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Friday 15th Dec 2017

Greetings at the break.

I kind of cheated this year, taking off for Yosemite to meet a bunch of friends for a long weekend eating and swimming and playing guitars and generally have fun out of the range of WiFi and the net, at least for a few days. We did listen to the Giants and then  the Athletics games on the way home, though, and ESPN was never off the charts.

But, usually at this juncture, I offer my words of advice for the break, so, here it goes.

  • Be realistic about your team. Sure, you want to win, and in redraft leagues the path is different, but, if you are in a keeper league and can make the moves to win--even by trading some youth and bargains that would be painful to lose--do it. Period. Winning is tough. More prospects will come.
  • And, if you are out of it, make the moves you have to to secure the players for your base in 2011. In other words, import as many of the cheap/promising players from those contending teams in exchange for your high priced vets as you can.
  • This is the time to begin looking at the June draft players and think about who to target for the Fall League.
  • Spend time with your family. Take them to the beach or at least out to dinner or an amusement park or something.
  • Make sure to you spend as much attentive time with your partner. Listen to him or her. Watch what they want to watch on the tube.

I hope the break is restful.

I will be back next week with the folks I am looking at grabbing or dumping for the second half next time.

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