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Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed Draft League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just above each player photo.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




Player Awarded Winning Bid
Maurer, Brandon 43 Fangraphs 12 8 6 SiriusXM
3 Colton & Wolf 3 Mastersball 3 Colton & Wolf
5 Baseball HQ
Tepesch, Nicholas 13 Fangraphs 21 Fangraphs
Ankiel, Rick 11 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 7 4 2 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
1 Mastersball
Cedeno, Ronny 9 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3 2 Mastersball
Peacock, Brad 9 4 SiriusXM 4 Colton & Wolf 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
DeRosa, Mark 5 USA TODAY 1 Mastersball
Mendoza, Luis 5 SiriusXM 6 2 Mastersball 1 Baseball HQ
Francisco, Ben 4 Mastersball 1 Baseball HQ 1
Overbay, Lyle 3 Baseball HQ AA
Axelrod, Dylan 2 Mastersball 1 Baseball HQ 1 Colton & Wolf
Flaherty, Ryan 2 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Baseball HQ 1 Mastersball 1
Borbon, Julio 1 Mastersball
Iglesias, Jose 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. AA
Jepsen, Kevin 1 Baseball HQ 1
Lobaton, Jose 1 Colton & Wolf AA
Pearce, Steve 1 4 USA TODAY 2 Baseball HQ 1 Mastersball
Ross, David 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Baseball HQ 1 USA TODAY 1
1 Colton & Wolf 1 Mastersball
Strop, Pedro 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Villarreal, Brayan 1 Colton & Wolf 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.


Correia, Kevin 21 Fangraphs
Sogard, Eric 5 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Baseball HQ 1 1 Mastersball
Cruz, Rhiner 4 SiriusXM
Delabar, Steve 4 SiriusXM 2 Fangraphs 1 Baseball HQ 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Feliz, Neftali 4 SiriusXM
Lindstrom, Matt 3 SiriusXM
Farnsworth, Kyle 2 Fangraphs
Florimon, Pedro 2 Mastersball
Fuld, Sam 2 USA TODAY 1 Mastersball
Garcia, Leury 2 Mastersball
Hendriks, Liam 2
Albers, Matt 1 SiriusXM
Andino, Robert 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Mastersball
Baker, Jeff 1 Mastersball
Beavan, Blake 1
Blevins, Jerry 1 Baseball HQ
Conger, Hank 1 Colton & Wolf 1
Fien, Casey 1 Fangraphs
Johnson, Elliot 1 Mastersball
Jones, Nate 1 Fangraphs
Kirkman, Michael 1
Kottaras, George 1 Colton & Wolf 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Nix, Jayson 1 Baseball HQ 1 1 Mastersball 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Pena, Brayan 1 Colton & Wolf 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Santiago, Ramon 1 Mastersball

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Most of the teams in the AL were content to spend relatively minor amounts to fix some players who it the DL or were sent down, but Enos Sarris of Fangraphs needed pitching help and spent more than half of his $100 budget for the year to roster Mariner rookie starting pitcher Brandon Maurer for $43 and soon to be Ranger starting pitcher Nick Tepesch for $13. While I think he will happy with both those starters he won't like the fact that the highest of many underbids on Maurer was $12 while no on bid on Tepesch (probably thinking he wouldn't be available yet).

I had to replace a DLed Hiroyuki Nakajima at MI and got my second choice of Pedro Florimon for $2. Ronny Cedeno of the Astros went for $9 to Rotowire's Chris Liss. I also needed to replace Juan Rivera and Casper Wells. I beat the one dollar bids on Ben Francisco with a $4 toss and tried something different than the real rags available in the outfield by claiming Julio Borbon for a dollar hoping the Rangers find a trade partner for him in the next week before they are likely forced to put him on waivers to activate Tepesch. I was much less happy that I had to replace Drew Smyly from my pitching staff but with him not starting I just can't afford to leave that slot vacant and got Dylan Axelrod of the Pale Hose for $2. Fortunately I had also drafted Rick Porcello so Smyly's loss was covered.




Player Awarded Winning Bid
Fernandez, Jose 17 ESPN - Ravitz 13 USA TODAY
Gonzalez, Alex 12 USA TODAY 10 3 Sandlot Shrink 1 Baseball HQ
Coghlan, Chris 8 Baseball HQ 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Pollock, A.J. 8 ESPN - Ravitz 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Punto, Nick 7 Mastersball 3 USA TODAY 1
Ransom, Cody 6 USA TODAY 2 1 ESPN - Karabell
Torrealba, Yorvit 3 Steve Moyer 2 ESPN - Ravitz 2 1 Baseball HQ
Hannahan, Jack 2 3 USA TODAY 1 Baseball HQ
Henderson, Jim 2 Colton & Wolf
Maldonado, Martin 2 ESPN - Ravitz 1 Steve Moyer 1 Baseball HQ 1
Ross, Tyson 2 Sandlot Shrink 1 Colton & Wolf
Donald, Jason 1
Locke, Jeff 1 Colton & Wolf
Navarro, Dioner 1 Baseball HQ 1 Steve Moyer 1
Ramos, A.J. 1 Baseball HQ
Skipworth, Kyle 1


Uribe, Juan 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3 USA TODAY 1 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc.
Wilson, Josh 1
Badenhop, Burke 1 Colton & The Wolf
Baker, John 1 1 Steve Moyer
Brignac, Reid 1
Clevenger, Steve 1
Cruz, Tony 1 1 Steve Moyer
Davis, Khristopher 1 Baseball HQ
Herrera, Jonathan 1 1 USA TODAY
Hughes, Jared 1 Baseball HQ 1 ESPN - Ravitz
Inge, Brandon 1 USA TODAY
Kontos, George 1 Baseball HQ
LeCure, Sam 1 Baseball HQ
McDonald, John 1
Nieves, Wil 1 Baseball HQ 1 1 Steve Moyer
Nix, Laynce 1 Baseball HQ
Noonan, Nick 1
Paul, Xavier 1 Baseball HQ
Pena, Ramiro 1
Quintanilla, Omar 1
Quintero, Humberto 1
Recker, Anthony 1 1 Steve Moyer
Salas, Fernando 1 Baseball HQ
Tracy, Chad 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

With all due respect to the 15 players plucked from the Free Agent Pool in NL LABR this week not named Jose Fernandez, for the most part those guys are all fillers.

Fernandez, on the other hand, could be a bone fide whiz kid of an arm who went to ESPN and Nate Ravitz for $17 (topping out Steve Gardner's $13 USA Today bid).

Just 20 years old, Fernandez was the Marlins first round pick in 2011 out of Braulio Alonso High School, in Tampa Florida. The big (6'2", 240 lb) right-hander went 7-0 1.59 at Greensboro last year, then moved to High-A Jupiter and went 7-1, 1.96, striking out a total of 158 over 134 innings, logging a miniscule 0.925 WHIP.

With little to lose, the Fish simply advanced Fernandez to the majors and their rotation and Monsieur Ravitz should indeed be able to cull some whiffs from his new treasure, although he will likely get some 20-year old rookie lumps as Fernandez tries to pitch a team searching for an identity to respectability.

Still, a nice move and gamble for a guy who ranked #19 on the Mastersball Top 250 Prospect List for 2013.

The other clamoring you might have heard was for Alex Gonzalez of the Brewers, the "former" shortstop now being pressed into some first base duties thanks to injuries to Corey Hart, Mat Gamel, and Taylor Green. Gonzalez does have 156 career dingers, so maybe his bat will help the same Steve Gardner who missed out on Fernandez buoy his NL LABR offense.




Player Awarded Winning Bid
Fernandez, Jose 22 DFSEdge 12 Yahoo! 6 Bloomberg 2 Razzball 1 RotoWire
1 Fangraphs 1
Boggs, Mitchell 13 Mastersball 12 RotoWire 10  Grumblings 10 USA TODAY 5 Bloomberg
3 Razzball 3 DFSEdge 3 Fangraphs 3
Porcello, Rick 12 Yahoo! 6 RotoWire 3 Fangraphs 3 3
2 Bloomberg 1  Grumblings 3 Baseball HQ
Bradley, Jackie 10  Grumblings 3 Baseball HQ 1
DeJesus, David 10 USA TODAY
Parra, Gerardo 8 9 USA TODAY 4 2 Fangraphs 1 USA TODAY
Gonzalez, Alex 7 Mastersball 1  Grumblings
Maurer, Brandon 5 USA TODAY 4 RotoWire 1 Bloomberg 1 1
Coke, Phil 5  Grumblings 3 2 Razzball
Polanco, Placido 3 Yahoo!
Leake, Mike 3 Yahoo! 1 Baseball HQ 1 Razzball
Alburquerque, Al 3 Razzball 3  Grumblings 2 USA TODAY
Nunez, Eduardo 2 1
Phelps, David 2 Baseball HQ
Quintana, Jose 2 DFSEdge
Reimold, Nolan 2 Baseball HQ 3 USA TODAY 2 Fangraphs
Boesch, Brennan 1 Fangraphs
Cruz, Luis 1 RotoWire 1  Grumblings
Gonzalez, Miguel 1
Hanigan, Ryan 1
Kozma, Pete 1 RotoWire
Nicasio, Juan 1 Baseball HQ
Salas, Fernando 1 RotoWire 1 Razzball
Valdespin, Jordany 1 Mastersball 8 USA TODAY 1 USA TODAY
Westbrook, Jake 1 Razzball 1  Grumblings


Cowgill, Collin 8 USA TODAY 3 Bloomberg 1  Grumblings
Mayberry, John 4 USA TODAY 1  Grumblings
Donaldson, Josh 3 Yahoo! 1
Zito, Barry 3 Yahoo! 1 Razzball 1  Grumblings
Schierholtz, Nate 3 USA TODAY
Gutierrez, Franklin 2 1  Grumblings
Wells, Vernon 2 2  Grumblings 2 Bloomberg
Hundley, Nick 2
Adams, Mike 1  Grumblings
Byrd, Marlon 1  Grumblings
Dotel, Octavio 1  Grumblings
Francisco, Ben 1  Grumblings
Loney, James 1  Grumblings
Cedeno, Ronny 1 RotoWire
Ellis, Mark 1 RotoWire 1 Mastersball
Hairston Jr., Jerry 1 RotoWire
Bedard, Erik 1 Razzball
Capps, Carter 1 Razzball
Hughes, Phil 1 Razzball
Villarreal, Brayan 1 Razzball
Mendoza, Luis 1
Crawford, Brandon 1 Mastersball 1 RotoWire
Dozier, Brian 1 Mastersball
Getz, Chris 1 Mastersball
Arrieta, Jake 1
Dyson, Jarrod 1
Kendrick, Kyle 1
Buck, John 1
Kazmir, Scott 1 Bloomberg
Nova, Ivan 1 Bloomberg 1 Razzball
Happ, J.A. 1 Baseball HQ 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

With the mixed LABR draft taking place in late February, there were many holes to be filled by my fellow combatants and me. I needed a shortstop to replace Stephen Drew and Tyler Greene so I opted for a first baseman - well, a shortstop playing first base for Milwaukee in Alex Gonzalez. I'll keep an eye on the wire in the next couple of weeks to find someone else or I'll make a deal if Drew's debut is delayed.

I left the draft light on saves so I made a strong play for Mitchell Boggs. The news on Jason Motte is still fuzzy but in a mixed league, I don't worry about over-spending early since the inventory will be plush enough to keep my team viable all season even if it means a few $1 replacements along the way.

While I'm going to say I wish I could take my bid on Jordany Valdespin back, I am less certain he will play enough to be mixed league worthy as the Mets are doing the right thing and taking a good look at Collin Cowgill. Don't be surprised if Valdespin is dropped next week for another shortstop. In general though, in mixed, I don't wait until I need a replacement, if there is someone on the wire I feel could help at some point, I'll get them before I actually need them. I had Jordan Pacheco to spare since the hope he qualifies at catcher is dwindling.

The big pickup this week was Cuban phenom Jose Fernandez as he was announced as Miami's fifth starter. Lawr and I discussed making a play for him in the FSTA league but the instances of Dwight Gooden or Felix Hernandez hitting the ground running are few and far between.


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Written by Pasko Varnica   
Sunday, 31 March 2013 19:06

The conundrum of leagues with custom scoring.

My oldest league held its draft yesterday. I joined it in 1992. That was 21 years ago, hard to believe it. I am not going to wax sentimental about it, but rather I will delve into its custom scoring. In this league, runs and RBIs are valuable, hence HRs are important. On the other hand, batting average is not used, unlike a standard Roto 5X5 where BA is one of the five hitting categories.

Lack of BA is one of the peculiarities of this league that I especially like. I find its scoring system close to the experience of watching a real ballgame. Let’s face it, if one of my players has a hit, I am not going to jump up excited and yell “Yeah, my team’s BA just went up a thousandth of a decimal point.”

I will find my team’s BA when I get home and go online to check the scores. That’s all I can do about it. BA is a sterile number devoid of any emotions. Some leagues are considering moving away from it and using OBP instead. In my opinion, that’s the same difference.

This long rant on batting average was only meant to make my point that custom leagues could be good and fun to play in. However, as you may very well know, they present a problem.

With all the projections and rankings based on Roto 5X5 scoring available out there on the internet, it becomes a challenge to clear my mind before draft day. Clearly, players have a value that depends on custom scoring. In my league, the likes of Adam Dunn go up in value, while players like Jacoby Ellsbury fall down.

Unable to rely on existing cheat sheets, CVRC becomes an essential tool. CVRC can be found under the Platinum offering. After setting the category weights on the league setup page based on the league rules, the rankings produced by CVRC told me that this year's draft strategy should be based on the concept of scarcity. Unexpectedly, the rankings informed me that the 3B position is shallow. I must confess that I was surprised how different the 2013 CVRC produced rankings for my custom league looked from the standard Roto-based rankings beyond the top echelon of players.

The same may happen to you if you play in a custom league. Hence, remember to use CVRC. Step 1 should be to understand your league rules. Hey, that should always be the first thing to do. Step 2 is to apply them to CVRC. Step 3 is devising a draft strategy after CVRC has produced your custom rankings.

Too late? You already drafted? There is always next year.

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Shadow-Drafting Tout Wars Mixed Auction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ryan Carey   
Monday, 25 March 2013 00:00

This Saturday, I was privileged to be invited by Peter Kreutzer to run the online spreadsheet for this year’s Mixed Tout Auction. I had expressed a desire to work at some point over the weekend at the Sirius XM studios and was excited about the prospect of being in the room as the Touts built their rosters for the upcoming season. Of course I was there to work, and typing over 400 names and prices into a laptop over the course of 5 hours can become almost mind-numbing, so I decided prior to the auction that I would try my hand at shadow-drafting as we went along.

For those of you not familiar with the term or practice, shadow-drafting is when you sit in a fantasy auction as an observer and build your own roster of players as the auction unfolds. You “purchase” your players by deciding which ones to bid an extra dollar over the final price. For example, in this draft Mike Trout was the first player sold and went for $43 to Scott Swanay. If I had been willing to go $44, then I would add him to my roster at that price.

All I had was a piece of paper with the roster spots to fill and a column to keep track of my shadow-draft budget as I went along. I would “buy” my players as the draft went along, and as much as possible would engage in bidding in my mind, rather than decide to buy a player after the fact. If I “won” a bid, I wrote the player down on my sheet and subtracted the price from my running budget. Running the spreadsheet meant that I would have a good grasp at which players were off the board, since I would not be scratching names off a list like normal.  I tried to mentally prepare to target at least a few players going in, like I would if I was actually participating, and actually ended up with many of them on this mythical roster.

It was a fun exercise that definitely kept me mentally involved in the proceedings throughout. It was fun to decide which players I would be in on before auctioneer Jeff Erickson announced “sold” and I felt like I easily gained more from the experience than I would have otherwise. One caveat to shadow-drafting any auction is the fact that when you buy your player for that extra dollar, it assumes that the owner who actually bought them wouldn’t continue to bid them up. In many cases they would do exactly that. Also, multiple owners end up with the players you “buy”, so your shadow-draft results need to be observed in the proper context.

So here is the “team” I ended up with followed by the owner who actually bought them at the auction:

C –  John Jaso - $7 (Ray Flowers)

C –  A.J. Ellis - $8 (Scott Swanay)

1B - Paul Goldschmidt - $27 (Cory Schwartz)

3B – Mike Moustakas $10 (Paul Singman)

CI – Allen Craig $22 (Scott Swanay)

2B – Brandon Phillips $20 (Patrick Davitt)

SS – Josh Rutledge $11 (Patrick Davitt)

MI –Erick Aybar $8 (Tim Heaney)

OF – Melky Cabrera $16 (Cory Schwartz)

OF – Austin Jackson $18 (Patrick Davitt)

OF – Hunter Pence $10 (Seth Tracthman)

OF – CoCo Crisp $7 (Fred Zinkie)

OF – David Murphy $3 (Cory Schwartz)

UT - Michael Brantley $2 (Nick Minnix)

P   - Matt Moore $17 (Tim Heaney)

P  -  Brandon Morrow $14 (Ray Flowers)

P  -  Alex Cobb $8 (Nick Minnix)

P  -  Trevor Cahill $9 (Patrick Davitt)

P  -  Jarrod Parker $8 (Cory Schwartz)

P  -  Alexi Ogando $7 (Al Melchior)

P  -  Wade Davis  $3 (Derek Van Riper)

P  -  Joe Nathan  $15 (Zach Steinhorn)

P  -  Casey Janssen $7 (Fred Zinkie)

Overall, I finished with $3 left over. My players came from the rosters of 12 of the participants with Cory Schwartz and Patrick Davitt accounting for 4 players each. As a tip of the hat to the three owners not represented above, we’ll cherry-pick a favorite reserve off each roster and then my favorite undrafted player.

RES – Justin Masterson (David Gonos)

RES – Al Alburquerque (Eric Mack)

RES – Stephen Drew (Nando DiFino)

RES -  Drew Smyly

There were obviously some players I wished I had either bid on early or had money to get later. Yu Darvish ($24), Jordan Zimmerman ($14), C.J. Wilson ($6) and Ryan Vogelsong ($6) were some pitchers whose names I jotted down as guys I liked but either had no room or money for. B.J. Upton ($23), Adrian Beltre ($27), Aaron Hill ($20), Yoenis Cespedes ($24), Lorenzo Cain ($6) and Dexter Fowler ($10) were names of hitters I added next to the names of guys I actually bought as some I would have also liked to have found room for. Want to try and come up with your own alternate roster? Go to the Tout Wars site, click on the link to the live spreadsheet and construct your own team. Feel free to post your own in the comments below.

Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanpcarey

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Mastersball at KFFL BAD Experts league PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pasko Varnica   
Monday, 18 February 2013 17:06

As in the past, KFFL has invited Mastersball to join their Baseball Analysis Draft (BAD) Expert league. The league details, rules and participants are here:

   KFFL BAD distinguishes itself from other leagues by requiring participants to provide a written analysis of each pick explaining why that player was selected. The write-ups are posted by KFFL here:

   I want to encourage you to take a look at the analysis and post your comments in the Sound-off area located at the bottom of the page of each draft round.

   Randomized draft order gave Mastersball the 12th and last pick, that is, the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the second round. Todd and Lawr also had the 12th pick at the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) draft. They picked Buster Posey. I picked Josh Hamilton and Jose Reyes. Are these two selections an indication that I am a traditionalist unable to think as creatively and smartly as Todd and Lawr? Before you reach any conclusions, allow me to explain the rationale behind the picks. Since most of Mastersball readers are math wizards, a formula will do the job.

   We know that Josh Hamilton will not have the full 620 ABs in 2013. That’s given. How many ABs will he have? Let’s assume 500. Hence:

   (Production of Josh Hamilton’s 500 ABs) + (Production of 120 ABs of my first bench OF)

   Is greater > than

   (Production of any other player that was still undrafted at the end of round 1)

   To put it succinctly, when Josh Hamilton is on, HE IS ON.

   Jose Reyes is a tad more difficult to explain because I do not draft for position scarcity. If I did, I would have selected Troy Tulowitzki here. Jose Reyes will bat at the top of a Toronto lineup that appears to be powerful this year. He will score many runs and runs are a roto category. With Jose Reyes, my team is getting a twofer: runs at a scarce position. Will the reward outweigh the risk of injury?

   Please feel free to comment.

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Pronk Lands in the Bronx PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ryan Carey   
Thursday, 07 February 2013 12:58

The Yankees quietly signed Travis Hafner last week to a one-year $2 million dollar deal to become their primary designated hitter against right-handers for the upcoming season. So what does the signing mean for Hafner and the Yankees? Well, any discussion about the former All-Star begins with the obvious questions about his ability to stay healthy. The last time he played a full season was way back in 2007, which also was the year the Indians signed him to the now infamous $57 million contract extension. Since then, here are his games played totals for the next five years: 57, 94, 118, 94 and 66 last year. So it came as no surprise to anyone that the Indians walked away from his $13 million option this year, paying him $2.75 million to officially close the book on a contract that has hamstrung the franchise in recent years.

Last season, the Yankees waited until the end of Spring Training before signing Raul Ibanez at the bargain basement price of $1.1 million. There was a reasonable expectation that after his post-season heroics and a season that saw him fill in admirably in LF after Brett Gardner went down that the Yankees would bring the fan favorite back to town. Well, it didn’t happen. The Yankees have been forced to take a harder stance this year with their impending free agents, and as such Ibanez followed Nick Swisher and Russell Martin out of the Bronx, and the Yankees set their sights on finding a replacement. The recent news swirling around Alex Rodriguez, including another hip surgery and connection to the latest PED scandal brewing in Miami, put even more emphasis on the Yankees trying to bring in someone who could provide some power from the DH spot. I haven’t seen it talked about much, but the Bombers are slated to start the year with Ichiro Suzuki in RF and Brett Gardner in LF. While both bring a lot to the table, they don’t provide very much pop.

Hafner, for all his injury concerns, can still do one thing pretty well and that is hit righties. Since 2008, almost 75% of his home runs have come against RHP. He also likes to pull the ball, which makes his move to Yankee Stadium a positive, as he should enjoy taking aim at the short porch, much the way Ibanez did last year. This is in a lot of ways a perfect marriage of team, player and ballpark. It’s a low-risk signing for the Yankees, who at the very least hope that Hafner can fill the void until a potential return of A-Rod around mid-season. The best case scenario is that Hafner thrives in a part-time roll, mashes RHP and puts up his first 20-homer season in six years.

So what does it all mean to you the fantasy player? Well, the downside to Hafner is he is a man without a position, and unlike David Ortiz, he can’t be counted on to play every day even if he somehow manages to stay healthy. It’s hard enough to burn a roster spot on a UT-only eligible player, but even less attractive when the guy can’t be counted on to provide regular AB’s. As such, I can’t really recommend Hafner in anything but the deepest of mixed leagues for the upcoming season. In AL-only leagues, he will have a little more value as an endgame pick because he should still be able to deliver some power and production until he breaks down yet again.

 Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanpcarey

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