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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Bed Goes Up is back!

Truthfully, I thought much of the ground I like to cover in this space would simply be similar to what my mate Jason Mastrodonato and I are doing daily at the Mastersblog. But, the reality is the Mastersblog has much more of a focus on current events. Which is something I looked at from time-to-time in this space, but, well, waxing poetic about Howard Hawks movies, or theorizing on draft picks is not really conducive to the Mastersblog.

So, Bed Goes Up is back.

As good a fantasy year as I had in 2009, my 2010 was equally bad.

I dropped from first to last in Tout Wars, a tumble that included a 60 point drop, and my XFL team, which started hot enough, fell nearly as far, with just 41.5 measly points in a 15-team format.

One of the thing that was clear to me coming out of the 2010 Tout auction, easily the toughest I had encountered, was that my previous ability to be patient and hold onto money and thus pretty much control the end game was no longer my dominion. In Tout, four other owners kept bucks they salted away, forcing up the costs of those end-of-draft nuggets. This had never happened to me before in an auction setting, so one of the things I determined to do come 2011 was figure out another way through the victory door.

Now, I have indeed a few things in mind come March, but last Friday, as part of the BBHQ First Pitch Arizona, those of us in the XFL assembled and picked our core--as in 23-man--rosters for the 2011 season.

There are some nice twists in the XFL. We may freeze 12 of our 40-man roster players, but that includes prospects (and that means hitters with less than 50 at-bats, and pitchers with less than 10 innings according to XFL law).

When we draft we cannot use any props. No magazines, no laptops, no cheat sheets, so the auction is pretty much complete out of our heads (though we are given a sheet of unfrozen players, and an overhead lists each team and those retained by each, and each player's freeze price).

Then, in March, just prior to the start of the season, we have a 17-round expansion draft where holes can be filled and future stars theoretically selected. Oh yes, one other caveat of the league is that participants must be at least 40 years of age, meaning we are not just an experts league, but we are a league of old experts.

Over the past few seasons, one of areas I have been able to exploit is in obtaining generally good players who are coming off down seasons. But, this season, experimenting at the XFL, I decided to try and build as much of a roster around these established, yet seemingly struggling players. For the most part, these players are indeed undervalued, meaning cheaper. But, such players also generally has a resume of success, meaning the following--or coming--season's totals may not be commensurate with a peak year, but likely better than the dismal previous year.

So, as noted, Ron Shanlder assembled us for the auction, and the roster below--frozen players in bold--is what I got.

  • C-Russell Martin ($11)
  • C-Bengie Molina ($2)
  • 1B-Justin Morneau ($36)
  • 2B-Brian Roberts ($18)
  • 3B-Juan Francisco ($4)
  • SS-Asdrubal Cabrera ($15)
  • CI-Kika Ka'aihue ($3)
  • MI-Stephen Drew ($16)
  • OF-Jason Kubel ($16)
  • OF-Vernon Wells ($12)
  • OF-Carlos Quentin ($21)
  • OF-Andres Torres ($5)
  • OF-Ryan Sweeney ($6)
  • UT-Luke Scott ($11)
  • P-Josh Johnson ($23)
  • P-AJ Burnett ($4)
  • P-Josh Becket ($10)
  • P-Jonathan Sanchez ($16)
  • P-Javier Vasquez ($6)
  • P-Jake Peavy ($8)
  • P-Kevin Slowey ($6)
  • P-Ryan Franklin ($10)
  • P-Craig Breslow ($1)

I did freeze five pretty good minor leaguers including Ben Revere, Dustin Ackley, and Nick Wieglerz, but as you can pretty much see my plan was fully engaged, especially with my pitching staff. Which, if healthy, will get a lot of strikeouts, and set the tone for my offense.

If the pitchers fail? Back to the drawing board.


0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2010-11-14 17:50
I hope your team doctor is on flat rate fee not per visit :lol:

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