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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Stay tuned for details, but the official release of our first set of projections is about a week away.  As a tease, here is the current top-25 pitchers, based on standard 5x5, 15-team mixed.

Halladay, Roy
Wainwright, Adam
Lincecum, Tim
Hernandez, Felix
Greinke, Zack
Lee, Cliff
Haren, Dan
Latos, Mat
Hanson, Tommy
Rivera, Mariano
Sabathia, CC
Weaver, Jered
Soria, Joakim
Lester, Jon
Feliz, Neftali
Verlander, Justin
Kershaw, Clayton
Bell, Heath
Johnson, Josh
Papelbon, Jonathan
Wilson, Brian
Hamels, Cole
Price, David

Cain, Matt

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