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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

I don't think it is a secret that I am a card-carrying fan of New England Patriots Nation.  I am also perfectly okay with a little chest-pounding vibrato.  After all, I write for a web site that implies we are masters at our craft.  I play in a league called Tout Wars, a synonym for experts and another called the XFL where you know what the X stands for.  But I like to think I have earned a little credibility the old fashioned way.

The same cannot be said for Rex Ryan and the lemmings he coaches.  And while I admit the Patriots are not the easiest team to root for and are not well liked outside of the six states comprising New England, Ryan and his merry band of loudmouths should shut the eff up until they do something more than lose in the AFC Championship game and win a wild card weekend game the following year.  Get to the Super Bowl and win it.  Until then, shut the eff up.

Wow that felt strangely therapeutic.  I guess I have some pent up frustration from being quarantined while hammering out 900 player profiles for our subscription Platinum package.  Maybe I should get some more of this bottled up stuff off my chest.

Question to all companies with a job opening that lists communication and interpersonal skills as necessary traits of the applicant: why do you get so pissed when one of us picks up the phone to kindly ask how the interview process is progressing?  Yes, I know you have e-mail, but my superior communication and interpersonal skills are better demonstrated by, you know, talking.

How come I pay $1.59 for a 20-ounce bottle of soda when the person in front of me paid 99 cents for the same bubbly, diet, caffeine-containing delight in a 2-liter bottle?

And why did Dunkin’ Donuts have to come out with those incredible bits of sausage surrounded by maple-flavored fried pancake batter just as I was getting back in the weight-loss groove?

Note to the people who have lived in the colder regions of this great country of ours: if you don’t like snow, move south!  It’s not like the stuff is a surprise this time of the year.

How come people care more about the personal lives of celebrities more than their own?

Thanks, I feel much better now.  If I could only think of something pithy to say about Willie Bloomquist....






0 #4 Christopher Kreush 2011-01-17 06:25
As a long suffering Dolphins fan I say this is the pits. I'll be rooting hard for the Steelers to lay one on Ryan and his foot fetish. J - E - T - S SUCK SUCK SUCK...Now THAT was therapeutic...
0 #3 nathan ouellette 2011-01-17 01:59
A sound beating for sure. They talked smack all week and then backed it up. Ryan's press conference after the game was surprisingly very classy. He has the Pats number for sure. He only needed to see the non-Moss Pats once before figuring them out. But, it's the same formula it's always been. Confuse Brady and get pressure with 4 guys. This sucks but, now football is over and its all baseball all the time until July.
0 #2 Todd Zola 2011-01-17 01:10
Jets win, outcoached and outplayed the Patriots and deserved to win. Good luck nest week to all the Jets fans.
0 #1 Brian Benson 2011-01-14 22:45
I could not agree with you more Todd...B

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