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Friday 20th Oct 2017

OK, I am an NPR fan, and I am not a Fox News fan.

And, one of the reasons is that NPR really has always--in my experience--been solid at representing/presenting both sides of an argument, and while Fox says they also do this, well, again in my experience their reporters take things out of context.

In a fact a while back when the Shirey Sherrod story (remember her: made confessions about her own racism and relative epiphanies, and Fox took them out of context and subsequently HUD fired her and the NAACP distanced itself from her in the worst of knee jerk ways) hit, I wrote that sadly, it seemed like stupidity would become the great equalizer in our culture, transcending culture and race and religion, making us all the same and equals. Because we are stupid.

Well, now NPR has fired ten-year newsman Juan Williams for essentially making the same kind of comment as Sherrod. Williams basically noted when he was flying and saw someone whom he thought looked overtly Muslim, he got warning signs.

Williams, talking with Bill O'Reilly, did go on to explain that he knew this was a knee jerk reaction, and that all us human beings had to transcend such reactions. And, he is right. And, whether we like it or not, these kinds of reactive fears are very old I believe, going back to times when stranger pretty much meant enemy by rote.

But that NPR, the ostensible bastion of objectivity would not just react, but essentially fire Williams without discussion is inexcusable.

For we are allowed our opinions. And for NPR took the comments of Williams as much out of context, as Fox took the comments of Sherrod out of context. And that is simply wrong.

The underpinings are that because Williams did appear as a Fox guest, he did not seem to fit the perfect liberal profile now apparently required of an NPR reporter.

And, I would like to think that the one difference between the right and the left is some form of patience and tolerances and self actualization on the left that seems to be lacking on the right.

At least until now. I can still hope, but sadly with this action, once again the left has proved they can be just as stupid as the right.

In the words of Ross Perot, that is just sad.

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