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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

I have to say I wish I was in the middle of a handful of pennant races. The sad truth is I am in the hunt in my Scoresheet League, and my Strat-O-Matic team has a chance to make the post-season, but winning would be a miracle as I my bench is thin.

Locally, the Giants have a chance to make the playoffs, so that is great. And, I set my XFL team up with more prospects than I know what to do with, so in a year or so I should have a nice dynasty there

But, in Tout and LABR, nothing worked, and in the Bloomberg League I drafted a great team, and was up to third place when Kendry Morales and Kevin Youkilis went down, and in a shallow 12-team mixed league, that is essentially the kiss of death.

So, what do we have?

Football drafts up the wazoo this week. For some reason I am in four leagues this time, three of them keepers where I mostly like my keepers.

Like in the league I won last year I had to choose among Ray Rice, Miles Austin, and Phillip Rivers (sorry Phil, back in the pool you go), and in Todd Zola's NAIFFL, I have my best--well, favorite--set of keepers ever with Matt Ryan, Ryan Grant, and again Monsieur Austin.

Then in the Kathy League Gifford I hung onto Darren Sproles as a fifth rounder, Kevin Boss as a twelfth rounder, and Michael Bush as a 15th rounder. That is a two QB league where we also play indvidual defensive players, so that takes some thought (my first picks were Drew Brees and Brett Favre).

Now, I confess, as I have before, that I am not the greatest fantasy football player on the planet, and my failures are largely because I just don't track rosters and transactions and statistics for the NFL like I do baseball.

But, I do like to play and draft and win, so this long Labor Day Weekend, as my drafts are in process, it is a lot of fun to watch the scores and my email and track who went where while I watch which team is winning what where.

And, during the final month of the baseball season, when football is getting going, there are few things more fun that prepping for a game in the press box while the myriad of televisions surrounding us are tuned to virtually every sporting event on the planet. It is seriously fun watching football (don't kid yourselves, sports writers and scouts all play fantasy football, even if they don't play baseball).

Then in a couple of weeks I toddle off to Chicago for Diane's cousin, Cherie's 50th birthday. I have not one, but two Sundays in the Windy City, and a day's worth of games with my mates, hopefully at Wild Buffalo Wings with plates of food and drink and killer games.

It is arguably my favorite time of the year.


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