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Monday 23rd Oct 2017


The second NFL coach bit the big one Monday when the Vikings, at 3-7, canned their head coach, Brad Childress.

I have to admit I have been as hot and cold on the Vikings, as I am on Childress, who moved onto the head coaching gig after five years as the Eagles QB coach.

With the Vikings Childress was 39-34, guiding his team to the post season twice, losing to the Eagles in the Wild Card game of 2008, then last year, with Brett Favre in tow, to the Saints in the NFC Championships game.

But, the beginning of the end started when Childress began shredding his QB following the teams loss to the Packers in late October. This was strange as Childress was outspoken in his desire for Favre to return to Minnesota for one more season, although coaching, and Favre's performance, all contributed to Childress' downfall.

Probably the real icing though was the acquisition of way out Wide Out Randy Moss for a third round 2011 draft pick. Moss, after a couple of weeks with the team, was cut by Childress without any consultation with the front office folks, meaning the Vikings basically got nothing, and gave up a fair amount as part of what Childress referred to as "poor judgment" in retrospect.

No kidding.

I do think without Favre and Childress, going into 2011, the team has a chance to redefine themselves, for with Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, and Percy Harvin, they have a number of very good players to build around.

As long as they cannot get past the Bears, that is.


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