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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

KFFL is a standard ROTO 5X5, mixed league. This is the standings as of a couple of days ago.

Hamrahi - Baseball Prospectus


Varnica - Mastersball


E Gardner - Bloomberg


Flowers - Baseball Guys


Minnix - KFFL


Nichols - Baseball HQ


Paur - RTSports


S Gardner - USA Today


Lester - Lester's Legends


Anderson - RotoExperts


Heaney - KFFL


Hager - Fantasy Pros 911


We are in second. Not bad, not bad at all. Still, in this league, as in many when there is no money involved and it is all about the bragging rights, winning is everything. So, where did we go wrong? Why aren’t we in first? Can we do better next year? Did we mess up the draft? Maybe we did: our first outfielder was Jason Bay. Before the season there were several questions about him playing this year with the Mets. Now we have all the answers, don’t we? Nevertheless, we overcame picking Bay with careful in-season management. As we see it, the problem is given in the above subtitle.

We did not make line-up changes fast enough at the beginning of the season. Here is a clue: total points for the ROTO pitching ERA and WHIP categories for Hamrahi - Baseball Prospectus is 24. Our team: 4 points.  In a nutshell, that is the difference.

During the first few weeks, with Joe Saunders and Rick Porcello, our team’s ERA and WHIP skyrocketed. And what did we do? Nothing. We stayed cool. It is only week 1, the experts say, it is too early to draw any conclusions. It is only week 2, stay calm, trust your team. It is only week 3, do not panic.

The key lesson that we have learned is that time should not be the sole contributing factor in determining when to begin making changes to the active line-up. Once a team falls behind in certain ROTO categories it is very difficult to catch up. Which are these ROTO categories?

The top:

ERA and WHIP: do not let your team fall behind. Whether is the nature of the game or the math formula, it is extremely difficult to make up the lost ground.

    Followed by:

    HR: mainly because it is practically impossible to find a big hitter among free agents or to trade for one, unless you are lucky. Keep and eye on HR and do whatever you have to do. Good luck.

      Then :

      Batting Average: here again, probably due to the math formula used to calculate it.

        We held on too long when we should have folded those pitchers who destroyed our team’s ERA and WHIP.  No matter what we did in-season, including trading for Clay Buchholz, our team never recovered. Lesson learned: keep a watchful eye on ERA and WHIP.

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