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Monday 16th Oct 2017

For the last three years I have flown to Chicago to watch the Super Bowl with Diane and her cousin Cherie. Cherie, and her husband, Mike, always host a fun party, and truth is, football is more fun to watch in the Midwest. It always seems to be my time to travel--since Diane flies west for the holidays--although of course it is always freezing at O'Hare when I deplane.

In fact, three years ago, I witnessed the act of leaving beer in a bucket full of snow on the back porch to keep the drinks chilled, something that would never occur in my home in the Bay Area.

The problem this year was I had so much travel just before the big game, that I could not justify being away that much more. As it turned out, I chose well with the crazy weather this week, and I’m not sure I would have been able to even enter the Windy City.

And that made me nervous, since one of the reasons I started going to Chicago was hoping I could start a trend towards tight games. Low and behold, that first year the Giants upset the Patriots in a great game. The next year the Steelers took it away from the Cardinals with Santonio Holmes’ great catch, and last year the Saints did their thing against the Colts in another good game.

So, I was hoping not to jinx things with a lopsided match, simply because I stayed home.

Well, it was a good and entertaining game. I was unclear who I wanted to win, as usual, especially since the Bears were not involved, and the matchup kept me interested, and even wondering who the MVP would be. This was during the third quarter, and Jordy Nelson, Nick Collins, or Rashard Mendenhall all came to mind.

Well, just as I was wondering this, Clay Matthews popped into Mendenhall, forcing a fumble, and turning the game around.

I had imagined a 27-24 outcome, though to tell the truth I was unclear who might prevail. And, as it turned out, I was OK with the results. After all, it was such a wonderful and balanced NFL season that, from the start, everything was up for grabs. And, the three turnovers the Steelers bequeathed upon Green Bay made the difference.

So, in the end, I did OK watching at home with the dogs flanking me on all sides.

By the way, it was a beautiful day in El Cerrito - 79 degrees at kick off. So, I really did make the wise choice, no?


0 #1 Jason Mastrodonato 2011-02-07 07:41
Wow, nice 8) I think you made the right choice!

So this time of year is typically nice there? I visited my older brother in San Fran around June time and I was in jeans and a sweater the whole stay. Crazy weather over there!

I guess nothing like in the Northeast, though, with all the snow.

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