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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I remember in 1995, when Brett Favre was so new and hot. Cathy and I were living together for our first fall, and she generally went to tai chi Monday nights.

But, one Monday that fall, I asked her to stay home and watch the Packers with me because I wanted her to see Favre and his genius at work. And, football fan or not, Cathy had an appreciation of such skills, and Brett did not disappoint, I think tossing four TD passes and dropping her jaw more than once.

Cut to a couple of other things. Seeing the end of Steve Carlton's wonderful career in San Francisco, where sadly, the great lefty was more ineffective than Jamey Wright.

Or, cut to the 1973 World Series and Willie Mays, whom I saw in his prime at San Francisco, falling on his butt tracking down a ball in center frield.

Now we all know Favre has kept retiring and then un-retiring, which has become kind of irritating, but this year is the year Brett should have let it go.

Favre arrived to camp late and is clearly still playing "catch-up" and were the Vikings smart, they would have let go rather than cajoled Favre into another season.

Favre's team is not the team they were last year, and sigh, when the Bears are dangerous and the Pack superior, well, maybe it was time to look elsewhere.

But then there are those "personal" pics floating around cyberspace, and though I do have my questions about them, as in "where were they the past three years?" I also have to think there is something to them.

Because stuff like this does not just float out of the total ether, any more than aqua buddhas (Rand Paul) or anti-gay owners of gay bars (Carl Paladino) will have the truth about questionable behaviors revealed. Because there are no secrets any more.

Now, I don't care what Favre did, or how he gets his rocks off or who he solicits, any more than I care who Bill Clinton slept with or Newt Gingrich for that matter (my complaint with Gingrich is one of hypocrisy).

But, well, now all Brett is is a distraction. Worse, I have to think he will be suspended which pretty much puts the Vikes back on the path had Favre not come back in the first place.

Because, there has to be a little creedence to those photos and all I can think is Favre, like so many, is simply stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

He is a star, and thinking secrets would be cloistered is as naive as Tiger Woods thinking no one would ever find out about his exploits. And, again, I don't care what these guys do: but, I am shocked that they are shocked when they get caught doing something, uh stupid.

Let it go Brett. For all of us. We are sick of your unretiring. We are sick of playing innocent in the face of stupidity. We are sick of distractions.

Brad Childress, just consider this year a loss leader and find a new QB.

Because we want to watch football. Not a circus. And sadly, Brett Favre, like Mays and Carlton, had to stay one season too many.


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