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Written by Perry Van Hook   
Sunday, 03 June 2012 13:19

Doing double duty drafting Sunday evening on the computer. In the first, competing in a FF mock draft with several other well-known site/players at 8 PM ET and in the second, doing a monthly free agent draft for the XFL starting at 9 PM ET. So I thought I would let those interested follow along as we zig and zag between FF and FB. I will be updating as both drafts progress but here are the basics going in.

The fantasy football mock is for a 12 team league starting QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/Flex/K/DST with five bench spots. I will be drafting tenth out of twelve and hoping for a TE/WR or RB/WR start but of course you can’t really predict what nine others will do and the first pick will change the second.

It will be interesting to see how these sites/writers draft their Quarterbacks

  • BFD Fantasy Football - John Duckworth
  • Roto Experts –Adam Ronis
  • FF Pools – K. Bross
  • Rotowire – Howard Bender
  • Draft
  • Rotowire – Mike Gottlieb
  • – Mike Gallagher
  • Reality Sports Online
  • GridironExperts - Mike Rodriguez
  • Mastersball – PVH
  • Erik Siegrist
  • – Craig Macchi

Personally I am old school there and would never draft a quarterback in the first round and likely not in the second round (although I can see a case for taking Aaron Rodgers early in the second). I suspect there will be two quarterbacks taken before my pick in the first round which should mean I will get a better RB or WR than I might if everyone held off on getting a passer. And the sound argument for waiting is that while the top quarterbacks will outscore the other positions there isn’t much variance in the top PPG amongst the top ten although clearly Rodgers makes the counter argument.

Current basic ADP at MDC for drafts in the last three weeks in fact shows four QBs – Rodgers, Brees, Newton, and Brady all going in the first round, along with seven RBs – Foster, McCoy, Rice, MJD, Forte, Johnson, and Mathews. That leaves only one WR – Calvin Johnson and no tight ends being drafted. Seems odd – let’s see what comes of the board tonight:

1.01- Arian Foster, RB, HOU

1.02 - Ray Rice, RB, BALT

1.03 - LeSean McCoy, RB, PHL

1.04 - Calvin Johnson, WR, DET

1.05 - Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB

1.06 - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAX

1.07 - Drew Brees, QB, NO

1.08 - Chris Johson, RB, TEN

1.09 - Cam Newton, QB, CAR

1.10 - Jimmy Graham, TE, NO

1.11 - Victor Cruz, WR, NYG

1.12 - Andre Johnson, WR, HOU

 Pretty happy the way it went and I got the Charger's Ryan Matthews with my second round pick

I expect that we should draft four rounds – maybe well into the fifth in the first hour in this draft and then I will have to make my first pick in our monthly free agent draft in the XFL. I will have the seventh pick in the first round as I am currently 9th in the fifteen team league (was 8th yesterday having just gone up to the next group with total points in the 80s this week).

I need to get the best MI I can with Tulowitzki now on the DL and of course there is always the need for more pitching. I probably won’t have the internal debate again on Quintin Berry as I suspect a team drafting ahead of me may either consider him a possible $10 keeper for next year or just need the stolen bases to move up this year. The problem of full time at bats affects the MI choice – really only Cody Ransom is a full time player although for a while at least Everth Cabrera may be in the lineup every day with Andy Parrino now on the DL. It would be a tough choice if both Ransom and my top pitcher, another Brewer – Mike Fiers were both available but let’s see…………

Okay here is how the mock draft went for me for the first ten rounds

1.01 - Graham

2.03 - Mathews

3.10 - Mike Wallace, PIT

4.03 - Steve Smith, CAR

5.10 - Willis McGahee, DEN

6.03 - Eli Manning, NYG

7.10 - Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, CIN

8.03 - Santonio Holmes, NYJ

9.10 - Tony Gonzalez, ATL

10.03 - Nate Washington, TEN

Amazingly we finished the fifteen rounds in one hour - all the picks weren't the best (sorry fellas) but they were Fast.

Here is the rest of my draft - will add analysis later. If you have any questions it is better in the FF Forum on the message boards than here.

11.10 - Tim Hightower, WAS

12.03 - Davone Bess, MIA

13.10 - Steelers DST

14.03 - Randall Cobb, GB

15.10 - K....for me Rob Bironas, TEN good leg with a late bye

Okay, over to the chat room for the XFL draft where it turns out I had plenty of extra time to turn off the extra laptop and get set up.

As I suspected Lawr took Berry with the first pick, so with my first round pick I actually had my choice of starting pitchers and took Kyle Kendrick over Mike Fiers who was grabbed later in the round.

Still had all my MI choices in the second round and didn't try and get cut and took Cody Ransom......actually if I had noticed that Gene McCaffrey was below me that way maybe I would have taken Pacheco but for my team he would be more of a next year hopeful and I am trying for a run to the top five this year.

With my third round pick I wanted one of the SP with an upcoming two start week and like Scott Feldman's schedule (@ OAK and @ SF) over Travis Blackley or Cole Devries.

I took one more player (we used to only get three picks per month but expanded it to as many as you could make room for). I had strongly considered the Athletics Ryan Cook who could well be there closer next year but fortunately for me and my shiny coin he was taken before my next turn. So I took Jerry Hairston Jr. who can and hopefully will play all over the Dodger infield - not a big leap given the drek and youth they have on the team. If he gets to be a regular I will play him otherwise he is a great backup for my team.

That was actually fun - two drafts in less than two hours. Good company and barbs and comments back and forth without making me late for dinner. Now for a good bottle of red wine and some television with wifey. Juggling my rosters and lineups can wait until tomorrow morning.

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Wainwrong will soon be Wainwright again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Todd Zola   
Sunday, 03 June 2012 00:00


I've answered this question so many times the past week I figured it would be easier to put a blog post and just link it.

Adam Wainwright will be just fine, TRUST ME!!

First a little vent. If you own the Cardinal right-hander, you very likely got him at a discount as he was a risk coming off of TJS. Furthermore, unlike Stephen Strasburg, Wainwright was not able to get in a couple of starts last September. Strasburg, the National's phenom, was able to get over the mental hurdle of throwing a ball in anger, so he could spend the off-season in a fairly normal manner, prepearing for the 2012 season. Wainwright was rehabbing, then had to get over that mental angle in the spring. Meaning expect a slow start and a gardual return to form as the season progresses.

Perhaps the fact Wainwright tossed a complete game shutout in mid-May fooled everyone into thinking he was back. Folks, the guy had a major procedure done on his elbow. Cut him some slack. He's actually doing BETTER THAN CAN BE EXPECTED!

Wainwright's career K/9 is 7.5. This season it is 7.9. His career BB/9 is 2.6. This season it is 2.8.


Granted, the career HR/9 is a bloated 1.1, up from it's historical .7 mark. Maybe Wainwright left a couple of fat ones over the heart of the plate, or maybe it is just a sample size anomaly.

Wainwright's BABIP is up a little, .317 as compared to a career .290, but this is well within expected fluctuation.

His 4.98 ERA is well over a run higher than most of the expected ERA calculations (xFIP, FIP and SIERA, tRA is not so kind).

Even if you compare the peripherals to Wainwright's stellar '09 and '10 campaigns, he's not that far off.

Hang in, better days are Wainw-RIGHT around the corner.

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Luck in the Transactions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 15:25

Well I suppose some of you need to Look at the transactions first but there are a lot of lineup changes that need to be made on Tuesday.

Unfortunately most of us set lineups on Mondays for the current week. If none of the news in this column helps you today, consider this for next year – Get your league to allow midweek transactions for players put on or returning from the DL or to replace players sent to the minors or called up after Mondays.

Toronto OF Eric Thames has been slumping all of May – hitting 190 after hitting over 300 in April gets the bad news – teammate Rajai Davis who should get the majoring of those at bats on the good side.

Angels pitching ace Jered Weaver left Monday night’s game after facing only three batters with back pain. Weaver who will have an MRI today faces the bad news while Garrett Richards who broke with the club after a great spring training taking Jerome Williams spot in the rotation until he came off should be the one who gets the call with the good news.

I needed to add a catcher in a league where we only play one for the H2H matches because of Miguel Montero’s groin (maybe he got it just thinking about picking up checks from the Diamondbacks for the next five years) and lost out on my first choice of the Brewers’ Jonathan Lucroy. When he was put on the disabled list today my pickup of Jarrod Saltalamacchia looked even better than after yesterday’s home run. Also good news for those of you who have George Kottaras as your second catcher in deeper leagues.

Upcoming bad news for either the Randall Delgado or Mike Minor owners as one of them will lose their rotation spot to the Braves’ Kris Medlen who was sent down today to stretch him out and will be back for one of those spots in three weeks or so.

Of course some players create both good news and bad news with the same outing – yesterday it was both Nate Adcock who really found out what his fantasy owners who activated him for a nice two start week vs CLE and OAK thought when Ned Yost had some extra words for him after taking him out in the third inning of yesterday’s pitiful performance – Hey Adcock, you are on the next bus to Omaha cry on somebody’s shoulder down there; or Ryan Raburn of the Tigers who lowered his average to about a buck fifty after going 0-4 yesterday and making many laugh with Jim Leyland’s rant after the game which should get him a bus ticket to Toledo when Austin Jackson returns later this week.

I hope you get some more good news today.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 15:59
Draftstreet: Strike Three PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lawr Michaels   
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 00:00

Two weeks ago when I set my Draftstreet roster, I tried to focus on match-ups, and especially exploit starting pitching.

Truth is I jumped from a lousy 45 points first time, to an average 65 points two weeks later, so this third time through, I was feeling pretty good about my picks and roster.

Well, one of the wondrous things about baseball is despite the overt predicability of statistics and match-ups and ball parks, nothing is certain.

I don't really need to even delve into my crappy hitting of last Friday, for as long as you know which pitchers I selected, well, that will be enough. Here goes:

Match-up #1: Ryan Dempster ($14,448) versus A.J. Burnett. I took Dempster, he of the now 0-3, 2.14 totals, with a 1.06 WHIP and 50 whiffs over 54.2 innings, against Burnett (2-2, 4.78) and the weak Pirates. Of course, the Pirates won, 1-0 and though this is not what I anticipated, Dempster at least netted 7.3 points. On the other hand that dog Burnett got 8.5.

Match-up #2: Anthony Bass ($12, 105) versues Dillon Gee. I seriously thought about taking Gee ($9,296) at home, but Bass was 3-2, 2.89 with 51 whiffs over 53.1 innings. On the other hand, Gee was 3-3, 5.44 and though the Mets have been playing well, Bass has been hurling just as well. Results? 5.3 innings for Bass, with six runs and eight hits allowed worth -0.4 points, while Gee nabbed 11.6 with a pretty good win over seven innings.

Match-up #3: Johnny Cueto ($12,759) versus Christian Friedrich. Now, I will confess I like Friedrich, who was 1-1, 5.00 after two really good starts, and getting knocked back down to earth when Seattle clobbered him on #3 for eight runs over five innings. On the other hand, Cueto was 5-1, 1.97 going into the game, and coming off a nice seven inning victory over the Yankees. Cueto get knocked to the tune of 11 hits and five runs over 4.2 innings. That is -1.45 points.

I also took Matt Capps as my reliever, and he managed to offset Bass with a +0.4 points, but otherwise Burnett's 8.5 total was larger than my 5.85 team total for pitchers.

Like I said, I figured you would understand and shake your head. Maybe even laugh a little in comiseration if you picked similarly.

I know in baseball there are no fourth strikes, but I will still play again next time. Why not? It is fun.

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LABR FAAB Report: Week of May 28 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Todd Zola   
Monday, 28 May 2012 14:52


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




COOPER, DAVID 19 Jeff Eric 3 Full Moon 2 Perry
HUDSON, ORLANDO 12 Jason Col 19 Jeff Eric 9 Nate Ravi
PODSEDNIK, SCOTT 11 Jeff Eric 8 USAT 8 RW - Liss 5 BHQ
SUTTON, DREW 11 Jeff Eric 3 Perry
BERRY, QUINTIN 9 Jeff Eric 9 Yahoo 8 USAT 7 BHQ 4 Perry 3 RW - Liss
3 NFBC 1 Full Moon
WALTERS, P.J. 3 RW - Liss 2 BHQ
DE VRIES, COLE 2 BHQ 1 Full Moon
CUNNINGHAM, AARON 1 BHQ 3 Jeff Eric 1 RW - Liss


FALU, IRVING 2 Jeff Eric
PUNTO, NICK 1 Jeff Eric

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Well the high bids were pretty much where I expected them to be

  • $19 for Toronto’s David Cooper to Jeff Erickson (Rotowire)
  • $12 for Chicago’s Orlando Hudson to Jason Collette (BP)
  • $11 for Boston’s Scott Podsednik to Jeff Erickson
  • $11 for Tampa’s Drew Sutton again to Erickson
  • $9 for Detroit’s Quintin Berry to the Erickson ark
  • Of course the problem with many of these is that they could go the way of last week’s $22 player and be back in the minors like Yan Gomes. Too expensive a rental for me and thankfully my active lineup doesn’t have those holes. Jeff had Chris Parmelee to reserve, Vernon Wells, Ben Francisco and Brandon Allen to DL

    I was again in the position of not being desperate for the lineup filling type of free agents available this Monday. That said I do like Quintin Berry of the Tigers and even though back in first place in stolen bases I would have bid more but for the uncertainty of what happens with him when Austin Jackson is activated from the DL late this week (or early next).Personally I think the Tigers should keep him up and use the speed but I can’t see Leyland benching Delmon Young even if he deserves it. I like Drew Sutton a lot and think his at bats would be useful at MI for a while but I already have Will Rhymes in that spot. Still I can play him for a week in UT before activating Ryan Sweeney from the DL which is where any of my bid guys would play. Cooper is the least interesting because of position as well as splitting time at first base at best for the Blue Jays. I didn’t bid for a pitcher this week with Nathan Adcock acquired last week having two nice starts (@ CLE, H OAK) this week.




    RUSSELL, JAMES 7 Full Moon 5 Tristan 1 BP Carty
    CAMP, SHAWN 6 BHQ 2 Full Moon 2 BP Carty
    BARMES, CLINT 5 Ray Flowe 3 Greg Ambr 3 BP Carty
    HEFNER, JEREMY 3 lawr mich
    HAGUE, MATT 5 Ray Flowe 3 Full Moon 1 Tristan
    BROWN, COREY 3 BP Carty
    DEJESUS JR., IVAN 2 lawr mich 1 Greg Ambr
    FONTENOT, MIKE 2 lawr mich 1 Ray Flowe
    VALDES, RAUL 1 Shrink
    MURPHY, DONNIE 1 Greg Ambr
    JOHNSON, ROB 1 BP Carty
    PARRINO, ANDY 1 BP Carty


    BELL, JOSH 5 Ray Flowe
    DESCALSO, DANIEL 2 Ray Flowe 1 BP Carty
    ROTTINO, VINNY 2 Ray Flowe
    BLANCO, HENRY 1 BP Carty
    BROWN, COREY 1 BP Carty

    Lawr Michaels' Commentary

    Simply speaking, the pickings in  NL LABR are beyond thin.

    I know. I had Jonathan Herrera and Austin Kearns both go on the DL lthis week, and both of those guys were already FAAB replacements for Mark DeRosa and Emilio Bonifacio.

    But, to give a better example, last week I wrote about the roller coaster ride of Brewer first sacker Travis Ishikawa. Ray Flowers owned him, then released, him, then I bought him, then released him, and last week Ray bought him back. This week Ray moved Travis to his reserve list and picked up Clint Barmes with the hopes that the sour hitting shortstop could do something. Anything. I must confess that I thought about purchasing Barmes myself, as his 137 at-bats suggests close to full time status, and in a deep league, at-bats and innings pitched are as much of what wins as getting the right break out year from the right player at the right time.

    Still, Ray is braver than I, gambling that Barmes can lift his .175-2-7 line for the $5 price tag.

    However, the big ticket item this week went to Full Moon and Rick Wolf and his mate Glenn Colton, who shelled out $13 clams for outfielder Tyler Moore and his .158-0-0 line over 19 at-bats (there are brave souls in LABR NL, you may have noticed). Rick and Glenn also ponied $7 up for James Russell, spending 20% of their total FAAB budget this week on crap shoots (like I said, the pickings are seriously slim).

    After that the big man was Shawn Camp, who went for $6 to BBHQ and Doug Dennis, followed by the Barmes purchase.

    As for me, I tried to spell Kearns and Herrera with Mike Fontenot and Ivan De Jesus, both for a couple of bucks, while I gambled on the hill with Jeremy Hefner at $3. With losing Brian Wilson ($16) and Corey Luebke ($15) out of my pitching staff already, along with Tim Stauffer's time on the DL, well, I have to display the same moxie as Ray, Rick and Glenn.

    Obviously NL LABR is not for the faint-hearted.





    HAPP, J.A. 23 Todd Zola
    WILHELMSEN, TOM 17 Todd Zola 2 KFFL 2 Jonah Ker 1 Mike Pod
    GOMEZ, JEANMAR 9 Doug Ande
    JASO, JOHN 8 Todd Zola
    BLANCO, GREGOR 7 Todd Zola 1 USAT 1 Fred Zink
    BERRY, QUINTIN 2 James Qui 2 Fred Zink
    KENDRICK, KYLE 2 Fred Zink
    DAVIS, RAJAI 2 Doug Ande
    TOMLIN, JOSH 1 Tom Trude
    HUTCHISON, DREW 1 Tom Trude
    HERRERA, ELIAN 1 Razzball
    DIAMOND, SCOTT 1 Mike Pod
    FRANCISCO, JUAN 1 Mike Pod
    CAMP, SHAWN 1 KFFL 13 Todd Zola
    WOOD, TRAVIS 1 Fred Zink
    PACHECO, JORDAN 1 Fred Zink
    SHOPPACH, KELLY 1 Bobby Col




    WALTERS, P.J. 13 Todd Zola
    SMITH, SETH 7 Todd Zola
    ANKIEL, RICK 7 Todd Zola 1 KFFL
    GIMENEZ, CHRIS 7 Todd Zola
    GWYNN JR., TONY 7 Todd Zola
    STAMMEN, CRAIG 5 Doug Ande
    BLANCO, HENRY 4 Todd Zola
    KOTTARAS, GEORGE 1 Todd Zola
    MARSON, LOU 1 Todd Zola
    SAUNDERS, MICHAEL 1 Razzball
    SHOPPACH, KELLY 1 Todd Zola


    Todd Zola's Commentary

    Well look who finally remembered to put in his bids this week  -- THIS GUY. All things considered, getting John Jaso to replace the injured Wilson Ramos is not too bad. I don't love Gregor Blanco but all he has to do is be better than Roger Bernadina. I snagged Tom Wilhelmsen as a temporary replacement for the deposed Grant Balfour but my favorite pickup is J.A. Happ.

    Despite being lax about FAAB the past two weeks, I'm no dummy. I lurk at a site a bit down the dial, in the Rotojunkies' Bullpen -- AL LABR member Jason Collette's site-- well, one of them anyway. Let's just say when someone really smart, whose opinion you trust says something, I listen.

    Another pickup I am following is going to be Drew Hutchison. A different really smart guy whose opinion I trust is high on the Blue Jay's rookie, which makes me feel a little better as his MLE translations, albeit in a small sample, are off the charts impressive.

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