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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Here we are at the DFS challenge with our pals at RealTime Sports, where you can match up against my Mastersball mates and me, and prove to your friends that you are surely a better player than I!

Tune in here daily, as we pick up the Mastersball gauntlet where you can play our daily 50/50 game ($5) or come right after me on Fridays in the free Beat the Experts contest. Beat me and you win $2, and believe me, this past week that was not hard to do!

Summer rain is anticipated in Baltimore, Boston, New York, Minneapolis and Kansas City, so make late roster checks accordingly.

Zack Godley ($5500): Godley has averaged 11.8 points per start, whiffing 109 over 106.6 innings, and goes up against a Twins club that does whiff against right-handers (754). Also, the fact that Minnesota has never faced the Arizona hurler gives Godley the advantage.

Paul DeJong ($3200): DeJong is riding a seven-game hitting streak with 13 hits, including a pair of homers and eight RBI, and now gets to face the Bucs' Trevor Williams and his 4.89 ERA.

Follow me @lawrmichaels.

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