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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Greetings from what I hope will be a fun, interesting, provocotive, and even controversial venue--and forway--and a departure for us at Mastersball.

Over the years, both CREATiVESPORTS and Mastersball have held audiences that rank amongst the most cerebral in the fantasy world, and, well, we also have the names, titles, and alumni to prove it.

Starting with Jason Grey, who founded Masstersball way back when, and me, who did the same at CREATiVESPORTS, who between us hold five AL Tout Titles over the past five years. Not to mention Todd Zola, Brian Walton, Rob Leibowitz and a bunch of other high profile industry names.

And, well, to be truthful, serious analysis and, sigh, dignity have always been at the forefront of what I wanted to present.

But, well, times change, not that I want to go anywhere undignified, but, well, I am manning this blog, assisted by Jason Mastrodonato, with chimings from from Mastersball mates as appropriate.

And, I want to dig into things. Now, we will still have room for fantasy baseball and related strategy, but the home source for that information with continue to the The Forum, so aptly maintained by my partner Lord Zola.

But here, we can talk about Brett Favre texting his personal pics. Here we can question why after Darren Oliver had a melt down in game one of the ALCS, why Ron Washington did not simply drop Neftali Feliz into the foray and try to stop the bleeding immediately. And, well, here we can talk about Glen Beck noting a few weeks back that slavery was not such a bad thing, that it was government regulation that was the problem (uh, excuse me Glen, but, owning another human being is ok?).

Or whatever.

Not that we want a circus free for all. As always, and comment, thought argument is welcome, especially if you have some thought and reason behind it. So, let's try to stay away from generalizations and finger pointing and realize there are times we will agree to disagree.

For that is not only fine, it is as American as anything. I well, I may be a Berkeley hippy, but my parents fled the holocaust and settled here as immigrants, so I have a feel for that experience. Similarly, am I grateful for the more than priviledged life I live here. In short, I love my country, but, I also see where it could be so much better. Where we have the resources to make it better for all, and to really grow and become part of a world community that pushes us all on.

It reminds me a lot of when radio was first popular, and the owners of the game did not want to have their games broadcast for they feared playing the games on the radio for free would cut into their attendance figures.

What happened was the opposite: that suddenly a larger fan base developed, and the owners had greater and greater attendance.

The same thing happened with television, but still owners could not see how such free advertising would enhance their business, but the truth is teams became even more successful with all that exposure.

So I believe it is with wealth and power and love and information, which are commodoties which somehow we think we need to guard to keep a share for ourselves. And, where the truth is, the richer, more powerful, more intelligent, and more loved we make those around us, the greater our own share of these commodoties also grows.

It is as simple as that.

So, with that as an opening caveat, look for at least one post, and then comments responding to your comments, every day here on the MASTERSBLOG.

And, also watch as we begin to revamp the site, making it as friendly for you to use as we can (while we are also working away on the products that will make the coming 2011 Fantasy Season a killer for all of you within our community, and especially to those we hope to hook in).

More to come. Let's make this fun!


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