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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

I am really happy for Adam Dunn, who just signed a four-year deal with the Pale Hose.

Because it feels as if, over the years, most fantasy--and especially Strat-O-Matic players, simply did not grasp just how valuable and consistent the big guy really is.

After ten seasons, Dunn has averaged .250-40-98, with 30 doubles and to offset the 183 strikeout average, are 111 walks, good for a .381 OBP, and OPS of .902.

For the last couple of years, I have tried to pitch to my mates in the Giants booth, that Dunn would have been a perfect fit on the Giants, playing first and a little left, like Aubrey Huff did last year. They generally shook me off, claiming the lack of defense would undo both the Giants, and frustrate their pitching staff.

I don't know. I cannot think Huff is that much better than Dunn, and, well, Dunn's offense makes up for a lot.

It does, though, seem like Dunn never gets any real respect. He has always been around a fifth round NFBC-type pick, and he barely pulls $20 in most of the mix-auction leagues.

As for Strat-O-Matic, I had Dunn for six years in the MW Strat League, and this year I offered him for trade as I had Nick Johnson also covering first.

I did manage to package Dunn with Corey Hart and a #1 pick, and got Umbaldo Jiminez, Bill Hall, and a #2 pick, which was a pretty good deal.

And, I had offered Dunn up for years, maybe eliciting a third round draft pick for the big hitting lefty who has most of the power number records for my Berkeley Liberators.

Like I said, no respect.

But, it seems like as a member of the White Sox, with a multi-year deal, finally so cred is being extended. Because now Dunn will get $14 million a year.

For, it is good to notice that at age 30, with 354 career homers, if Dunn stays with his current production rates, by the time his contract is up he will have 514 homers and that total is more than worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.

Dunn is indeed a diamond in the rough, and is a good pick up for pretty much any team, in any format. Even in the majors, at US Cellular!

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