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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

I know, football is a man's sport, played by real men.  And the only thing more manly than those that play the game are the yahoos posting on Internet forums, calling talk radio shows or serving as Governor of Pennsylvania.  People are contending it was terrible precedent for the NFL to postpone the Sunday night game between the Eagles and Vikings to Tuesday night.  If saving lives is bad precedent, then I am not sure what good precedent might be.

Anyone who lives in a metropolitan area about to be lambasted by heavy snow and winds know the effort necessary to make the roads safe for travel.  They know how hard the emergency crews work, plowing the major roads and the side streets.  The attention of these workers was deserved by the populace of Philadelphia and its suburbs as well as Northern New Jersey.  Their safety was of paramount importance, not a football game, no matter the monetary implications.

I know, we are only talking about 30,000 or so cars, which seems like a lot but in the general scheme of things, is not that much.  But all these cars would be pouring out at the same time, some after an evening's worth of drinking (yeah, like no one would imbibe).  It already takes several workers to direct traffic as stadiums empty, now factor in the weather and that the road needed to be clear, and imagine the mess.  The attention of these individuals was necessary elsewhere.

So Governor Randle, we know, you are a tough guy and we are a bunch of wussies.  But at least we are wussies who will be around to watch the pair of football teams that represent your state as they look to possibly meet in an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl.

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