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Friday 22nd Sep 2017


When the playoffs started, I had this pipe dream that the Rangers and the Giants might somehow play one another in the World Series.

Sure, it was possible, but did not seem likely. The Giants, a team with excellent starting pitching were also a team without an established star. No Jimmy Rollins. No Chase Utley. No Ryan Howard. They do have Buster Posey, certainly, but Atlanta probably trumps that selection this year with Jason Heyward. And, while the Giants do have Tim Lincecum, who is a star no question, he only plays every four to five days, save post-season pressure situations.

The Rangers? Well, they only had to get past the Rays and Yankees,arguably two of the best all around lineups and rosters in the majors. So, it seemed slim.

On the other hand, I got the assignment to work the second Series game, should the Giants make it, on October 28, as MLB.com planned out who would do what, when, during the post season, covering contingencies. So, I clearly wanted the Giants to win so I could work the game, which also happens to be on my birthday. I mean, how perfect is that?

Diane maintains she never had a doubt: that the combination of the local team, plus the team my friend manages, plus it being my birthday were all pointing to this harmonic convergence long before the season was over. She is convinced this is the way the karma was supposed to work, and thus it did.

Because last night those tenacious Giants did their thing in another team effort, overcame a two-run deficit, and then surprised with a Juan Uribe homer--and truth is, all the Giants can hit them, it is just hard to tell who will do it next, but then that defines team--and poof, suddenly the NL Championship was locally owned for this year.


Now, I am sorry that this is not a dream money making match-up that includes the Phils or Yankees, but sigh, both those teams have peppered the Series the last couple of years, and I think it is fun, and good for baseball, that two different teams are playing this time.

Because well, this year a team will win the series that has never won before. Last time the Giants won, was 1954, when they beat Cleveland and were still ensconced in the Polo Grounds. And the poor Rangers have simply never been there.

And, you know, that is kind of fun. Personally, I cannot wait till Thursday, and it has nothing to do with the day even being my birthday.

As for who I will root for, nothing has changed, as I always root for the same thing: seven games.

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