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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Ok, so Adrian Beltre is now a Ranger, and Derek Lee an Oriole.

It is the Jeremy Hermidas, Chris Capuanos, and Arthur Rhodes that strike our fancy here.

Starting with Hermida, for such a long period regarded as a star in the making, yet proving to be another example of both how hard it is to be successful, and how easily it is a for a fantasy draft and roster to become a collective of underperformers.

Hermida was the first round selection of the Marlins in 2002, the 11th player picked in that draft. And, .259-63-239 is all over 589 games with a paltry .335 OBP and .752 OPS. Hardly the stuff of a first round pick, or at least what we hope for out of a high selection when we select them for our ultra-reserve rosters.

At almost 27, Hermida just signed with the Reds, and perhaps Cincy can resurrect him, but, while you are salivating over names like Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackley, remember just how hard it is to make it.

Capuano is kind of a pitching parallel to Hermida, although he was plucked lower (eighth round). Other than his good 2005 (18-12, 3.99), Capuano has been terrible, and he actually missed 2008-09 due to injury. Still back he is, newly signed to the Mets. And, well, since he is a lefty, there is always room.

Finally, let's end with Arthur Rhodes who is a total upper, despite now being 40 years old. Rhodes has been the perfect overpowering lefty arm since 2008, with an aggregate ERA of 2.35, a 9-6 record and a pair of saves. Not to mention a 1.28 WHIP. And 138 strikeouts.

I have Arthur on my Strat-O-Matic team. He is a great, and safe, pick for you squad if you need fill a spot with a player who has very low risk. True, a limited number of innings, but that kind of defines safe. On the other hand, he will not blow up in your face.

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