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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

This is the third time this summer I have mostly been, as they say, "off the grid."

I wrote earlier during the season about being in Death Valley, with no wi-fi, no cell phone, in fact our hotel at Panamint Springs did not even have a phone in the hotel room. Which made an adventure of driving out of the valley, which can be no small feat, and took us three-plus hours from the hotel to Stovepipe Wells, across and around to Shoshone, then to Baker, and Barstow, so we could finally hit the interstate and head north for home.

During that time nothing save the Las Vegas NPR station, which was actually ok with me, and ultimately, we got Dodgers and Fresno Grizzlies and Giants baseball on the radio. And, I confess, I love listening to baseball on the radio more than I enjoy watching on TV.

Anyway, a month ago Diane and I met our music community friends near Yosemite, and once again, no cell phones or internet, which is kind of a treat, as I noted.

But this week Di wanted to come to the Tahoe house for her birthday, which I was glad enough to do save once again, no cell, and though the house does have a TV and DVD player, no cable, and up here that means no TV. Which was a little strange as I was kind of jonesing for a game to watch in the afternoon when I write, or later, after dinner.

Instead it was Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman and Ken Burns vids, which was again fine, but, at least, as you can tell, we do have DSL at the house (and a telephone, though it is one of those archaic land lines).

Now this week I was tracking my teams, most of which have crawled out of the early season hole we (I have to share responsibility) dug for them. Especially my SOMBOE team which is not really out of the hunt, though catching Wil Kimmey or Brendan Roberts lies ahead with a couple of weeks worth of games to go.

Mostly, though, since the trade deadline looms, logging into the various lines and seeing that Miguel Tejada and Roy Oswalt and Christian Guzman and Lance Berkman were all swapped, and rumors abound around Adam Dunn and Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly.

Which makes me wonder what, say The Astros are doing as I don't see much of a core roster evolving there, unlike Baltimore, who seem to be moving in the right direction along with the Nats. On the other end as much as I would enjoy the Athletics making the post season, it is great to see the Rangers really going for the throat, acquiring as many breathing contributors as they can get their hands on. 

For I like Ron Washington a lot, and in deference to his somewhat rugged off season, and the crazy pending sale of the bankrupt team, pushing for first and post season glory is awesome. Not to mention they have a very good heavy hitting team.

In there is a good lesson for all us: any player you can pick up, via the free agent pool or trade and put your opponents away, don't hesitate. For, he who hesitates is indeed lost, and you can be sure your opponents are doing everything they can to wipe your team off the face of the earth.

I have to say, though, as much fun as it is to be off the iPhone and such, I am glad I can hit the net and track my teams and the transactions and the baseball universe in general.

For, just like listening to games on the radio, following teams and players is comforting. It is familiar, and, well generally puts me in a good mood.

And, well, following baseball while I look out at the forest where the dogs are happily sniffing everything in site and running and romping in the sun? Well, that is even better!

As I have written many times. I live a charmed life!



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