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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

What a fun troika of names popped onto the transaction list the last couple of days in Felipe Lopez, Chris Jakubauskas, and Fred Lewis.

Coming off his worst season (.233-8-37), Lopez hit .310-9-57 just a year earlier, and did .283-6-46 in 2008. Clearly, however, Lopez has some form of crippling social disease, as he accounted for those numbers among five teams, and was traded mid-season in each of the past three years. That means eight squads over ten years, and that accounts for the itinerant nature of his being.

Statistically, Lopez should bounce back. Socially? Who knows? But, the Rays, who signed Lopez to a minor league deal, must have something in mind.

I saw Chris Jakubauskas pitch once, in 2009, and it was ugly.

Well, the 31-year old right hander is now on his third team in three years, having signed a minor league deal with the Orioles. The year Jakubauskas toiled for Seattle (6-7, 5.32), in 2009, his WHIP was a decent 1.26, but he allowed 15 homers over 93 innings, and that was a major undoing.

Last year Jakubauskas pitched just two-thirds of an inning, and managed an ERA of 27.00. Hmm. Nice work when you can get it.

I hope the Orioles don't have to rely on him, as I want to see their nice young arms develop. Plus, all Jakubauskas ever had to offer was a name that was a killer Scrabble play.

I actually saw Fred Lewis play a lot, in San Francisco, where for a number of years we all thought he was a star in the making. Then the Giants swapped Lewis and promptly won their first World Series. Hmm again. Lewis just signed with the Reds, and while I doubt Fred, ne Freddie, will ever be the player I imagined, he is a serviceable fourth outfielder in almost all formats, with some power and some speed.

Not to mention, Cincy does ok with such reclamation projects, like Jonny Gomes.


0 #1 Jason Mastrodonato 2011-02-03 19:31
And the Red Sox/Theo Epstein are not happy Lopez signed to a minor league deal.

Had he signed a major league contract, the Sox would have gotten another compensatory draft pick for him, which was the only reason they picked him up at the tail-end of last season (I think he played in four games, hit one home run). Oh well, worth a shot anyways. Sometimes those moves pan out, other times not. It didn't cost them much though.

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