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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

I don't really ever want to wish ill of any person, place, or thing. It is bad for one's karma, and well, I am anxious to keep my karma as clean as possible.

I also must confess to being a fan of the late Tom Landry. Landry, who played in the secondary with Don Shula for the New York Giants in the 50's, and together they pioneered the zone defense. But, Landry also had an advanced degree in engineering, and maintined he was able to visualize three-dimensional shapes--as in buildings--interacting.

Which is pretty cerebral, and also how Landry designed plays for his offense.

I also confess to having Miles Austin on no fewer than three of my fantasy teams, having picked him up as a late pick last year for some reason, and in exchange, Miles gave me a wonderful sleeper pick.

That said, I am really glad the Cowboys got crushed again last night--this time at the hands of Eli Manning and the Giants--and if they finish the season 1-15, ok with me.

I am not sure exactly why I want the Cowboys to fail so tumultuously, to tell the truth. I am happy their baseball counterparts are in the Series, for one thing.

But, I suspect it is what seems to be the arrogance of the Cowboy's hierarchy, starting with owner Jerry Jones, filtering to head coach Wade Phillips (whom I don't think is that good of a coach in the first place) down to their shaky claim on being "America's Team."

Now at 1-5, with their QB Tony Romo likely down for the season, the Cowboys are having to take stalk of a failed season, and I think that is a good thing. A little humility is a good thing, and having to reassess a situation, and move forward with some change is also a good thing.

Not that I imagine the now one-dimensional Cowboys will get that they were falling apart before Romo went down with a broken collarbone.

But, even if you watched the MNF game, the Cowboys did move ahead by virtue of a couple of turnovers and a punt return, but after that the Giants pretty much dominated, and grabbing the lead before Romo went down.

Similarly, if you watched any of the Cowboys games from earlier this season, you would have seen the same. Inconsistant Play. Bad decisions. And, an inability to adjust.

And that points to a lost season as I see it. Of course, as noted, such a season also affords itself a chance at redemption, but I doubt that will happen. Jerry Jones and company already think they have that.  


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