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Sunday 21st Jan 2018

DraftKings features several dozen different DFS contests for the English Premier League Gameweek 7 scheduled for this coming Saturday, September 30.

The standard lineup of each DraftKings contest has one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two forwards and one utility player. DraftKings salaries are shown in parenthesis.

Goalkeepers, Midfielders and Forwards were discussed in yesterday’s article about our Player Picks. Today we are adding our recommendations for defenders.

DraftKings assigns 1 point for each tackle won and 0.5 points for an intercepted pass. An assist is worth 6 points.

Defense: Cesar Azpilicueta (CHE) ($4000): With four assists, Azpilicueta is one of the most desirable defenders in DFS.

Defense: Scott Dunn (CRY) ($2700): We expect Manchester United to play most of the time in the Crystal Palace half. Dunn has 16 interceptions this campaign. He will have plenty of opportunities this Saturday to add to his stats.

Follow Pasko on Twitter @varnica123. His essays about sports in ancient Roman times can be found at SportsInAntiquity.com

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