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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

I was checking my Yahoo! email yesterday morning when I saw an online article on the most hated Super Bowl player this year.

Not surprisingly, it was Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, he of motorcycle accidents and harassed women. Not that the guy cannot play, but the same can be said of another bad boy of whom I recently wrote, Michael Vick. Vick, with Roethlisberger is another of the most hated, but since Vick is not going to be active this Sunday, he was relegated to the "general most hated in the NFL list," as opposed to "the special post-season recognition list."

Also on the list was Brett Favre, who, before whatever happened with the QB's interaction with Jenn Sterger, still had his enemies in Green Bay, whom he deserted, along with Jets fans. I was in Chicago last year and watched Favre's return to Lambeau Field as a Viking. Chicago is really not that far from either Green Bay or Minneapolis, and I was surprised after the Bears disposed of the Browns, how many people stayed behind in the bar to watch the game. And, they were all wearing green or purple colors, if not Urlacher or Cutler jerseys. Very few had anything good to say about the HOF-bound Favre, which is kind of sad because he was so good. As are Vick and Roethlisberger. Of course, Ty Cobb was also quite talented. So was Mike Tyson.

But, also on the list was Tom Brady.

That is right. Tom Brady.

Which makes me wonder what Tom Brady ever did to make anyone dislike him? I mean, he is good. He is pretty much low key. The worst you can say about him is he has three Super Bowl rings and is married to a super model.

So, aside from the dislike that might come with Brady's beating any given person's favorite team, I wonder why Brady is in the top four and not those outrageous guys like Ochocinco or Randy Moss or Terrell Owens. To start, I mean, even Rae Carruth would spring to my mind before Brady, and, unless there is a literal remake of The Longest Yard, well, Carruth is out of the game.

I guess, however, a lonely life when one is an NFL Quarterback, no?




0 #4 Todd Zola 2011-02-04 18:52
As for who in sports/football I "hate", when it gets to the point where everything else in my life is so insignificant that I can actually hate an athlete, I am not so sure if that is a good or bad thing.
0 #3 Todd Zola 2011-02-04 18:28
Plus, there is still "hate" towards the franchise, he is the face of the franchise so he gets the heat.
0 #2 Jason Mastrodonato 2011-02-04 18:16
Well, the thing with Brady is that - at least in the Northeast/New England, you either love him or you hate him. Pats fans love him, those that live around here who aren't Pats fans hate him.

He's a pretty boy with long hair who gets model girlfriends. I mean, c'mon. He's an easy guy to hate simply because he wins Super Bowls and has it all. You're jealous and hate him, or you love him.
0 #1 John Verdello 2011-02-04 16:10
Brady's a surprise...but to not include the $100 million dollar man in D.C.? Albert doesn't make top 4!?!?!?

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