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Monday 18th Dec 2017

It never occurred to me when I retired from my ATT gig that I would have another full-time job. In fact, in a way I don't. But, in a way I do, and this is it: writing full time, mostly about Fantasy Sports.

However, somehow I am, writing columns for someone almost daily, working my radio show (The Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, hosted by me, with Justin Mason and featuring Lord Z every Thursday night at 9 PM ET), playing DFS baseball, football, and now golf along with my season-long leagues. This makes for a lot of time devoted to sports and games.

Mind you, I am far from complaining. I started in this business in 1993 and never could do it full time due to health and related issues until January 2015 when I retired from the corporate world, although even then it did not occur to me I would pick up columns and associations and work and poof, suddenly it is a daily thing. What that made me realize is that I really have wanted to do this full time for awhile.

What that has meant is a lot of mock drafts (I did 16 football ones this year) and time spent researching and writing and playing. As a result of the flurry of fantasy activity, I have similarly been invited to join a lot of leagues which I am trying to do without killing myself. But what that meant is last Monday I had two drafts both at 7 PM Pacific Time, and then Thursday one scheduled right during Tout Wars Hour and there was nothing I could do. 

So, I decided to simply let the system draft for me and deal with the fallout, seeing what I could do with the scraps on my roster. Now, I know I could have made pre-picks, but I just hate doing that, at least for the first part of a draft because I am never sure what direction I really want to take with a team until at least the first picks are made.

For example, I might want to go Wide Receiver heavy and take Antonio Brown if drafting in the fourth slot, a reasonable expectation that Brown is there. But, what if the person picking second has the same idea, and so does the third, and suddenly LeVeon Bell is available to me. At least to me, Bell is strong enough to change my roster construct plans, grabbing him and then the best receivers I can draft for my next picks, unless there is someone left in the pool that causes me to rethink my plans again.

It is not that I don't go into a draft with an idea of what I want to do, but I believe one should always have primary, secondary, and tertiary players/paths in mind for every pick made. For, that makes it rare to be caught off-guard with respect to the team and players still available who could help.

As it turned out, there was a problem in the Draft Room on Thursday, so the whole league wound up with an autodraft team, so the rest of the league found themselves in the position I had already committed to: Autodraft all around. That makes for a pretty fun league, I think.

The free agent pool was opened this morning for us, and stays open till Sunday kickoff, and a flurry of players for trade--Ty Montgomery, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Dez Bryant and Jordan Howard were all names bantered about on the trade wire.

I do have to admit, I was nervous to look at my squad for the first time this morning, when the draft was completed, but the reality is the resulting team is really not bad, giving me Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Antonio Brown and Allen Robinson along with Bryant and the Seahawks defense.

I made some tweaks this morning--adding Wendell Smallwood and Tarik Cohen, a couple of quieter faves--and we shall see what the season brings.

It might be sobering to find out that autodraft can do a better job than I can. 

I guess I shall find out.

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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