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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

I guess the NFL held the Pro Bowl this week, in an effort to generate excitement over something that is inherently unexciting.

I actually think this is true of all All-Star conclaves at the professional level, save things like the Futures Game, where we get a chance to see up-and-comers show what they have against like counterparts.

But, at the NBA/NHL/MLB/NFL level, the who-process is mostly silly, and I write this as one who has attended two MLB All-Star Games, and as one who had a pretty good time at both. In fact, if another baseball All-Star fete comes to the bay area, I would probably make an effort to go.

In fact baseball has done something to try and legitimize the mid-season classic by giving home field advantage to the winner, which is a nice trick.

Since I don't really watch hoops or hockey, I cannot really comment on the value of them. I can imagine, just like baseball, that there are fans who love watching the stars of their favorite sport, like LeBron James or Jonathan Toews, mix it up. And, I suppose it is fun watching those guys display their skills, like it was fun watching Dave Parker uncork a throw, or Bo Jackson climbing up the wall to catch a ball.

The thing is, hockey and hoops, and even football, are much more team-oriented sports than baseball. Not that a team isn’t necessary for baseball, but for the most part what we see are outfielders hitting the cutoff, or holding runners, and that is just not the same as the execution of a post pattern play. At least not to me.

As for football, the idea of making the game a week before the Super Bowl, while the season is still essentially on, is not a bad idea. Save it excludes the possibility of Aaron Rodgers or Hines Ward appearing, because, well, the other problem with All-Star games is, players do get hurt.

If you don't believe me, ask Ray Fosse.

As for the game today, I had a choice to watch. I took a nap instead.



0 #2 Todd Zola 2011-01-31 18:12
I don't watch much pro hockey anymore, but the manner they divvied up the rosters for the ASG over the weekend was pretty cool.

And I am sure that someone several years back, after they switched from East v West to North American v Europe must have said. "what's next, pick sides like in gym class?"
0 #1 Ryan Carey 2011-01-31 16:42
Baseball still has the best All Star game since it is the only one of the major sports that the defense doesn't let up in the All Star showcase. You get great one on one batter/pitcher match ups.

Basketball has the next best game - but defense goes out the window. They do put on a pretty good show though.

The Hockey All Star game is fun to watch to see some of the greats play together. But again hitting is such a part of the real game that without it you get an offensive show that you never see in season.

Football in my opinion is easily the worst All Star game of all. This is nothing more than a scrimmage. They might as well have the QB's where red shirts. Since it only barely qualifies as a football game - I think they should just do away with it. They could have team cheerleaders play some flag football and it would get better ratings and be more fun to watch than what they serve up now.

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