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Monday 18th Dec 2017

Fantasy Football has kind of crept up on me this year.

In the past, I played in three or four fantasy leagues each football season, and last year I added a cool Dynasty League sponsored by my mates at Sirius/XM, which is a fairly intense ultra keeper contest with 40 players and a redraft of five each season to allow for the selection of the top draft picks of the NFL.

Last year, I also started playing DFS with several groups weekly making for about seven places I had to go in order to update all of my rosters.

With doing this stuff full-time now, however, and participating in a bunch of mocks, somehow things kind of got out of control it seems.

As of right now, I have:

-Ottoneu Experts League

-Sirius/XM League

-Experts Schmecksperts League

-Kathy League Gifford

-North American Internet Fantasy Football League

-Fantasy Duds League

-Utter Genius League

-BARF League

-Knights of the Passover Table League

-Tout Wars DFS


-FNTSY-DKMS DFS (click this one and play for free to get a shot at Super Bowl Tix!)

-Baileys DFS League

That's 13 and that means a lot of roster checks, let alone FAAB moves. 

First, there's a game on Thursday, then moves till Sunday kickoff, and essentially games till Monday night. Then it is assess who got hurt, what that means, who is playing where and when next week. Then, are there players in the free agent pool by which I can improve any spots?

Now let's remember that in a couple of weeks all of this gets compounded by the Bye factor, and if we think of 16 guys per roster on the non-DFS teams, that's 144 roster spots and the closer I get to my hashtag, #iambecomingabesimpson, the tougher it gets.

Come Tuesday morning, however, I am not ready to dig through all my teams just yet. In fact, even Wednesday seems a bit early, but the issue is forced upon me with the Thursday night game. So, that is a lot of rosters. But, not content with my own personal neuroses being halted there, I don't really like to make a lot of moves in my leagues, particularly over the first few weeks of the season.

Fortunately, this year I have been spared most of any kind of cataclysmic injury, save my Sirius team on which both David Johnson and Cameron Meredith live. And, I tried hard to draft with respect to building solid teams across the board that barring an injury, had enough starting players to address the off-weeks.

Of course a lot of that is wishful thinking, and so far every team but one has started just fine and things ahead look pretty good. In fact, the one team struggling is the Auto Draft squad I hoped to fix the best I could (I covered this September 9). However, aside from the humblebrag, I had to write all these leagues down so that I can remember to make the moves in each one (how you guys who play in 20 leagues and a wad of DFS ones manage to keep track?).

Using that list, I went through all the rosters on Thursday afternoon, before kick-off, and thought everything was right with the world. 

And it was. Except that in the Knights of Passover League, I missed activating Jordy Nelson. That is the same league where last week I kept Stefon Diggs and Pierre Garcon on the bench. 

I don't know how I could have missed starting Jordy, who also sat on the bench last week in anticipation of that thigh injury that the wide receiver played through for that is the only team where I have Jordy shares. This week, I was hot to remember activating Diggs and Garcon but just glossed over Nelson, who gets an extra week to rest his thigh on my team.

All of this is making me think maybe I have too many teams playing here, and things have gotten out of control?

(Neither did I). 

Tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, hosted by me, with Justin Mason and featuring Lord Z every Thursday night at 9 PM ET and follow me @lawrmichaels.

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