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Monday 16th Oct 2017

Jeff Boggis put up a mighty 159.5 points last week, powered by Giancarlo Stanton's big night, to win the the final weekly Tout Daily cycle, and Phil Hertz (130.4) made a noble try to squeeze into the finals. But in the end, Tim Heaney grabbed the final solo ticket with 460.42 points while Derek Carty eeked out a second win, squeezing by Tim with 462.8 points.

Todd Zola and Carty led the overall pack with Todd earning a third ticket to the finals, posting an overall 2341.5, again just nosing out Carty, who banged out a second-best 2338.3.

In the end, eight finalists, good for 12 total entries, made it to the finals out of 27 Touts who participated, with the list looking like this:

Name Total Points
 Todd Zola   2341.5
 Derek Carty   2338.3
 Howard Bender  2241.5
 Andrea Lamont  2205.6
 Jeff Boggis  2108.5
 Tim Heaney  2021.5
 Lenny Melnick  1924.4
 Jeff Erickson  1885.94

The finals do begin this week, and with football season beginning, the DFS shift will move to that each week. But, the Tout DFS season is still not done, so stay tuned.

The regular season Daily contest winds down at DraftKings tonight and the overall scoreboard can be viewed here.

Remember to go to the Tout Wars site for our Friday picks. And, tune into the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, hosted by me, with Justin Mason and featuring Lord Z every Thursday night at 9 PM ET. 

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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