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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

My life is full of quandaries, and now I have another: the Seattle Seahawks.

To get it off my chest, Seattle does not deserve to be in the playoffs. With an awful 7-9 record, Seattle beat the almost as bad (same record, but a little more consistent, if that seems possible) St. Louis Rams, 16-6, Sunday night to win the NFC West berth to the NFL playoffs.

I watched a lot of the game, at a gastro pub called "Henry's" in Berkeley with Di and our friends Gabe and Kelli, eating pretty good coconut calamari and cottage pie. The game was basically much ado about nothing.

Worse, the division was a collective 25-39, good for a .390 won/loss percentage. Now, if there truly was a dominant team in the division, that squad would have at least six wins, having whipped the other three teams twice each. While Seattle and San Francisco were each 4-2, well, since the division also faced the AFC West, with a collective 31-33 mark, one would think there would be a plus .500 team out there in the NFC West.

Now, I don't have a lot of faith that Seattle will beat the Saints this coming weekend, let alone would they be able to handle the Falcons or the Packers or Bears, let alone Pittsburgh or the Patriots. In fact, New Orleans, Atlanta, and the Giants all whipped Seattle during the season, although Seattle did beat the Chicago, early on, while the Bears were still finding themselves.

The Seahawks were also beat handily by Denver, an inferior team, 31-14, and also lost to Carolina, the worst team at 2-14, so nine wins was surely in the cards.

That said, I tend to root for the underdog. And, should Seattle move past the Saints, and then say Chicago again and then Atlanta, and finds themselves playing say New England in Dallas next February, well, how much fun would that be to root for as an underdog?

I mean, stranger things have happened.

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