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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

The tendency amongst baseball analysts is to get caught up in how much players are getting paid. Who is a bargain relative to whom? For those long time readers of mine, you will know I try to stay away from that. After all, this is a fantasy baseball site. My mantra is – what is the fantasy impact?

In his latest Diamond Exchange, Rob Leibowitz covers the signings of Vladimir Guerrero, Brett Myers, Aroldis Chapman, Aubrey Huff, and much more.

The Mariners dealt the recently acquired Bill Hall and a player to be named to the Red Sox for Casey Kotchman. The background for the deal seems simple enough, but does have a few layers.

In his lastest Diamond Exchange, Rob Leibowitz examines two of the most recent free agent signings - Marlon Byrd and Justin Duchscherer.

In his latest Diamond Exchange, Rob Leibowitz discusses the Jason Bay signing and several other of the most recent moves including Kelly Johnson and Mark DeRosa.

In his latest Diamond Exchange, Rob Leibowitz catches up on a few of the off-season moves.


In his latest Diamond Exchange, Rob Leibowitz offers his analysis and opinions on the players and those players involved in the Yankees/Diamondbacks/Tigers mega-deal.

Rob Leibowitz's lastest Diamond Exchange continues to take a look at the remaining trades that have occurred thus far this off-season.

Rob Leibowitz's  Diamond Exchange returns to Mastersball.  In this  article, he looks at some of the recent Major League transactions including Kelly Shoppach, Aaron Heilman and Mark Teahen.

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