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Saturday, 25 February 2012 15:28

 Our own Todd Zola will be representing Mastersball in the first ever LABR Mixed League Draft.  The draft will be conducted on line Saturday night, February 25.  Next weekend, Lawr Michaels (NL) and Perry Van Hook (AL) will be in Phoenix, Arizona for the standard LABR auctions.

Here are the participants and the draft order for the Mixed League - who should Lord Zola take with the seventh pick?

1 Mike Podhorzer –

2 Tom Trudeau – Bloomberg Sports

3 Fred Zinkie –

4 Drew Silva –

5 Tim Heaney –

6 Bobby Colton –

7 Todd Zola –

8 Steve Gardner – USA TODAY

9 Derek Van Riper –

10 Doug Anderson –

11 Rudy Gamble/Grey Albright –

12 Ray Murphy –

13 James Quintong –

14 Clay Davenport –

15 Jonah Keri –

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Braun over Brains PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lawr Michaels   
Friday, 24 February 2012 00:00

I try to be a man who does not pass judgement.

And, I think Ryan Braun is a very good ballplayer, but he is not a guy I would go nuts over. Although, the truth is, I rarely would consider drafting an outfielder as a first-round pick in any draft, and in most auctions Braun costs too much these days.

Of course, under the shadow of the flychaser's pending 50-game suspension for use of PEDs, well, Braun's roto stock has been about as off and on as Donald Trump's hair, but that has not really bothered me so much. My love for ADP, or lack thereof, is pretty well-documented in my recent Tumbling Dice column on the KFFL site.

Knowing how much testing, or more importantly potential for testing goes on in sports, it is hard to believe Braun willingly ingested anything. Still, a test is a test.

And, it is interesting to see how folks were scrambling and strategizing for part of a season with the MVP, then without, and now with again.

I am surprised, though, at the number of folks who seem so flummoxed at just where to rank, or what to do with Braun, although, in fairness, since I don't think I have ever owned him, I can be a tad more objective I suppose.

All along, though, I have thought Braun worthy of being a very high second-round pick, if not still a first-rounder, with this reasoning:

110 games of Braun is not unlike a season of Chase Utley in his prime. That is, you know his 110 games will be deadly, and pretty much no one else at the position could deliver like the Phils keystone man. That said, you also knew with him would be 50 games lost to broken fingers and funky knees and strained elbows and so on.

Still, the 110 games would provide something like .280-28-85 and that might not seem like first or second round material, but it is pretty good. Although now those numbers should be attainable for a guy like Braun, who is probably the best outfielder in the league.

But, that is that. What kind of busts me up is I have to confess I am a Law and Order junkie.

And, the whole schtick about Braun's sample not being handled properly reminds me so much of that show.

For any of your attorneys out there, I understand that Jack McCoy and his ilk on the show don't really represent the way the legal process works. I grew up in a house of lawyers, and my father shuddered every time my mother flipped on Perry Mason.

But, there is a particular Law and Order episode called "Empire." This episode was filmed in 1999, when then star Benjamin Bratt was an item with Julia Roberts, for the "Pretty Woman" stars in the show as a fundraiser in the episode, and is able to skirt a lot of issues due to Detective Curtis' (Bratt) handling of evidence.

Sometimes life imitates art.



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Lawr on SiriusXM Thursday 2/23 - FREE PLATINUM GIVEAWAY!! PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 23 February 2012 16:18

Lawr returns for his weekly spot on The Big Lead Show with KFFL's Tim Heaney and Ryan Bonini tonight at 11:15 PM ET, 8:15 PM PT.

Tune into Fantasy Sports Radio, XM-87, Sirius-210 to hear Lawr wax poetic on all things fantasy baseball and life in general.  And if you are the lucky caller, you can win a free Platinum subsciption and a copy of Lawr's CD, Downward Facing Dog.

Fun Fact: Justin Verlander PDF Print E-mail
Written by Todd Zola   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 20:37

Or maybe not so fun if you are a Justin Verlander owner.

Here are the regular season pitches thown for the top-5 consensus fantasy pitchers. As we all learned on Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong:


  • 3941 Justin Verlander
  • 3609 Felix Hernandez
  • 3469 Clayton Kershaw
  • 3468 Roy Halladay
  • 3403 Cliff Lee

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Crash Course PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lawr Michaels   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:00

I am sort of getting a kick out of this Twitter thing, that I started doing last week. It is kind of like Dr. Pepper: not a cola, like an e-mail, and not a root beer, like a text.

And, for a guy who relies on long sentences--I am sorry, but I spent a lot of time with the Victorians--140 characters is beyond restraint, it becomes cryptic.

But, the info and buzz and exchanges are kind of a kick.

In fact, I had a really fun one with Jonah Keri the other day, where the issue of home plate collisions was the topic.

Jonah correctly noted that blocking a base without the ball is against the rules, and essentially constitues obstruction, but where it gets dicey is when the ball is in the flight, for the runner has a right to access the base just as the defender has a right to access the ball.

Of course the Buster Posey/Scott Cousins play of last season--the one that knocked Buster out for the year--was the obvious example.

Now, I was at that game, working in the press box, scoring the stats for The game was in extra innings, and there was only one out, and when Emilio Bonifacio hit a short fly to right field, and we saw Nate Schierholtz (who has a canon) out there, everyone knew there was going to be a play at the dish.

So, all we could do was brace and watch it all unfurl.

And, it was painful. Cousins could have tried to slide around, but he also had a right to the plate, and well, the ball was coming in, and Posey was trying to grab it and wheel around to tag the runner when the harmonic convergence dictated collision.

I thought, for better or worse, it was a clean play, as tough as the results were, but Jonah's argument is that baseball is not a contact sport, and Posey should not have been blocking the plate till he had the ball, and technically Posey should have been called for obstruction as it was, with the run scoring either way.

Since all this happens in a matter of seconds, it is hard to determine what the best way to determine the outcome. Certainly the play at the plate is a storied thing in baseball lore, but that does not make it right, and though I get Jonah's point, aside from figuring out how or when to enforce the rule, were I Buster, I would feel terrible after that crash to have defaulted a run by giving my bod up for the good of the team (I'm just saying, you know?).

All I could think of in response to Jonah was "ouch," but, it did remind me of one of my all-time favorite football plays.

I cannot remember the year, but it was back before the Niners had Bill Walsh at the helm, and when Tom Dempsey--you know, the guy with the weighted shoe--kicked for the Rams.

The play was near the end of the game, and Dempsey was kicking a field goal from around the 30-yard line, as memory serves.

The ball was snapped, and Dempsey went forth and connected with the ball, sending it flying, when defensive back Ralph McGill came rushing in to block, missing the ball, but catching Dempsey's foot in the follow through.

The ball missed the uprights, but Dempsey's shoe caught McGill square on the helmet, knocking the Niner out cold.

Unfortunately for McGill, he was also called for "roughing the kicker," and after McGill was carried from the field and San Francisco restocked, Dempsey was given another shot from five yards closer.

He made the kick, and the Rams won.

Talk about insult to injury. Talk about "ouch."

BTW, you can hit me up on Twitter @lawrmichaels.


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