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Friday 20th Oct 2017

It is Hall of Fame (HOF) voting time and time to not just argue about who belongs, but, thanks to the likes of Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Rafael Palmeiro, another layer has been added to the criteria of admission.

That would be morality, I suppose, since the above three have either admitted, or essentially been shown to have cheated.

Well, ok, cheating might be harsh, and Sosa won't even be eligible for the Hall for another couple of years. Because Gaylord Perry's pitches were always suspect. And though the spitball was banned in the 1920's, it is not like Perry is the only miscreant. Or that Ty Cobb, master of self control, was not an evil racist who was rumored to have killed a man, and as such does not deserve to be enshrined because he could hit.

Or that players have not always done what is necessary to win.

So, I am not saying these guys don't deserve entry as I don't really know the answer. And, even if the three of them do fall short, what do we do with Barry Bonds? For, let's say that 200 of Bonds home runs were artificially induced out of his total of 762, that still means he knocked 562 au natural. Is that accomplishment worthy of consideration?

Personally, I still think guys like Jim Kaat, Tommy John, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Darrell and Dwight Evans, to name a few, deserve some consideration, and I am behind supporting Jack Morris and Robby Alomar, great players with solid resumes.

But, I understand that Palmeiro has been sort of lobbying for induction by claiming his positive steroid was wrong and that the former first baseman really had just taken misdiagnosed vitamins.

Please, Raf. Do you know the maxim, "the guilty flee where no one pursueth?" You know from the Bible?

I mean, it is bad enough to even lobby for this honor, let alone deny the results of medical tests.

Not so much because people don't make mistakes or tests are not sometimes wrong, but more because, well, I think the less we all hear about it, the greater the percentages that the issue not be considered.

As with so many, just quietly go away Raf. Your fate will be sealed one way or another, but it certainly will not be helped by whining.

At least it won't convince me.



0 #2 Ryan Carey 2011-01-01 21:43
Agree with all the guys on your short list Lawr. A few more for me: Sparky Lyle, Graig Nettles (as 3B go - the power plus defense should have got him more support at the very least).

Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Norm Cash - these guys would all be in my HOF.

Ted Simmons numbers at the C position are pretty great. So are Lance Parrish's.

Vida Blue, Luis Tiant, Ron Guidry, would get added behind John and Kaat for me.

Fred McGriff should get in the HOF also - a great statement against the steroid cheats of his time. He played clean and was great.

And - nobody wants to look at Albert Belle's numbers against those of Jim Rice. But they stack up pretty well and Belle also had the Rice argument of being the most feared hitter of his time. He was a jerk and likely a steroid cheat - but he never got caught - and his career was shortened by injury (much like Puckett). By their own standards - Albert Belle deserved a longer look on the ballot.
0 #1 John Verdello 2010-12-31 15:34
Raffy seems to forget (and hopes we did too) that he threw his teammate Tejeda under the bus with that B12 shot garbage.

He has obviously learned nothing from Andy Pettitte.

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