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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

This Saturday holiday thing has kind of thrown me.

Friday was kind of a free day all right. I did do a little writing, but almost everyone in the universe was travelling or shopping or doing something other than watching transactions, making trades, and so on.

I spent a lot of the day straightening up for Diane's arrival Christmas Day, and a lot of the rest cooking and wrapping and getting ready for the family cornucopia. I also spent a lot of time snoozing on the couch, occasionally auditing a few of my favorite seasonal movies on TCM. The Man Who Came to Dinner (probably the best Christmas screwball comedy, with Bette Davis, Jimmy Durante and the wonderful Monty Woolley), The Bishop's Wife, and then a great Preston Sturges script and Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray film, Remember the Night.

Christmas Day itself did feel like a holiday, but it did not seem like a Saturday. Though, it was jam-packed. I got up and went to the Hedgecock's (I spend all my holidays with Cathy's family, who are just great) and did preliminary gifts, then taking off to meet Diane at the airport about noon, and then back to the Hedgecocks for more food and presents (a charmed life we live, no?).

Peppered in there was trying out my niece Lindsay's new guitar hero. I kind of had the hang, making it through Pour Some Sugar on Me and Listen To Her Heart, but being booed off the stage the rest of the time. Of course we ate too much, and by the time we got back home to the dogs around 7:30, we were toast.

And, we knew Sunday was tomorrow and a free day, but, we still it simply did not feel like Monday was around the corner. Which it was.

Of course I was up and center court when the Bears (yay) took on the Jets, and Diane got back from her run just as Robbie Gould punched the first Chicago points through the uprights.

Really, what that meant was more sitting around watching football, nosing through new books just given or receieved, continually asking "so, tomorrow is Monday, right? Work, tomorrow?).

Basically there is one more respite as we head out to our friends Mark and Debbi for dinner and more eating, and I suppose by tomorrow, my brain will be ready to work in what is usually a short week all around.

There will still be columns to write and things, but it is hard to get motivated to do much these last days of one year. Speaking as one who overbooks, and has a hard time just sitting watching the wheels go around, that is probably a good thing.

I hope you all similarly have a chance to decompress the next few days. And even overeat a little and get a few too many naps.

Like I said: A charmed life.

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