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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

This time, Casey Fossum and Ryan Shealy found their names on the transaction list today, two players who have haunted my roster more than a couple of times over the past years. Including a couple of hopeful years when he was on my Strat-O-Matic dynasty team (we can freeze 29) for a couple of years.

I picked Fossum as a wunderkind of 23 in 2001, when after a 3-7, 2.83 shot at AA Trenton, when the lefty chalked up 130 whiffs over 117.2 innings, with just 28 walks and 102 hits allowed. Fossum was advanced to Boston where he was 3-2, 4.47 over 44.1 innings which involved seven starts.

The next year seemed more promising, with 5-4, 3.46 totals, where Fossum whiffed 101 over 106.2 innings, with 113 hits and 30 walks allowed. And, that was Fossum's peak. For, his career mark is 40-53, 5.45, with a 1.517 WHIP.

Still, there is something to be said for being a lefty who can toss a baseball, for the Mets signed Fossum.  Good luck.

Then there is the strange case of Ryan Shealy, an 11th round pick of the Rockies in 2002.

Over nine minor league seasons--with six at AAA--Shealy totaled .302-147-541, but the first sacker had a tough time translating his skills into the majors, though, with .268-19-94 numbers over 169 games.

Not great numbers, but not the worst, either.

But, if I ever wondered about the Royals, and their management decisions, it was after the 2008 season, when KC had Billy Butler and Alex Gordon on their roster, and Kila Ka'aihue moving up, .

Well, in September of 2008, Shealy went .301-7-20 over 20 September games, good for a .957 OPS for the Royals.

His reward? Shealy did not play in the majors in 2009. But, Kansas City did trade for Mike Jacobs (they swapped Leo Nunez), who lasted exaclty 128 games, good for .228-19-61.

Shealy signed with Toronto today. I wish him luck. I have very little hope.



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