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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

I managed get my fill of turkey and mashed potatoes, and also took a chance on cornbread stuffing yesterday, though our family's best laid plans went kind of astray.

My holidays are always spent with the Hedgecocks--that would be Cathy's, my late wife's family--and for the last few years we have all met at our house in Soda Springs, which is about twenty miles from Lake Tahoe, right at Donner Pass.

But things got waylaid this year when the Sierra was blasted by snow and storm, compounded with my brother-in-law Eric tweaking his back, so the family at large decided not to deal with icy roads and sub-zero temperatures this year, so we all stayed home and yesterday they all congregated at my El Cerrito house.

My sister-in-law Jill and I always manage the menu--I take care of the turkey and spuds, gravy, and some stuffing, along with desert, and Jill the rest--and since we are normally at Tahoe, there is no TV (we do have a flat screen, and a DVD player, but no cable) so aside from cooking, we spend a lot of non-cooking time reading and working on puzzles and watching movies and hiking around the Tahoe National Forest which runs through our back yard.

So, this year, while the turkey was doing its oven thing, we watched the Patriots duke it out with the Lions (who comported themselves well on Thanksgiving, though things fell short in the end) and then, a lot of Man versus Food until our actual food hit the table.

Basically the day was pretty much like at Tahoe, though we had the TV to distract. But, my nieces Kelly and Lindsay colored along with their mom, pretty much a tradition dating back to when they were little (Kelly is now a sophomore at Cal Poly and Lindsay is hovering close to her 16th birthday). We all read and played trivia and played with our three dogs plus Bailey, one of Eric and Jill's (their second, Shadow, was happier at home) and hd the most laid back and satisfying of holidays.

Diane and I talked about making the trek to Tahoe yesterday morning, and it seemed like a good idea until we realized getting up at four to beat the traffic meant pulling ourselves from our warm bed and rushing into the cold, and well, maybe just hanging out at home was a better idea.

So, that is what we did that day after the holiday when I guess most folks are rushing to stores and shopping frantically.

I noodled around on my ukulele and read and snoozed and ate leftover turkey sandwiches. In the afternoon TCM showed a bunch of Hitchcock movies--Foreign Corresponant, Strangers on a Train, Dial M for Murder, and To Catch a Thief, followed by Dick Cavett's inteview with the great director--and on into The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

In his song Too Much, it is hard to tell if Dave Mattews is lamenting or overjoyed when he declares:

"To me because I'm not satisfied
The hunger keeps on growing
I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much ."

Now, I know Matthews says he is not satisfied, but, sometimes the quest is an addiciton that can haunt and destroy in as many ways as the same quest can nurture and help grow.

Well, I know these last couple of days I don't think I could get too much of anything. I think that is a good thing. I hope your holiday weekend is similarly satisfying.


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