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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

At regular intervals, when one thing or another happens in our country, Texas threatens to secede from the Union.

In fact, not only has their ridiculous governor, Rick Perry, suggested this action on occasion, I once heard that every year when the Texas state legislature assembles for the first time, the first law introduced is one where the land of cretins maintain they would be better off as their own entity and propose a bill to secede.

The most recent outrage committed by the Texans has to do with a cheerleader who was suspended from her duties for not cheering a player who was shooting free throws during a high school basketball game. Why did she not cheer? Because the man at the line had raped her.

The cheerleader, whose name is protected (and we can call her Jane Doe), did not boo, nor did she do anything negative when Rakheem Bolton, of the Silsbee High School football and basketball teams stepped to the line. Doe simply did not yell Bolton's name with her cheerleading partners as the hoopster attempted his free throws.

As a result, Doe was suspended from her duties on the squad.

The whole mess started in 2008 when Bolton and two of his mates raped Doe--and no one has denied this allegation--at a party. Doe responded by pressing charges, and Bolton and his posse were arrested, but...

The arrest meant Bolton, a star player, could not be on the varsity team at Silsbee, so the charges were reduced and the attackers were hit with a lesser of assault charge.

As if that was not enough of a show of support, the school administrators simply suggested to Doe that she "keep a low profile, such as avoiding the school cafeteria and not taking part in homecoming activities.” So, ok, Doe is raped which apparently is not a big deal, and now the school tells her to hide so any further unpleasantness is avoided? Nice.

But wait. It gets worse.

Doe and her family sued the school district for the suspension from the squad, and in a decision that would make even the most ardent free speech opponent blush, the 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals Court supported the school’s path, maintaining that cheerleaders were a “mouthpiece” for a school to use to “disseminate speech — namely, support for its athletic teams.” 

As if that was not enough, the court also determined that Doe's silence was a “substantial interference with the work of the school.”

In the meantime, the troika with the self-indulgent libidos never did any jail time. But, adding insult to injury, the court determined the Doe suit was "frivolous" and ordered the Doe family to pay court costs.

Huh? If that does not smack of punitive--which is as contrary to the rule of law as we have--I don't know what does.

The Doe family has appealed the decision, and ideally cooler, and smarter--though apparently they would not have to be much smarter as I suspect the average IQ of the members of the 5th Circuit are around that of the power of a refrigerator light bulb, and that their brains are on about as often as a fridge bulb is lit--heads and jurists will prevail and right this horrible injustice, of not just of the law, but of human dignity.

In the meantime, Texas, and Rick Perry, quit threatening to leave the Union. I interpret your words as a promise. So go already. Please. Just go.




0 #1 Jason Mastrodonato 2010-11-11 16:25
Nice piece, Lawr. Truly unbelievable.

Just goes to show the power that athletes have. And this kid was in high school.

I wonder how many D1 college athletes, who are making their university millions of dollars, get away with disgusting acts like this one, or even worse, and get protected by the college.

This is terrible.

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