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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I was watching the Ravens/Texans game while talking to my friend Steve Chattler as the second half kickoff of the Monday Night Football game began.

Steve and I usually talk every Sunday, or at least Monday, to say hit, catch up on the week, and discuss whatever looks interesting on the palette of NFL games for the coming day.

Well, Steve was tied up with his band all day Sunday, so he missed the trouncing the Bears took, but, as his daughter Hillary is a University of Delaware alum, he follows the Ravens and Joe Flacco pretty closely. I too like the Ravens, especially Ed Reed and Ray Rice.

And, this Monday, I had Rice, Arian Foster, and the Ravens defense all going at it in one schizophrenic attempt to keep alive going towards the post-season (I am afraid to look, and not really optimistic).

Anyway, as Steve and I spoke David Reed ran the second half kickoff back for 103 yards putting the Ravens up 28-7, pretty much negating the TD pass Matt Schaub tossed to Andre Johnson to finish the first half.

Steve and I agreed: That runback was a nail in the coffin of the Texans.

Or so we thought.

Schaub wound up with 393 yards, and threw 62 passes, completing 31 for three TDs, including a final scoring pass, again to Johnson, with five seconds left in the game (Schaub then connected with Jacoby Jones for a clutch two-point conversion to tie the game, and send it into overtime, tied at 28.)

At which point it is important for me to point out what a spectacular catch Johnson made on that final Texas TD, moving back into the end zone and Schaub scrambled and bought time, then climbing the ladder and having the presence to clearly scraping his toes within the confines of the end zone before tumbling to the ground. Just phenomenal.

So, into overtime we go, and the Ravens are three and out, and the Texans have the ball. Schaub rolls, and fires, and just like that Baltimore's Josh Wilson picks the ball and prances into the end zone for a Ravens victory.

Just awesome.

That is the beauty, not just of sports, but of competition. It is fun to win, no matter what the game, and location. But, the beauty of most competition--especially at the professional level--is, as is noted in Lawrence of Arabia, nothing is written.

And, a cakewalk turned into a wicked finale, at least yesterday night.


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