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Monday 18th Dec 2017

So, here we are, at the end of another season. It would be my 15th writing The Hotpage, as a matter of fact, and as usual, it has been like the season itself: fun, frustrating, curious, demanding, and a pleasure to serve.

Going into the last week, I would suggest one thing, and that is not to play cautious. If you have a close lead, nothing could be worse than being caught flat footed, so, make the moves you must to play aggressively.

If you have a safer lead, then caution is just fine.

But, always play to win, no matter how it might appear to your opponents.

Otherwise, I can only wish for you as many first place finishes as you can squeeze.

As usual, the Hotpage goes into winter mode, and that means the second Monday of the next months, we will focus on the AFL, starting in November, then What if the Playoff Teams Were Roto Teams, and Winners and Losers of the Winter Moves, as we move into the New Year.

So, do tune in. And, remember we have some good football stuff going, and The Zen Zone will pick back up, and other pieces will continue, as will the The Forum manned by my partner Lord Zola.

In the mean time, enjoy your off season. And remember, this game is supposed to be fun.

Otherwise, see you in a month.

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