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Written by Lawr Michaels   
Saturday, 12 May 2012 10:36

So, last night I trudged into my second Draftstreet foray.,

Draftstreet, as you likely know is a Website that offers daily matchup chances that are akin to the stock market. Except, instead of buy Apple stock, you can buy Josh Hamilton, and instead of penny stocks there is Matt Capps.

I know my mate Lord Zola has been hyping it up (hey, we have to try and drive some income somehow, right?) shamelessy, but, the reality is Draftsteet is pretty fun.

For one thing, it is low intensity. You pick a roster of 14 players (with a salary cap) one day, and the next day you find out whether you were among the winners of your respective league. Meaning, no day-to-day perusing of transactions or long-term planning. So, the combination makes the process a bit of though while assembling a lineup, and a little focus while either cursing at, or extolling the production of your team, and then it is tomorrow. And, once tomorrow arrives, if you want to set another lineup, knockest thyself out. If not, well, no problem. Just pick it right back up next time the mood strikes.

Again, as you have likely seen, Todd has been writing about his participation in a special league with Draftstreet every other Friday, and the league is free, so, the opportunity for potential addiction is up to you.

Well, I set my second roster Friday, and I did do a lot better than my first shot (a miserable 36.5 points, two weeks ago) bagging 67.3 points, and finishing a good 100 spots above last time (this week I was #37).

Before I reveal my roster, I have to admit that I am as an experiential learner.

I will read the rules, but they seem somewhat abstract to me until I see/experience them in play, so, my first shot at anything is usually a failure, but also a kind of stick in the sand of what works, or does not at a high level (actually reading Todd's pieces and reasoning might help you a lot with this, too).

I do tend to not pay so much to lefty/right matchups at large, for I do always think good hitters and pitchers will be successful and trying to guess when one will have a good start or not in a straight fantasy context, is too iffy.

But, I now do admit in a microcosm game like Draftstreet, it does make a difference, as do basic pitcher ballpark match-ups.

So, paying attention to these details is a plus.

Otherwise, there are a couple of basic tenets at play: Either pick the hot hand, expecting the trend to continue for more money, or grab the underpriced underachiever (i.e. Albert Pujols these days) hoping the trend will stop.

So, while Todd took John Mayberry, Jr. and Danny Espinosa--both of whom homered last night--I took Josh Hamilton and Brandon Inge--both of whom also homered last night.

BTW, I do think, among those matchup things, that there is wisdom in picking switch hitters.

  • C: Humberto Quintero (bust city)
  • 1B: Kila Ka'aihue (7 points from a couple of hits and a knock. Old Kila might be finally realizing some of that potential)
  • 2B: Ryan Raburn (another bust. I have him in Tout so I guess I was hoping Ryan would do something. Sentimental mistake)
  • 3B: Brandon Inge (woo hoo, four dingers this week, and I have him in Tout as well)
  • SS: Erick Aybar (another Tout bust and one here too. I think I am seeing a pattern?)
  • OF:Josh Hamilton (big night, two dingers, 17.5 points)
  • OF: Ryan Braun (5.5 points)
  • OF: Dayan Viciedo (got a hit, but another Tout bust: if my busts simply got hot I would be close to first place)
  • UT: Giancarlo Stanton  (Josh Reddick would have been better)
  • UT: Erik Komatsu (another guy I thought could just pull a couple of singles cos he was due)
  • SP: Gio Gonzalez (nice pick who had a good game)
  • SP: Madison Bumgarner (nice pick who had a bad game)
  • RP: Matt Capps (closers are dirt cheap, and this one paid off)
  • UP: Jeremy Hellickson (had a good enough game)

So, based upon last time, which was a total stab, and the sentimental mistakes I made this week, let's shoot for another 30 point increase next time and maybe a showing in the Top 10.

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LABR FAAB Report: Week of May 7 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 07 May 2012 14:14



Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.



FRIERI, ERNESTO 23 Jeff Eric 18 KFFL 7 RW - Liss 6 BHQ 3 Shrink 2 Perry
1 Full Moon
TAYLOR, MICHAEL 12 Jason Col 11 RW - Liss 9 NFBC 2 Full Moon
BARTON, DARIC 12 NFBC 9 RW - Liss 5 BHQ 2 Full Moon
RHYMES, WILL 7 Perry 6 BHQ 3 Jason Col 2 Full Moon
MORTENSEN, CLAYTON 2 Jason Col 2 Perry
COKE, PHIL 1 Shrink
AYALA, LUIS 1 Shrink
MCGEE, JAKE 1 Shrink
O'DAY, DARREN 1 Shrink

Perry Van Hook's Commentary: 

Well as you saw in the Tout FAAB reports, potential new closers get a lot of money hopefully tossed at them. Scott Downs going down in the ninth inning for the Angels yesterday and their acquisition of Ernesto Frieri in midweek trade with the Padres spurred a couple AL LABR players to throw big money at Frieri who was won by Rotowire’s Jeff Erickson who got him for $28. The runner up for Frieri was KFFL’s Tim Minnix who bid 18 while there were several single digit bids.  The next most popular players this week were a pair of Oakland Athletics as Michael Taylor was bought for $12 by Jason Collette as he reserved Coco Crisp; and Daric Barton, also bought at $12 by the NFBC team as they reserved Jose Lopez.

While I could use the saves, I don’t think it is clear that Frieri gets some much less all the opportunities so I decided to put a $4 bid on Scott Diamond who the Twins have activated to start Tuesday at home versus the Angels in what could be a two start week if he also gets the call Sunday at home against the Blue Jays. I did put in $2 underbids on both Frieri and LaTroy Hawkins who might also get some Angel save opportunities, as well as on Clayton Mortensen who pitched very well last week in relief after being recalled by the Red Sox. With the disarray the Sawx call their current rotation, it may well be that Mortensen could get a tryout, but I didn’t have a second pitching slot and Jason Collette landed him for a nice $2 bid. I also bid $7 on the Tampa Ray’s infielder Will Rhymes who figures to see plenty of action while Evan Longoria is on the DL and that barely nosed BHQ’s Dave Adler who wagered six dollars. I had also put a $5 bid below Rhymes on the Rangers’ Alberto Gonzalez in a desperate attempt to upgrade my middle infield slot currently held by Trevor Plouffe who swung and missed so often he may well be on today’s train to Triple-A Rochester.




ABREU, BOBBY 21 Tristan 11 ESPN - EK 6 Greg Ambr 6 Full Moon
BRACH, BRAD 1 Tristan
HENSLEY, CLAY 1 lawr mich
IZTURIS, CESAR 5 BP Carty 1 Full Moon
MUJICA, EDWARD 14 Tristan 14 BHQ 4 lawr mich 4 Greg Ambr 4 BP Carty 2 Full Moon
RANSOM, CODY 17 BIS 13 Ray Flowe 4 Shrink 3 BP Carty 1 Full Moon 1 ESPN - EK
THAYER, DALE 4 Ray Flowe
TRACY, CHAD 1 Tristan
WEBB, RYAN 2 Full Moon 1 Greg Ambr
RUSSELL, JAMES 8 Tristan 2 Full Moon
ARIAS, JOAQUIN 5 BIS 1 Tristan 1 BP Carty
NAVARRO, YAMAICO 1 BP Carty 1 Full Moon
ORR, PETE 1 BP Carty

Lawr Michaels' Commentary:

Early Sunday, while settling in to cover the Giants game, I was checking the boxes of the games already in progress.

Lo and behold, I noticed Cody Ransom had gone deep, so I sent an instant message to my mate at asking, "what kind of world do we live in where Cody Ransom has three homers?"

It is sort of rhetorical, although Ransom, a former Giant, meaning someone I have seen play before, actually knocked four big flies for the Yankees in a part time role though he only knocked in eight, Ransom accomplished the feat in just 43 at-bats, and had a slugging percentage of .651.

Well, that history was enough for Steve Moyer to claim the utility infielder for $17 FAAB bucks to cover the loss of Pablo Sandoval.  I respect Steve, but I actually think that Giants prospect Conor Gillaspie--who will receive the bulk of playing time while the Panda is ailing--was a more practical purchase at just a couple of bucks by Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton at Full Moon.

But, it was Tristan Cockcroft who scored the biggest buy, with a $21 bid on Bobby Abreu as he returns to the NL and Dodgers (nice cross town move) for what seems to be a part time role.

On the pitching side, Tristan also bagged the arm I had an eye on, for I had bid $4 on Edwin Mujica to replace the damaged Cory Luebke. Tristan upped me by $10 landing the potential save monger for the Fish for $14 to replace Jhoulys Chacin. As it was I managed to land Clay Hensley for a buck to fill Luebke's slot.

Other interesting purchases for the week include Adam Kennedy ($1 to Full Moon), Michael Bowden ($1 to Greg Ambrosius), Mike Fontenot ($2 to Ray Flowers), and Cesar Izturis ($5 to Derek Carty).




DOLIS,  RAFAEL 33 Doug Ande 23 Jonah Ker 9 James Qui 6 KFFL 2 Razzball 1 Tom Trude
SORIANO,  RAFAEL 27 KFFL 6 Jonah Ker 1 Fred Zink
CISHEK,  STEVE 22 Jonah Ker 4 BBHQ 4 KFFL 1 Fred Zink 2 Razzball
SEAGER,  KYLE 14 Doug Ande 6 Jonah Ker 5 BBHQ 4 Clay Dave 3 Todd Zola 3 Fred Zink
1 Bobby Col
FRIERI,  ERNESTO 11 BBHQ 8 KFFL 7 James Qui 2 Razzball 1 Fred Zink 1 Tom Trude
RUSSELL,  JAMES 5 Bobby Col 1 Tom Trude
GETZ,  CHRIS 3 Fred Zink
DIRKS,  ANDY 2 Todd Zola
ZITO,  BARRY 2 James Qui
MUJICA,  EDWARD 1 Tom Trude 1 Fred Zink 1 Jonah Ker
PEREZ,  LUIS 1 Razzball
HAPP,  J.A. 1 Tom Trude
ANKIEL,  RICK 1 Todd Zola
CHEN,  WEI-YIN 1 Tom Trude


Todd Zola's Commentary:

To paraphrase Norm from Cheers, "Closers - can't live with them, pass the beer nuts."

I'm beginning to think the best means of approaching saves in a league that allows trading is to let others chase the flavor of the week, let them get their saves as well as incur the hit to their ratios and then deal for a closer, preferably one with decent skills later in the season as some teams have built up an excess of saves. This not only helps protect your WHIP and ERA from the Rafael Dolis' of the world, but also frees up FAAB to go after the Kyle Seager's of the world.

Speaking of Seager, my mate Lawr was all over him in the spring, and it turns out rightfully so. It is not that I doubted Lawr when it came to replacing (ironically) Chone Figgins this week, but rather I felt I needed to roll the dice on a player with more upside, even if it came with a bit of risk.  I did in fact bid on Seager, but I did not expect to land him and indeed ended up with Andy Dirks, a guy whose skill set translates very well to fantasy if he can (finally) get consistent playing time.

Back to closers for a second, my money is on Ernesto Frieri and BBHQ emerging as the big winners in the save department. Frieri has the closer profile (dominant righty) and with Scott Downs and LaTroy Hawkins dinged up, the former Padre has possibly backdoored himself into the closer gig and has the ability to Wally Pipp the rest out of the role.


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Tout Wars FAAB Report: Week of May 7 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 07 May 2012 00:47


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a modified Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report





EFrieri, LAA 21 (16) Wolf/Colton 15 Behrens 10 Erickson 9 Liss 5 Shandler 4 Schechter
4 Siano 3 Berry
BPeacock, Oak 15 (10) Liss 5 Berry
WRhymes, TB 7 Siano 7 Shandler 6 Wolf/Colton 4 Collette 1 Liss 0 Erickson
0 Moyer
BFuentes, Oak 6 Schechter 5 Berry 4 Behrens 3 Erickson 2 Shandler 1 Liss
EKomatsu, Min 5 Berry 2 Siano 0 Erickson 0 Moyer
IFalu, KC 3 Wolf/Colton
RCook, Oak 3 Behrens 1 Erickson 1 Liss 0 Leibowitz 0 Berry
CMortensen, Bos 2 Shandler
BFrancisco, Tor 2 Siano 2 Leibowitz 0 Erickson 0 Moyer
SDiamond, Min 2 Siano
JNix, NYY 1 Wolf/Colton 0 Erickson
GGreen, Oak 1 Siano
CGimenez, TB 1 Schechter
LAyala, Bal 1 Schechter
ZMcAllister, Cle 1 Erickson
TWalker, Sea 1 Liss
MLindstrom, Bal 0 Leibowitz 0 Schechter
LHawkins, LAA 0 Berry
DWise, NYY 0 Erickson 0 Moyer


HMatsui, TB 3 Berry
JLinares, Bos 1 Liss
JMitchell, CWS 1 Liss
JNorberto, Oak 1 Liss
AGonzalez, Tex 0 Wolf/Colton
DWorth, Det 0 Wolf/Colton
OVizquel, Tor 0 Wolf/Colton
ZStewart, CWS 0 Shandler
DODay, Bal 0 Shandler
JMcGee, TB 0 Shandler 0 Schechter
KHerrera, KC 0 Shandler
LMarson, Cle 0 Schechter
ARecker, Oak 0 Schechter
BDuensing, Min 0 Schechter
CStewart, NYY 0 Schechter
JFrasor, Tor 0 Schechter
PCoke, Det 0 Schechter
MLowe, Tex 0 Leibowitz

Rob Leibowitz Commentary

Injuries to two of the Angels relievers including closer de jour Scott Downs pushed recently Ernesto Frieri into the limelight as a potential closer. The 26-year old was acquired from the Padres last week and throws fairly hard and has a fairly long minor league history of striking out more than a batter per inning. While Frieri was the target of 8 bids in AL Tout and landed on the Colton/Wolf roster at a Vickery $16, there are some caution points here. First, Frieri has a rather long history of inconsistent control, regularly posting 4+ and even 5+ BB/9. Secondly, like many power pitchers, he is an extreme fly-ball pitcher. So the combination of command and fly-ball issues does have some potential for ugliness. Still, he may get the ball in the ninth, so even a mid-teens victory is a worthwhile bid from a risk/reward standpoint.

As for myself, my main goal was to simply cut Lars Anderson and add as valuable a spare-part as I could find, first focusing on Ben Francisco as a potential swing-man and then looking at relievers with save potential.




RDolis, ChC 41 (28) Pianowski 27 Melnick 26 Walton 17 Carty 17 Kreutzer 15 Peterson
11 Cockcroft 6 Gianella 3 Wilderman
TIshikawa, Mil 27 (24) Zola 23 Melnick 4 Hertz 2 Gianella 1 Carty 0 Pianowski
CGillaspie, SF 23 (13) Melnick 12 Gianella 8 Gardner 4 Kreutzer 4 Hertz 4 Walton
3 Peterson
DLee, FA 6 Walton 6 Carty
AWhite, Col 5 Hertz 2 Carty 1 Walton
JRussell, ChC 5 Walton 4 Cockcroft 3 Hertz 2 Gianella 0 Peterson 0 Carty
CIzturis, Mil 4 Carty 3 Gianella
ACardenas, ChC 3 Carty 2 Melnick 2 Hertz
MDiaz, Atl 2 Cockcroft 1 Gianella
ECabrera, SD 2 Hertz 1 Ravitz
BConrad, Mil 2 Gianella
DThayer, SD 1 Hertz
ACastellanos, LAD 1 Ravitz
RWebb, Fla 0 Cockcroft 0 Pianowski 0 Hertz
GDobbs, Fla 0 Gardner 0 Cockcroft
CTorres, Col 0 Peterson


BBrach, SD 2 Hertz
CFriedrich, Col 2 Hertz
JThatcher, SD 2 Hertz 1 Cockcroft
MKotsay, SD 1 Pianowski 0 Cockcroft
MBowden, ChC 1 Hertz
JAffeldt, SF 0 Pianowski
LOndrusek, Cin 0 Pianowski
POrr, Phi 0 Gianella
BDeWitt, ChC 0 Gardner
JaWilson, Atl 0 Gardner 0 Pianowski
JHarrison, Pit 0 Gardner
AKearns, Fla 0 Cockcroft 0 Pianowski
BLincoln, Pit 0 Cockcroft
JGiambi, Col 0 Cockcroft 0 Pianowski
FSalas, StL 0 Carty 0 Pianowski

Brian Walton's Commentary

Four weeks ago, our Lord Zola won Rafael Dolis with a speculative $7 bid. Unfortunately, he dropped the Cubs reliever last week, just before Carlos Marmol lost his job. This set off a chain-reaction of big-money spending this week. I was among the nine of 13 NL Tout warriors chasing Chicago’s saves, bidding $26. That was only the third-best offer and not nearly enough cash as Dolis’ new owner Scott Pianowski was prepared to spend $41 and paid $28. I did pick up the lefty side of the potential closer equation, with a winning $5 offer for James Russell. Though Russell received five bids, they were obviously placed with less financial conviction.

By the way, don’t feel sorry for Todd in the least. In dropping Dolis last week, he added a new closer in Andrew Cashner (San Diego) and kept Steve Cishek (Miami) over the Cub.

The untimely injuries to corner infielders Pablo Sandoval and Mat Gamel meant spirited bidding for their potential replacements. Conor Gillaspie fetched $13 ($23 Vickrey) from Lenny Melnick while Travis Ishikawa’s big week and the allure of more where that came from attracted $24 of Zola’s cash ($27 Vickery).

In my ongoing attempt to recreate the 2005 MLB All-Star teams, I doubled down, taking a $6 flyer on Derrick Lee after last week’s $3 gamble on Bobby Abreu paid off. Assuming Ishikawa isn’t the answer to cover first base for Milwaukee in Gamel’s absence, Lee would seem a natural fit. Then again, he could be the 2012 position player version of Roy Oswalt (waiting and hoping).




RSoriano, NYY 32 (28) Minnix 27 Van Riper 17 Mack 7 Gonos 4 Flowers 1 Schwartz
EFrieri, LAA 29 (10) Davitt 5 Flowers 3 Minnix 2 Schwartz 1 Van Riper
RDolis, ChC 32 (10) Minnix 8 Van Riper 3 Heaney 3 Flowers
ACashner, SD 16 (10) Mack 5 Flowers 4 Minnix 3 Steinhorn 2 Heaney 2 Schwartz
WMiddlebrooks, Bos 7 Steinhorn 6 Heaney 2 Zinkie
JDyson, KC 7 Trachtman 3 Zinkie
PPolanco, Phi 7 Flowers
SCishek, Fla 7 Gonos 7 Van Riper 5 Flowers 3 Schwartz 2 Heaney
ATorres, NYM 6 Heaney 3 Zinkie 1 Van Riper
EMujica, Fla 4 Schwartz 2 Heaney 1 Minnix
JHapp, Hou 3 Swanay
AJones, NYY 3 Swanay
KKaaihue, Oak 3 Minnix
CGetz, KC 3 Zinkie
DPomeranz, Col 2 Steinhorn 2 Swanay 1 Minnix
JGomes, Oak 2 Swanay 2 Heaney
CBuchholz, Bos 2 Mack
BAbreu, LAD 2 Van Riper 1 Swanay 0 Steinhorn
ACrow, KC 2 Van Riper
JGomez, Cle 1 Singman
MCarpenter, StL 1 Davitt
JBlanton, Phi 1 Minnix
AEllis, LAD 1 Schwartz 1 Swanay
TCollins, KC 0 Davitt


BFuentes, Oak 15 Mack
AHarang, LAD 3 Flowers
MEllis, LAD 3 Flowers
FRodriguez, Mil 2 Van Riper
WBetemit, Bal 2 Swanay 0 Davitt 0 Steinhorn
CBuchholz, Bos 2 Mack
LNix, Phi 2 Heaney 1 Van Riper
CPavano, Min 2 Flowers
JPeralta, TB 2 Flowers
GBlanco, SF 1 Van Riper
NAoki, Mil 1 Van Riper
EHinske, Atl 1 Swanay
BMatusz, Bal 1 Swanay
DMcDonald, Bos 1 Swanay
JRivera, LAD 1 Swanay 1 Heaney
JWilliams, LAA 1 Swanay
SHairston, NYM 1 Swanay
SSmith, Oak 1 Swanay 1 Heaney
BBogusevic, Hou 1 Heaney
PHumber, CWS 1 Flowers
THunter, Bal 0 Swanay
TIshikawa, Mil 0 Swanay
DGee, NYM 0 Minnix
JRussell, ChC 0 Mack
TMoore, Was 0 Heaney
TWilhelmsen, Sea 0 Davitt

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Not surprisingly, saves were the main focus in this week’s Mixed Tout FAAB bidding. The injuries to Mariano Rivera, Scott Downs and Huston Street along with the demotion of Carlos Marmol determined the four highest priced players: Rafael Soriano, Ernesto Frieri, Andrew Cashner and Rafael Dolis. Soriano went to Nick Minnix for the Vickrey adjusted price of $28, a high price considering that David Robertson remains the favorite to take over as the Yankees’ closer. That said, Soriano does have plenty of closing experience, and the fact that Minnix is currently without any closers on his roster certainly factored into his thinking. Cashner for $10 could turn out to be a nice buy for Eric Mack considering Huston Street’s well-documented injury history. Although Street insists that his lat strain won’t keep him out for long, we should take this with a grain of salt until we hear a more definitive timetable.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that I had won Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks for $7, topping Tim Heaney by just one dollar. Being a Kevin Youkilis owner, I’ll just slide Middlebrooks into my starting 3B slot, and I’m excited to see what he can do in the coming weeks. After raking in the Minors this year (.333 AVG  9 HR  27 RBI in 24 games), Middlebrooks has kicked off his big league career by going 5-for-16 with a grand slam. I was also pleased to re-acquire Drew Pomeranz at the cost of $2, as he’s slated to start twice this week, vs. the Padres and Dodgers, both on the road.

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What's With Timmy? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lawr Michaels   
Saturday, 05 May 2012 20:49


Over the past few years--essentially since the arrival of Tim Lincecum--being at ATT Park has been just wonderful.

Of course I remember well the last days of Candlestick, which now remind me of the seemingly equally cavernous Coliseum, where the Athletics toil to regular crowds of up to 8,000 humans. And it is sad, for Oakland can field an interesting team, and they have had very good fan support in the past.

Especially when they were either new to the area, or more important, winning.

But, I digress. For as noted, ATT is a great place to be, with always a terrific and enthusiastic sell out crowd.

And, as also noted, the Giants push towards real respectability came with Lincecum's arrival, and has flourished with the right hander's pair of Cy Young Awards.

This year, though, Timmy is struggling. And, he is struggling like never before. I actually worked his first game, where he hurled 4.1 innings against the Phillies, allowing five runs and five hits, with five walks, and five strikeouts.

For the most part, since then aside from a rugged August in September 2010, Lincecum has been dominant.

Till now.

 Over his career, Timmy is 71-43, 3.06, with a 1.19 WHIP, but this year, the numbers are 2-2, 5.68, with a 1.51 WHIP. So, going into this year he was 69-41, 2.97, with a WHIP of 1.09, meaning his 31.2 innings this year have been wicked.

And, they have been no worse than his first frame Friday night, against the Brewers when the righty tossed 31 pitches, with just 12 for strikes, and of those 10 were foul balls.

It was painful to see him struggle like that, and, though his velocity was not 95 MPH as in earlier years, it was still in the 92-93 range with the fastball.

What it seems to be is that hitters have begun to adjust, and Timmy's confidence is a little shaky. He seems unsure about throwing his best stuff out there, with the proverbial, "here it is, see if you can hit it." Because it seems he is afraid opposing hitters will hit it, and as a result they do.

At least that is how it looked to me Friday, which was the first time this season I have seen him throw live. Lincecum tossed 60 pitches his first two innings: an ungodly amount.

After the second, he did settle down, but though he allowed just two hits and three runs--one on a wild pitch--Timmy walked five and suffered the loss.

Baseball is such a funny game. And, the truth is the Giants have marched largely upon his shoulders the last few years.

Is there something wrong with Lincecum? Well, nothing beyond as with anything, as the hitters have adjusted, so must he.

And, ideally with Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner moving towards ace status themselves, a little of the pressure will come off Lincecum, and he can adjust back to doing what he does best: Dominating.

Meaning don't dump him just yet.

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New Brewers on the Way PDF Print E-mail
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Saturday, 05 May 2012 18:59

The Bruised Crew will put both Carlos Gomez and Alex Gonzalez on the DL tomorrow and summon some more minor league replacements

So first up if you have either in your lineup REPLACE them

Not sure who they bring up will matter unless you are in a really deep NL only league. Right now I would think Eric Farris or Edwin Maysonet would likely be the infielder called up. Not sure who the outfielder will be but will add names as I see them suggested by beat writers.

ETA - Brewers will call up Maysonet but second player will be 3B Taylor Greene.



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