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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

So, Kansas City traded their best player--along with their shortstop--to the Brewers for Jake Odorizzi, Lorenzo Cain, Jeremy Jeffres, and Alcides Escobar.

There certainly were rumors all over the place over the last month or so regarding Grienke's desire to leave the somewhat sorry Royals, and now he is off to the NL Central, and now not necessarily a better situation.

But, we will leave that for tomorrow, or another column or blog or day.

Let's just look at a list of just what Kansas City suddenly has to work with and really build a new team, with youngsters, a la the Rays, who have done the best job in recent years, of exactly that.

  • Kila Ka'aihue: power and patience at first base.
  • Eric Hosmer: first round selection in 2008 (#3 overall), also a first sacker.
  • Clint Robinson: yet another first sack prospect, led the Texas League with 29 homers in 2010.
  • Johnny Giavotella: second sacker of the future, was the hits leader in the Texas League in 2010
  • Mike Moutsakas: probably the best prospect the Royals have, future third sacker will be in Kansas City by 2012, at the latest.
  • Lorenzo Cain: center fielder/lead off hitter, with some speed and an ability to get on base.
  • Danny Duffy: 359 strikeouts over 308 minor league innings.
  • Jake Odorizzi: 197 strikeouts over 188 minor league innings.
  • Alex Gordon: with the pressure off, relegated to left field, Gordon can play his game and be more than useful.

Now, this list does not include Escobar, a shortstop prospect proably as potentially productive as Bettancourt, backstop Brayan Pena, additional hurlers Luke Hochevar and Kyle Davies, and the man who will be a DH fixture now and presently the Royals best hitter, Billy Butler.

What this also means is players like Mike Aviles, who is really best suited to the bench, can fill that role, and the Royals can forget about trying to get a solid starter's numbers out of players like him, or used parts like Wilson Betemit and Jason Kendall.

When I first seriously started playing fantasy games, the Royals of the late 70's were the team I played in APBA and then Strat-O-Matic. Those teams were great, well constructed--from within--and they made Kansas City serious contenders for a decade.

I am hoping this big trade--for it is a gamble by the Royals, albeit a caculated one--will turn the tide for KC and give them a fun new and competitive team.


0 #15 Michael July 2010-12-24 03:16
Lawr, there have been few teams in either league who have been run, either by upstairs management or the Don Baylor and Dusty Bakers of the world to mention just a few, so poorly as the Cubs. I truly am cursed to follow such teams but I do love baseball. :-)
0 #14 Perry Van Hook 2010-12-22 05:58
Quoting CubFan:
Perry, it would not be in Greinke's best interest to deliberately pitch poorly. He'd be shooting himself in his free agent foot. So, he pitches so poorly on purpose that in 2 years no one wants to sign him? His agent wouldn't let him do that.

Not saying it would have been deliberate, but a few bad outings might have meant they needed a few good outings to get what they wanted and that could drag on.....also not a situation where they want such a key guy (if anyone) upset in the clubhouse....
0 #13 Lawr Michaels 2010-12-22 02:54
web surely the reason there is a comments section cubfan is indeed so you can argue, agree, whine, plea, beg, borrow, or whatever suits you, ideally with respect to what was written.

i was a huge royals fan in the late 70's (they were my strat o matic team, so i developed the love). and, i can see how you have been burned over the years (ugh, mike jacobs? huh? when ka'aihue was waiting and ryan sheely had the best september on earth?).

and, yes, the team should have operated from a power position, since they had the stud.

that said, they did have to do something.

but, gad, if you are frustrated as a royals fan, you must be dying (and at least used to it) as, uh, "cubfan"?
0 #12 Michael July 2010-12-22 02:00
Perry, it would not be in Greinke's best interest to deliberately pitch poorly. He'd be shooting himself in his free agent foot. So, he pitches so poorly on purpose that in 2 years no one wants to sign him? His agent wouldn't let him do that.

It's done it's over and I'll just have to wait a few years for the Cubbies and Royals to be competitive.
0 #11 Perry Van Hook 2010-12-21 16:33
I think the Royals had to evaluate the best curent offer vs the real possibilities that Greinke and his new agent would be detrimental to the club having a good spring training; the possibility that Greinke would pitch poorly in spring training and drive down his value; and lastly on a later trade having to change things up too close to Opening Day - at least this way it is done and everyone can move on and Cain and Escobar can be fully integrated into the clubhouse and lineup.
0 #10 Michael July 2010-12-21 14:29
Perry, yes I am down on the Royals. I've lived here in KC since 1983 and it's been the same old story. Many fans have turned a deaf ear as they continually trade off their best players and get zippo in return. But you have a point. I should have taken this to the Forum but Lawr's article had the Comment section so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

And as Lawr says "ultimately it is a crapshoot". The probabilities and track record of these 4 players says none of them will be a star. And I think that is what many fans had hoped for in return....that at least one of them could develop into something more than league average.

Yes, the Royals were forced to trade Greinke but why not let the market for him build? This felt very rushed. Then again we're not privy to what goes on behind the curtain.

IMO, the Brewers did well here and at least gives them a chance to compete with Cincy and St. Louis.
0 #9 Perry Van Hook 2010-12-21 04:11
The good news for Brewer fans is that the team - with Fielder will get every chance to win the Central Division this year and the addition of Greinke makes them in my opinion co-favorites with the Reds.
0 #8 Lawr Michaels 2010-12-21 00:54
well, the article does make some valid points, that interestingly enough remind me of a scoresheet mock in which todd and i are participating.

i don't know if the royals could have done better elsewhere.

but, i also know that grienke alone would not make the difference between winning the al central or not for the next three years or so.

and, this is so much more sensible a move than say when they swapped for mike jacobs.

ultimately, though, they would have had to do something, and this does indeed increase the percentages that the team can grow the core of their lineup.

so, while it is true, prospects are no more than that: holders of potential promise, i think kc took a reasonable path.

ultimately, it is all a crapshoot.

and, i am not so sure that prince fielder and ryan braun with three good starters will be what brings a title to milwaukee, either way.
0 #7 Perry Van Hook 2010-12-20 19:24
Cub fan you seem to be vitriolic towards the Royals....or is it just this trade?
You will find a lot of differing quotes on this trade - many by people who have NEVER seen the players first hand. I will have an article up later, but if you want to debate the players/trade I suggest the message boards as a better venue.
0 #6 Michael July 2010-12-20 18:22
While Greinke recently spouted off that he'd like to be traded this was old news so there really was no reason to rush into this trade. Why not let a bidding war erupt. While Toronto balked at including both Drabek and Snider I wonder if Lawrie and one of the previous two could have gotten it done. I get tired of hearing pundits say this or that organization has a great farm system. Bottom line is they still have shown NOTHING in the majors. Lots of hype went into Gordon and Hochevar and they have shown little. IMO Seitzer screwed up Gordon by changing his natural pull stroke to one of going the other way. In fact that is his total philosophy. That worked for him but each hitter is different. Gordon may get better but I doubt he'll be the stud masher that the Royals hyped him up to be. Hope they dont screw up Hosmer and Moose. As for pitchers...what happened to the hyped up Aaron Crow. See Hochevar and the hype machine.

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