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Tuesday 24th Oct 2017

Three outs to go for the Rangers, and they vanquish the mighty Yankees and proceed to their first ever World Series appearance.

Over the week, I have been tempted to write about the series since the beginning, but held off partially because some other things piqued me, and partially because I was hoping to write that the Rangers did indeed make it.

Not that it has been a cakewalk for my bud Ron Washington and his band. (For the archivists, when I was first writing player profiles for STATS, Inc., back in the mid-90's, Wash, then the third base coach of the Athletics would talk to me about players and my assessment and let me know if I was close to on the right track. From there, after my wife Cathy passed away, Wash's wife Geri had to also undergo chemo therapy also from breast cancer. I gave Wash a bunch of Cathy's favorite silk scarves to use, and well, there you go.)

Truth is also, after the Yankees, arguably the most dangerous baseball club between the sixth and ninth innings took what appeared to be a certain win back in game one, I thought the Rangers back was already broken.

Silly me.

The reality is the Yankees have not really shown up as the Yankees this series, despite the convincing game one win, and their taking of game five to force the contest back to Arlington.

But the truth is for the most part the Rangers pounded the Yankees not just putting up a lot of crooked numbers, but simply silencing the Yankees bats for the most part, never panicking, and basically playing the Yankees game of forcing the New York hurlers into the zone and then taking advantage.

And, in the time I wrote this piece, Neftali Feliz has disposed of the the final three hitters and indeed, Ron Washington and his posse are off to the 2010 World Series.

Kat Wilkins, a friend of Diane and mine, who lives in the Ft. Worth area, exclaimed to us a few weeks ago that the Rangers would win and the south would rise again.

I am not so sure about the latter: the former has arrived.

Congrats Wash. I could not be happier for you.

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