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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

I have to confess that Wild Card Weekend is my favorite of the NFL season? Why because it is unpredictable.

If you doubt me, go no further than the kickoff game of the weekend, the 13-3 Super Bowl defending Saints against the 7-9, with the worst playoff record ever, Seahawks. No brainer, huh?

Well, no one told Pete Carroll and his crew, who put up 41 points against a very good (though not Saturday) New Orleans defense. But, there were really three plays that made the day for Seattle.

The first was a short yardage, third-and-three play in the first half that the daring Hawks went deep on, and scored, with Matt Hasselbeck and Brandon Stokley connecting, catching the Saints off guard.

The second was a duplication of the same scenario, when Mike Williams plucked a 38-yarder from his QB, catching the champs unawares again.

Then, there was the coffin nailer, when Marshawn Lynch rumbled through at least eight sets of hands, and 67-yards in an incredible gallop to the end zone to settle the Seattle scoring at 41.


The night game proved to be more of a nail biter, with both teams pushing back and forth, and though Peyton Manning made his ninth straight post season, his Colts could move no more than a first round loss as the Jets overcame a late Indianapolis field goal to notch one of their own, winning 17-16.

Kind of an upset.

Sunday ran more to script, with the Ravens pushing the Chiefs around as they romped, 30-7, and then the Packers, with Aaron Rogers, beating the Eagles, who largely beat themselves with two missed field goals and a botched two-point conversion, 21-16.

This means Green Bay, Seattle, Baltimore, and the Jets move along to round two where the Steelers, Patriots, Bears and Falcons join the fray.

Of course, next weekend, with another two days of championship games will be almost as much fun. But, football junkies, be careful.

For, I noticed that the Oxygen ran a marathon weekend of their show Snapped, where the premise is wives who lose it over impatience and kill their partners. Coincidence? I think not.



0 #1 Todd Zola 2011-01-10 05:47
My favorite part of Wild Card weekend is that I can watch some games that mean something for nothing more than mindless enjoyment. No fantasy implications, no pools, no bets, nothing. Of course this changes next week when my Patriots get back at it, but it was a joy just to kick back and watch some games. Of course while working on site content 8)

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