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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Last Wednesday Sports Illustrated held its own little mock draft. Now, I realize this is certainly the mock draft season, and on the site all of us--Chris, Perry, Todd, Brian, Jason, and I particular--have participated in a bunch, and written about them all.

But, there is some method to our madness.

First, and more important, as an antidote to things like ADP--which are indeed based upon a bunch of mock draft results crunched--I think if we actually show our results, draft-by-draft, that view of the draft microcosm gives a more realistic look at the human factor that appears when we draft.

Second, for the most part all the mocks we have covered are different formats, and that is a help in a lot of ways. It helps give a view of what experienced players are thinking when they assemble a roster with different rules (and ultimately we all play by different rules). And in general, good players are good players, and risky players are risky players, and so on, irrespective of format. So, it can be helpful to see who values what under what type of environment.

For this particular draft, SI proposed a 12-team, point based, H2H league, and just that tells me a couple of things.

First, it favors pitching, for hurlers get points for IP, so an arm that gets outs and lasts late into the game is the best gamble.

Second, the league is shallow, so I can really focus on pitchers early and still fill out a nice roster.

Not that any of this is a secret to the wizards--like Cory Schwartz, Ray Flowers, and curator Eric Mack--but I was surprised that I bagged my strategy of grabbing three or four arms as my first picks with my first pick.

I selected in the ten slot, and somehow, when I saw Ryan Zimmerman still out there, knowing how truly shallow the hot corner can be, I jumped on him. But, that was followed by Adam Wainwright (#2), Clayton Kershaw (#3), and Justin Verlander (#4) on my squad.

Two pitchers--Halladay and King Felix--were snatched in the first round, while five (Lincecum, Lee, Wainwright, Sabathia, and Lester) in the second, and four (Johnson, Jimenez, Greinke and Kershaw) in the third.

That is a lot of arms early, which again emphasizes drafting to the rules. And, to prove my point about being calm, knowing there were players out there, here is my squad, with round selection in parenthesis, in the 21-round draft.

  • C-Mike Napoli (6)
  • C-Chris Iannetta (18)
  • 1b-Adam LaRoche (13)
  • 2b-Brandon Phillips (5)
  • 3b-Ryan Zimmerman (1)
  • SS-Stephen Drew (8)
  • OF-Denard Span (12)
  • OF-Nick Swisher (7)
  • OF-BJ Upton (9)
  • DH-Jason Kubel (16)
  • P-Adam Wainwright (2)
  • P-Clayton Kershaw (3)
  • P-Justin Verlander (4)
  • P-Jonathan Sanchez (11)
  • P-Daniel Hudson (10)
  • P-Francisco Cordero (14)
  • P-Craig Kimbrel (15)
  • P-Mike Minor (20)
  • P-Ervin Santana (17)
  • SS-Asdrubal Cabrera (19)
  • 1B-Mitch Moreland (21)

Of course, since it is just February, there is more to come.



0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2011-02-12 17:44

well, a couple of reasons. first, i tried to pick durable starters with proven effectivenss.

second, i did take seven starters, total, with santana a front line bench sub, and minor with potential.

third, i do like to hedge my bets a little, so with iannatta, droobs, and moreland, i have backstop, mi, and the corner covered in case of injury or a bad year.

fourth, if it is clear my pitching needs help during the season, and my infield is strong, i can always drop my position players for an arm, for the deepest slot in the free agent pool is pitcher.

finally, on the other hand, even though a shallow league, it is harder to get a good starting position guy once a few passes of the free agent period have passed, so i would rather populate now, then later.

that last reason is i try to be patient early in the year if my guys start slow, so i tend to make few rosters moves the first month.

just my preference to run a team and strategy. obviously there are other ways.
0 #1 Dan Hayes 2011-02-12 13:48
Why didn't you go with 2 more starting pitchers with your last couple picks? In h2h format, you want to maximize your innings pitched each week. Wouldn't a couple more starters be more valuable (for double starts) to your team than having Cabrera and Moreland wasing roster space?

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