the "out of nowhere surprise of 2015"
Michael Crabtree Oak 4900 Veteran finally living up to past hype
Willie Snead NO 4800 Made up for poor Week 7 with outstanding Week 8
Steve Johnson SD 3200 Someone will catch the passes from Rivers
Greg Olsen Car 6500 Best receiver on Carolina
Martellus Bennett Chi 4900 High volume at a reasonable price
Antonio Gates SD 4700 Played through knee injury. Assume he plays again
Jordan Reed Was 4500 Elite tight end while he is on the field. Early injury always a risk with Reed
Charles Clay Buf 4200 Another revenge game against former team
Ben Watson NO 4000 Does not have to do much to earn his low price - again
Vernon Davis SF 2800 What does Denver know that the rest of us have missed?
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TB 2800 Was close last week. Almost must-start at this price if he comes back
Rams StL 3500 Posting strong numbers week after week
Falcons Atl 3400 Tough to trust, but another great match-up
Patriots NE 3300 Should blow out the Redskins
Jets NYJ 3100 Disappointing showing last week
Broncos Den 3000 Look what they did to Aaron Rodgers last week


Cam Newton QB Car 6900
Devonta Freeman RB Atl 8000
Todd Gurley RB StL 6900
Michael Crabtree WR Oak 4900
Stevie Johnson WR SD 3200
Antonio Brown WR Pit 8100
Jeremy Langford FL Chi 4000
Jordan Reed TE Was 4500
Broncos DST Den 3000

It was great to see Lamar Miller go nuts with the rest of the Dolphins in the first half of their game with the Texans. Then I realized I didn’t have Miller in my lineup anymore.

My approach all season has been to play a single lineup in multiple contests, about 75% in 50/50 and 25% in GPP. After being set for most of the week, I got a little antsy on Sunday morning and started looking at other combinations of players. Before I knew it, I was faced with a choice between the combinations of Devonta Freeman and Eric Decker or Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins. After consulting with my partner, we decided to change all of our lineups to Freeman/Decker. The change ended up bad, and could have been worse if Hopkins got the garbage time Texans points instead of Nate Washington.

My lesson learned for this week, tinker early, then let it be. Just watch for late week injury reports and limit your moves there.

Matt Ryan Atl 7100 Could post big numbers against weak Bucs defense
Carson Palmer Ari 7000 Up $300 but should roll the Browns
Cam Newton Car 6800 Continues to get it done.  Great goal line rushing option
Ben Roethlisberger Pit 6700 Looks like he will return.  Fair price.  All his weapons are ready to go
Philip Rivers SD 6600 Still reasonably priced.  Could break NFL record for pass attempts
Andy Dalton Cin 6000 The Rodney Dangerfield of NFL quarterbacks - No Respect!
Joe Flacco Bal 5500 Chargers defense is just not good
Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ 5200 Dependable and inexpensive.  Excellent receivers help
Jameis Winston TB 5200 Cheap option for garbage time points
Le'Veon Bell Pit 8300 Small price drop is a bonus
Devonta Freeman Atl 8000 Another strong week, but without the touchdown
Adrian Peterson Min 7400 Always a threat to break one and take it to the house
Matt Forte Chi 7300 Always involved in run and pass game
Mark Ingram NO 6400 Saints have been running well
Todd Gurley StL 6300 Still a bargain up $1300.  This should be the last week at affordable price
Justin Forsett Bal 6100 Should see plenty of work against Chargers
Giovani Bernard Cin 4800 Heavy involvement.  Downside is split with Hill
Chris Johnson Ari 4600 Everyone runs against the Browns
Ronnie Hillman Den 4600 In line to get the bulk of rushes
Danny Woodhead SD 4500 Still under-priced.  Heavy usage when Chargers are down
Duke Johnson Jr. Cle 4200 Entrenched in the Browns passing game
Darren McFadden Dal 3800 Finally took over full time.  Can he stay healthy?
Julio Jones Atl 9200 Very expensive, but Bucs will have no answer
DeAndre Hopkins Hou 8700 Lost garbage time points to Washington.  Still prime option
Antonio Brown Pit 7800 Big winner with Roethlisberger return.  Last week under $8000
Brandon Marshall NYJ 7600 Will be hyped to make up for bad week seven
A.J. Green Cin 7600 Steelers defense will not be able to shut down the Bengals
Emmanuel Sanders Den 7500 Good to go even with Peyton's low arm strength
Alshon Jeffery Chi 6400 Under-priced if he is finally healthy coming off bye week
Steve Smith Sr. Bal 6100 The only receiving threat in Baltimore
Donte Moncrief Ind 5500 End game TD bailed him out in week seven.  Hilton figures to be blanketed
Eric Decker NYJ 5300 Continues to get the job done.  Price unchanged this week
Martavis Bryant Pit 5300 Looks like a stud so far
Stefon Diggs Min 4800 Tough to tell if he is really this good.
Michael Crabtree Oak 4700 Figures to be the guy not being guarded by Revis
Willie Snead NO 4500 Disappointing last week but dropped a touchdown
Michael Floyd Ari 3500 Three-headed receiving monster in Arizona.  Still way cheaper than the others
Greg Olsen Car 6500 Best receiver on Carolina
Tyler Eifert Cin 5300 Fair price.  Has been a strong Dalton red zone target
Jason Witten Dal 5200 Better if Dez is still out
Martellus Bennett Chi 4900 21 catches in past three games
Gary Barnidge Cle 4700 Must be a typo to see his price drop off another strong game
Benjamin Watson NO 3500 Does not have to do much to earn his low price - again
Ladarius Green SD 3000 Bargain basement with Gates out.  High ownership number
Kyle Rudolph Min 3000 Same as week six.  A TD but only two receptions
Cardinals Ari 4000 Best option on the board but comes with a high price for a defense
Seahawks Sea 3700 Potential for big points
Falcons Atl 3400 Faces the mistake-prone rookie Jameis Winston
Rams StL 3200 Another great match-up for a quick rising elite defense
Jets NYJ 2900 Raider offense is much-improved, but the Jets are strong

My Current Lineup


Ben Roethlisberger QB Pit 6700
Chris Johnson RB Ari 4600
Todd Gurley RB StL 6300
Antonio Brown WR Pit 7800
Eric Decker WR NYJ 5300
DeAndre Hopkins WR Hou 8700
Ladarius Green TE SD 3000
Ronnie Hillman FL Den 4600
Jets DST NYJ 2900


How many points can the Patriots score in Week 6? With the “deflate gate” factor in play, the sky appears to be the limit. I am having a difficult time constructing a DFS lineup for the week without including all four of the Patriots primary scoring threats.

Can you construct a competitive lineup paying for Brady, Lewis, Edelman and Gronkowski?

Not only was I able to construct what appears to be a decent lineup, but I have extra money left to try and spend. The biggest problem I had with roster construction is that the guys priced in the mid-range are very limited. Does it make sense to pay $500 more for Chris Ivory over Giovani Bernard? Is it worth $800 to go up to Anquan Boldin over Jamison Crowder? Boldin has three games with under eight points while Crowder has been a three-game star.

I am going to spend the rest of the week searching for the best combination of players to pair with the four Patriots and then sit tight until Sunday night and watch the Patriots roll up the points.

Tom Brady NE 8100 Brady has been playing pinball so far. Expensive but worth it.
Aaron Rodgers GB 7700 Two "blah" games after the five-TD game. Blowout coming up this week.
Eli Manning NYG 6800 Very good in past four after early clunker.
Carson Palmer Ari 6600 Been on fire so far and still underpriced.
Philip Rivers SD 6300 Could get a ton of garbage time passing points.
Sam Bradford Phi 6000 Better in the past two, but a little scary to start.
Joe Flacco Bal 5900 SF is poor vs. pass. Might be limited in run game with Forsett injured.
Andy Dalton Cin 5700 Highest scoring QB through five games. You could never tell from the price.
Ryan Tannehill Mia 5700 A hunch that they are amped up for their new coach.
Le'Veon Bell Pit 8500 Three solid high-volume games - no price change from last week.
Adrian Peterson Min 7600 Vikings are feeding him the rock.
Matt Forte Chi 7100 Averaging 24 touches per game.
Dion Lewis NE 5800 Steep price increase but is seeing touches to warrant the price (and more).
Chris Ivory NYJ 5100 Three weeks off should be ample recovery time.
Danny Woodhead SD 4700 Always a receiving threat, but Gordon cut the volume down last week.
Giovani Bernard Cin 4600 Five straight weeks with plenty of touches…with a price drop this week.
Duke Johnson Jr. Cle 4500 15 touches (6 receptions) are plenty to support the price. Another surprise drop.
Lamar Miller Mia 4300 Can a bum off a bye with a new coach live up to expectations? Great price.
Charcandrick West KC 4000 Intrigued by price and the unknown.
Theo Riddick Det 3300 Coming off a 10-catch game, only sees a 300 price increase.
Chris Thompson Was 3300 Heavy in passing game. Does not take much to earn 3x price.
DeAndre Hopkins Hou 7700 The price still does not reflect his production through five games.
Julian Edelman NE 7600 Price is getting steep, but he produces every week for a team on a mission.
Emmanuel Sanders Den 7500 Fits well with Manning's lack of arm strength.
Brandon Marshall NYJ 7100 Earned 3x his price every week.
Larry Fitzgerald Ari 7000 Back to earth in last two after two blow-ups.
Jeremy Maclin KC 6500 27 catches in past three games.
Jarvis Landry Mia 6200 Solid PPR guy - chance for a spark with new coach.
Allen Robinson Jax 5900 Price keeps creeping up. Still a good play at this price.
James Jones GB 5800 All he does is score touchdowns - every week.
Pierre Garcon Was 5100 Expected more last week. Slight price drop makes him more attractive.
Allen Hurns Jax 5000 Double-digit points every game. Excellent points/dollars ratio even with jump.
Kamar Aiken Bal 4300 Big price increase but still cheap with Smith out.
Marquess Wilson Chi 4000 Nice numbers with Bears primary guys out. Underpriced with Jeffery out.
Jamison Crowder Was 3600 6-7-8 catches in the past three weeks. Could easily 6x his price.
Marvin Jones Cin 3500 Inconsistent scoring threat.
DeVante Parker Mia 3000 A definite GPP reach. Limited snaps so far. Could change with new coach.
Rob Gronkowski NE 7600 Tough to use at this price, but scary to bench. All other options inconsistent.
Greg Olsen Car 5500 Best receiver on Carolina.
Travis Kelce KC 5000 Three games under ten points.
Tyler Eifert Cin 4900 Inconsistency is the takeaway from evaluating tight ends.
Martellus Bennett Chi 4800 Big disappointment last week.
Antonio Gates SD 4600 Came up big on Monday. Just ask the millionaire winner.
Gary Barnidge Cle 4400 Great with McCown. Bad with Manziel. Still great value.
Charles Clay Buf 4300 Price increase for no reason.
Kyle Rudolph Min 3000 High risk at a bottom basement price.
Seahawks Sea 3800 Shut down Cam and you shut down the Panthers.
Broncos Den 3700 Top scoring defense through five weeks.
Cardinals Ari 3600 Four touchdowns and a safety so far. Good play vs. Vick.
Packers GB 3200 Chargers o-line is a mess.
Patriots NE 3100 Expecting Colts turnovers when Pats take a big early lead.
Jets NYJ 3100 Jets should be able to pile up points on Redskins.
Tom Brady QB NE 8100
Giovani Bernard RB Cin 4600
Dion Lewis RB NE 5800
Jamison Crowder WR Was 3600
Kamar Aiken WR Bal 4300
Julian Edelman WR NE 7600
Duke Johnson Jr. FL Cle 4500
Rob Gronkowski TE NE 7600
Jets DST NYJ 3100
$49,200 (looking for a way to spend some of the extra $800)

Lesson learned from Week 6 – it is very hard for Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to outperform their price. Brady certainly did not disappoint in Week 6 with over 300 passing yards and three touchdowns. The problem is that half of the other quarterbacks either outscored him or had a negligible point differential, making him price-prohibitive. Meanwhile, Gronkowski was outscored by eight other tight ends and 15 tight ends caught more passes. Certainly, the other tight end options have a lower floor than Gronk, but exactly how much money is that floor worth? Gronk is currently priced $3100 higher than every other tight end except for Greg Olsen. The $3100 gets you from Theo Riddick to Mark Ingram at running back and from Jamison Crowder to T.Y. Hilton at wide receiver.

I see no legitimate scenario to not roster Antonio Gates this week. Coming off two straight strong scoring games, he now gets the Raiders. The same Raiders that have been torched by every tight end they have faced except for Owen Daniels.

Todd Gurley seems like the other painfully obvious play this week. Gurley has rushed for over 300 yards in his past two games and the Browns allow an NFL-worst 149.8 rushing yards per game.

Andrew Luck Ind 7600 Looked good coming off the injured shoulder
Matt Ryan Atl 7200 Improved run game cutting into his numbers
Carson Palmer Ari 6700 Been on fire so far and still underpriced - only up $100 this week
Cam Newton Car 6600 Still hard to believe in the receiving options - 225 rush yards plus 3 TDs helps
Philip Rivers SD 6500 Ground game is a mess, but pass game is very efficient
Derek Carr Oak 5300 One of several interesting cheap options
Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ 5200 Should be high scoring to keep up with Patriots
Landry Jones Pit 5100 Interesting high-risk play against woeful KC secondary
Matt Cassel Dal 5000 Cassel is not good, but he has opportunity and a favorable matchup
Le'Veon Bell Pit 8500 Zero receptions in Week 6 is an anomaly
Devonta Freeman Atl 7900 Blown away the field in the past four weeks - price finally catching up
Adrian Peterson Min 7600 Disappointing in Week 6, but still received the touches
Arian Foster Hou 7500 51 touches in past two games
Mark Ingram NO 6300 Spiller's return has cut into receptions.
Justin Forsett Bal 6100 24+ touches in three straight games
Latavius Murray Oak 6100 Chargers struggle mightily against the run
Chris Ivory NYJ 5800 Big price jump. Expect Jets to try to control the clock on the ground
Todd Gurley StL 5000 My favorite pick this week. 305 yards rushing in past two. Browns bad vs. run
LeGarrette Blount NE 4800 Caught in Patriots timeshare. Gets the goal-line touches
Lamar Miller Mia 4600 Refreshing new enegy in Miami
Danny Woodhead SD 4600 Chargers running game is a mess
Theo Riddick Det 3400 Leads all running backs in receptions. Does not need many to earn his price
DeAndre Hopkins Hou 8600 Price finally catching up to performance, but nobody has stopped him yet
Julian Edelman NE 8200 Up another $600, putting him on the fringe. Finger injury last week
Brandon Marshall NYJ 7800 18-28 points every week still a good deal at current price
Keenan Allen SD 7700 Three monster games, one ok and two duds sets up to a GPP play
Larry Fitzgerald Ari 7400 Floor of 15 this season still ok at price
T.Y. Hilton Ind 6500 At least 13 points in all but one. Better with Luck back
Amari Cooper Oak 6500 Only four catches in back-to-back games. Good matchup with SD
John Brown Ari 5500 Three good games in a row. Big plays translate to better GPP
Eric Decker NYJ 5300 Overshadowed by Marshall. TD in all four games played
Donte Moncrief Ind 5200 Outscoring T.Y. at $1300 less
Pierre Garcon Was 5000 Almost guaranteed 2x floor
Martavis Bryant Pit 4700 Shot out of a cannon in first game
Willie Snead NO 4300 At least four receptions in all but first game. Colts-Saints should be defenseless
Stefon Diggs Min 4200 Two-week wonder 13 catches for 216 yards. Good with Johnson out
Jamison Crowder Was 3700 Redskins making concerted effort to get him the ball
Greg Olsen Car 6100 Best receiver on Carolina
Antonio Gates SD 5000 Two big games and now gets the Raiders
Gary Barnidge Cle 4900 $500 price increase but keeps scoring touchdowns
Travis Kelce KC 5000 Will see more targets if Maclin is out
Jason Witten Dal 4800 Could be good dump off target for Cassel
Ben Watson NO 3300 Does not have to do much to earn his low price
Jordan Cameron Mia 3300 3x this low price in three of five games
Kyle Rudolph Min 3100 TD in Week 6 but not a lot of targets
Derek Carrier Was 2500 Very cheap with Reed out
Cardinals Ari 3600 Not many good defense options for Week 7. Cards have been ball-hawks
Falcons Atl 3300 Torched by the Saints but were better before and get a weak Titans offense
Panthers Car 3100 Typically would not want defense against Eagles, but times have changed
Dolphins Mia 2700 Dolphins played at a high level with new coach
Steelers Pit 2600 Not an endorsement for Steelers - rather looking at Chiefs with no weapons

My Current Lineup

Carson Palmer QB Ari 6700
Todd Gurley RB StL 5000
Lamar Miller RB Mia 4600
DeAndre Hopkins WR Hou 8600
Donte Moncrief WR Ind 5200
Larry Fitzgerald WR Ari 7400
Antonio Gates TE SD 5000
Willie Snead FL NO 4300
Panthers DST Car 3100

So the big story of the week is the giant scandal in fantasy football. To me, what is being reported to have happened to trigger the media storm is hardly a big deal. It does, however, open up the thought that maybe more information is available to some people than others. But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to project that these players would have been among the highest owned for last week:

Karlos Williams – 49.9%
A.J. Green – 36.7%
Randall Cobb – 34.0%
Amari Cooper – 33.5%
Julio Jones - 30.6%
James Jones – 28.1%

Who will be the highest owned players in Week 5? Let’s start with the Patriots – Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski. Julio Jones will have high ownership numbers as well as Charles Clay, Jamaal Charles and Le'Veon Bell. I have no access to any information, but I am willing to bet that the ownership numbers on all these guys will be high. And I can construct my lineup to use those guys or fade those guys – my choice. I see very little, if any, advantage to having the numbers.

Some things that I would find problematic (and there are no reports of them happening):

  1. Being able to swap players in and out of your lineup after their games have started
  2. Access to lineups of the top fantasy players in the industry

I expect that the large daily fantasy companies will take the necessary actions to assure their data is secure. I just hope that the media storm has not gone so far out of control that some attention-seeking politician will want to create legislation to ban or control fantasy sports. That would be a nightmare for all of us.

Let's get back to the games - here are my DraftKings players to consider this week.

Tom Brady NE 7800 Brady has been playing pinball so far. Expensive but worth it so far.
Eli Manning NYG 6800 Very good in past three after early clunker. Beckham yet to get on track.
Matt Ryan Atl 6700 Strong rush game keeping TD totals a little low.
Carson Palmer Ari 6600 Three games over 300 yards and three games with multiple TD passes.
Marcus Mariota Ten 6000 Yet to play a bad game.
Tyrod Taylor Buf 5800 Big early-season surprise. The running backs keep getting injured.
Joe Flacco Bal 5600 Very cheap but limited at wide receiver.
Blake Bortles Jax 5100 OK so far. Cheapest useable option. Strong wide receivers.
Le'Veon Bell Pit 8500 Two games and right back on top.
Jamaal Charles KC 7800 Five TDs second among all running backs.
Matt Forte Chi 7000 Averaging 24 touches per game.
Devonta Freeman Atl 6300 Been a beast for two straight weeks. Big price increase.
Mark Ingram NO 6100 Leads all running backs in receptions.
Justin Forsett Bal 5800 Lack of receiving threats could increase Forsett's usage in passing game.
Dion Lewis NE 4800 Always have to guess on when the coach will decide to go in another direction.
Giovani Bernard Cin 4800 Bernard has a better chance for success against Seattle than Hill.
Danny Woodhead SD 4600 Always a receiving threat.
Duke Johnson Jr. Cle 4600 If he can stay healthy there can be big numbers all season.
Chris Johnson Ari 4400 Opportunity equals production.
Todd Gurley StL 4300 Was the second half of last week the beginning of a superstar?
Theo Riddick Det 3000 A very cheap PPR option.
Julio Jones Atl 9200 Early lead limited Week 4 numbers. That possibility exists here as well.
Randall Cobb GB 7500 Shoulder is a concern, but must be considered.
Emmanuel Sanders Den 7400 Nice matchup with the Raiders.
Keenan Allen SD 7200 Superstar in two. Good in one. Clunker in one.
Julian Edelman NE 7000 Money in the bank on huge target numbers.
Amari Cooper Oak 6600 Developing a solid floor for cash games.
Jeremy Maclin KC 6000 Great in the past game and a half. Barely ok in first two and a half.
James Jones GB 5700 Rodgers' go-to guy in the end zone. Put up good numbers in Week 4.
Allen Robinson Jax 5500 4-33-11-11 makes him a better GPP play.
Kendall Wright Ten 5400 Two 20-point games surrounded by a four-point game. Can you take the risk?
Pierre Garcon Was 5300 Model of consistency - 11-18 points depending upon whether he finds the end zone.
Michael Crabtree Oak 4600 Seeing the targets in Oakland, but does not consistently put up the points.
Allen Hurns Jax 4500 Double-digit points in every game. Excellent points/dollars ratio.
Tavon Austin StL 4300 Limited touches but very explosive.
Leonard Hankerson Atl 4000 Taking over the number two role from Roddy White.
Kamar Aiken Bal 3800 Not many healthy receivers remaining in Baltimore.
Willie Snead NO 3000 Becoming a go-to target for Saints. Increased reception total in each game.
Rob Gronkowski NE 7500 Outscoring all tight ends, even with a bye.
Travis Kelce KC 5200 Not much difference between Kelce, Witten and Clay so far this season.
Martellus Bennett Chi 5000 Much better with Cutler at an affordable price.
Antonio Gates SD 4200 Makes his 2015 debut.
Charles Clay Buf 4100 Better each game.
Gary Barnidge Cle 3800 Great with McCown. Bad with Manziel. Great value.
Cardinals Ari 3800 Four touchdowns and a safety so far.
Broncos Den 3600 Top scoring defense through four weeks has a good match-up but is on the road.
Patriots NE 3300 Cowboys not the same without Romo and Bryant. Will force turnovers with big lead.
Falcons Atl 3200 Strong run game is reducing the time the defense has to be on the field.
Giants NYG 2900 Good match-up against the 49'ers at home.
Chiefs KC 2800 Big favorites at home against the Bears.
Jaguars Jax 2700 Faces the turnover-prone Bucs.


Tyrod Taylor QB Buf 5800
Le'Veon Bell RB Pit 8500
Duke Johnson Jr. RB Cle 4600
Julian Edelman WR NE 7000
Keenan Allen WR SD 7200
Kamar Aiken WR Bal 3800
Dion Lewis FL NE 4800
Martellus Bennett TE Chi 5000
Jaguars DST Jax 2700


Pierre Garcon FL Was 5300
Michael Crabtree FL Oak 4600

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