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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Last year, at the behest of Wreck Room proprieter Tod Alsam, my radio-mate on FNTSY, Justin Mason, initiated the first Bay Area experts Fantasy Baseball League, dubbed by me BARF for Bay Area Rotisserie Fantasy League.

The first BARF draft was held in February of 2016 and the cartel had such a good time that we repeated the process this past March. And, well, since we are all Fantasy guys who are addicted to games who all have year-round websites, supporting football as well as baseball, the group decided to venture into the BARF Fantasy Football League.

So, this afternoon, at 3 PM, pacific time, twelve of us will gather at the Wreck Room on California Street and Nob Hill in the City to draft in a 12-team PPR Super Flex league.

The cast is fairly stellar for us Northern Californians, featuring the likes of Howard Bender, Ray Flowers, Sammy Reid, Justin Mason, and The Welsh among others. And, as with all leagues that have had a couple of years to get established, by now the core group are mates just like any other league where trash talking and one-upsmanship simply become part of the league dynamic.

Last Thursday, Justin and I had Sammy Reid on The Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY network, and we talked up the BARF draft, especially in deference to Mason's crushing the 11 of us in the baseball league by over 20 points.

Because the league is Super Flex and PPR, though, that places a fun challenge. For, if a Standard league favors drafting Running Backs, and if a PPR league favors selecting Wide Receivers, a Super Flex league throws all of that out the window.

That is because playing a Quarterback at Flex can be a real point generator. In fact, the common strategy is to draft two or three solid starting signal callers. And, again, that is where things can get dicey, for drafting a pair of QBs early suggests a potential hole at WR or RB and potentially points to a mediocre team all around.

The focus, though, on such a league is if we are to try to emulate "real" sports in our Fantasy environment, we want to try and be realistic, and certainly the Quarterback position is the core spot to driving a team. Thus, emphasizing the position does try to push towards reality.

But, if you follow the BARF draft live on Yahoo!, and there is a run on signal callers, expect a lot of fun both within the draft and then when the season begins. If all the owners target grabbing two starting QBs along with a third for bye weeks, several teams will find themselves short, for there are only 32 starting Quarterbacks in the NFL, and with 12 teams each trying to nab three, that leaves us four short.

This is where the fun begins, for during the season, if a team has a $1000 FAAB budget, spending $375 to get Josh McCown, who happens to be starting in the coming week due to injury, is not uncommon.

So, seeing how our "so called experts" adjust to this wrinkle will make the draft and ensuing season all the more fun and interesting.

As for me, I'm pretty sure I'll follow the route of grabbing the Quarterbacks now, filling in with #2 Wide Receivers and Running Backs, hoping I can take advantage and draft some lesser valued but high potential players.

Will it work? I don't know, but check in tomorrow as I run a special Extra Points and review the draft and my picks right here as Zach takes a vacation day.

Remember that you can follow the draft here on Yahoo! and that you can harangue me @lawrmichaels.

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