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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

A perfect day to perfect the art of being a couch potato.

And, well, let's talk briefly about the Giants and Madison Bumgarner, who completely dominated the Rangers Sunday, shutting them out 4-0, and going up three games to one.

Bumgarner was brilliant, but, the calls of home plate umpire Mike Winters were not on par. To Bumgarner's credit, he adjusted to Winter's zone, something Ranger hurler Tommy Hunter could not do. But, Winters was constantly squeezing pitches on the black and that takes a lot away from a pitcher, forcing more pitches over the plate, and ostensibly more fat pitches.

Irrespective, the Giants, playing their late inning defensive lineup from the start, and buoyed by a tremendous shot by Aubrey Huff, controlled every part of the game that Winters could not, and the Giants moved just one win away from their first SF championship.

Then there was the complement of NFL games, and well, what can anyone say about how goofy this season is? The Lions beat the Skins, and at the end Rex Grossman comes in over Donavan McNabb to run the two-minute offense? Randy Moss fraternizes with the enemy? Brett Favre gets his clocked cleaned as the Pats handle the Vikes?

The Pack beat the Jets--arguably the best defensive team--shutting them out, while the only scoring is via three Mason Crosby field goals?

Seattle, who dispensed with superior teams get beat by the Raiders, meaning the Raiders are in a position to actually take the AFC West? And while we are in the division, are the Broncos really terrible, having lost back-to-back weeks to the Raiders and Niners?

Not to mention the Saints get beat last week by the Browns, and then stick it to the Steelers?

Swear, it is hard to figure out which way is up in the NFL this year. But, you know, I kind of like it. Keeps one guessing as right now no one has a clue who will wind up winning what, when.

I am not sure if that is parity, but it sure is fun!

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