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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I suppose this short piece could have gone under the Life and Death in the Transactions title, but, well, it is about Joe Crede, and Cred to Crud just sort of fit.

Crede, and I am not trying to get on a soapbox as much as constantly remind how easy it is to get dazzled by the shiny prospects, was just signed to a minor league deal with the Rockies.

Truth is, Crede was, at least between 2003-06 kind of the garden variety sort of boring third baseman that in a deep league was generally a kind of bargain through those years. Like Casey Blake, or even Adam LaRoche.

Drafted in the fifth round of the 1996 draft, it was the .315-20-88 1998 that Crede assembled at High-A Winston-Salem, as a 20-year old, the Crede associated himself with the moniker "prospect," imitating our Pavlovian salivations of anticipation.

Still, it was four more years before the Pale Hose gave Crede a chance, and and by 2002, Crede, and his chronically bad back, patrolled the hot corner on the the South Side.

The injuries and ups-and-downs the game can cause made Crede a touch pick in drafts. For, though he averaged 26 homers, and 86 RBI, and 29 doubles a year over his career of ten years, he had an average of .254, and an OBP of just .304.

But, over the last two years, as a part timer, has averaged 16 homers, 51 knocks, and an average around .245 for the White Sox in 2008, and the Twins in 2009, and well, like Jermaine Dye, Crede sat out 2010.

He does have the minor league deal with the Rockies, with an invite to camp, and, Crede is now 32-years old, so he has some uphill struggles ahead. And, the Rockies have Ian Stewart at third along with that Helton guy at first.

Still, ask that Jay Gibbons guy on the Dodgers what is possible. And, despite everything, Crede could be a nice reserve selection in a deep NL only format.



0 #1 Brian Walton 2011-01-23 16:46
Three back surgeries in three years, followed by a season off to get one year older. Pass.

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