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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

This is tough. I want the Giants to win, but I want the Rangers to win, also.

Irrespective, Game 1 was a lot of fun. And, surprising.

When the Rangers jumped out to a quick lead on some quirky plays, Diane and both though, "uh oh." And, it is hard to think that Cliff Lee had too much time off, but, he was clearly hittable, and the Giants were patient, and after four it was indeed 2-2 (and, I don't think Lee threw a curve ball for a strike all night).

And then the Giants pretty much pulled a page from the Rangers, scoring six runs off a compendium of Rangers hurlers, pushing the score to 8-2. But, the resilient Rangers responded with two in what should have been a shut down inning for Tim Lincecum. Instead, they chased the Giants starter.

Again the Giants bats went to work--with a little help from Vlady's glove, or lack thereof--and plated three more runs, going into the ninth with an 11-4 lead.

That became 11-5. Then 11-7. And then Giants closer Brian Wilson finally closed things out and the Giants took a fun and surprising first game.

And, the series promises to be fun because:

  • 18 total runs when Lee and Lincecum were the starters suggests something.
  • Two pretty good defensive teams committed six errors.
  • The bull pens, both strong during the season, got knocked around a little.
  • Freddie Sanchez is hot and that is dangerous for Texas.

As for Game 2, I will be working it. So, next entry from me, tomorrow, will be about just that.


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