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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

I am anxiously awaiting late game kick off today, as the Bears will take on the Patriots in a blizzard. I know it is a blizzard, because Diane told me so.

Actually, when we talked, her from her home in Algonquin, maybe 40 miles from Soldier Field, "white out" was the verbiage she used.

But, for now, it is the Niners and Seahawks game that has me flummoxed. Let's see, a 6-6 team is facing a 4-8 team, and the 4-8 team is still in the hunt? How could this be?

To really emphasize how bad the NFC West is, not one team in the division has scored more points than they have allowed, although St. Louis, with 232 for, and 237 against comes the closest.

The Niners, by the way, have allowed 259, and the last place Cardinals have given up 338, worst in the NFL, and 31 points more than Carolina (who are 1-11 as compared to the 3-9 for Arizona).

I do like the playoff system, and I love it that not only on any given Sunday, can a team really beat another this year, but I also love it that if a team has a few good players, and a plan, the franchise can move from bad to competitive in a couple of years. Like I think the Lions and Bills and maybe even Browns will show us in a year or so.

But, no way I see any NFC West team could be proud to win the division this year. I think the rule should be revised--just for this year--to eliminate any home field advantage possiblity, and giving the Commissioner the right to replace whoever wins this particular race with a real team.

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